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 Carrie Clark:  " Weird but kind but also freeing for me to see my old country club friends who were such upstanding citizens that they couldn't speak to me anymore because I was in the paper for getting arrested. I was the the low life junkie and they were all successful upstanding citizens. Now I am not in the paper anymore. And this isn't 1st person who has gotten arrested from my old crowd. I can guarantee more than alcohol was involved. Money talks, until you fall into the mandatory sentencing category, trust me I know...lol "














 Violent tempered and pleading guilty...Mahar will plead guilty to assault and harassment, including, on a woman

While viciously  attacking Shane Bishop a family man in Medford Oregon.

And why did Danny Jordan see fit to contact the Jackson County Sheriff Department and try to interfere with the investigation?


  " Mahar and his attorney have figured out he can't get out of this "

                       Mahar's taking a plea deal  11/17/16 Friday.


Pleading  to assault  and  to a crime against a woman; pleading to harassment as well.

24 months bench probation

No weapons or intoxicants for 24 months and

30 days in jail 

--Bad publicity for Mahar Homes.




Mahar family members  who purchased Hyatt Lake Resort...

On the grave of a dead man...true lore of the 

Dead Indian Road is upon them all. Watch & See. 



 Placed on Hyatt Lake as an RV... was Danny Jordan involved in allowing that ? 

Who fired good-man Tom Bizeau when he tried to stop the "RVs"







Mahar Mahar. Guilty. Guilty. Repentant?







Mahar sentenced to jail in assault case


" Louis Frederick Mahar II, 40, was sentenced today to 30 days in jail after pleading no contest in an assault case in which a television producer suffered a fractured vertebrae, shoulder and torn rotator cuff.

Mahar, co-owner of a large Medford construction company, is due to report to the Jackson County Jail on Jan. 3. 2017

However, like others sentenced to jail, he could apply to serve home detention, said Jackson County Deputy District Attorney Alyssa Claseman



The case stemmed from a June 7 2016  incident at a nursing students' graduation party at Agate Ridge Vineyard in Eagle Point.

Mahar  touched the breast of Anna Bishop against her will and later attacked her husband,

NBC Dateline Producer Shane Bishop, during a confrontation.

Mahar pleaded no contest to a charge of harassment involving offensive physical contact against Anna Bishop. A second charge of harassment alleging he touched her breast was dismissed in a plea agreement.

He also pleaded no contest to misdemeanor-level fourth degree assault against Shane Bishop.

With a no contest plea, a defendant does not admit guilt but concedes prosecutors could likely prove their case at trial. A no-contest plea exposes a defendant to the same legal sanctions as a guilty plea. "




" Mahar read a statement in court apologizing to Shane Bishop for the injuries Shane Bishop incurred. Mahar said he had never injured anyone before, and asked Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Lorenzo Mejia for leniency on a recommended jail sentence of 30 days. Mejia stuck with the recommendation

 Mahar was also sentenced to two years of probation in which he can consume no intoxicants and have no contact with the Bishops. He must pay restitution, with the amount still to be determined.

 Carl Caplan, Mahar's defense attorney, said Mahar had no criminal history and deeply regrets the incident. Caplan said alcohol was a factor in the incident and Mahar feels bad about the injuries Shane Bishop suffered.

Caplan said the restitution would be substantial.

Shane Bishop estimated the restitution could be in the tens of thousands of dollars. He said he suffered a fractured vertebra in his lower back, a fractured shoulder and a torn rotator cuff — for which he will have to undergo surgery.

"My wife and I would like to thank the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and the Jackson County District Attorney's Office for their commitment to pursuing the truth in this case and we're glad this is finally over," Shane Bishop said after the court hearing.

Shane Bishop declined to comment on whether he would file a civil lawsuit against Mahar. He also had no comment on the sentence Mahar received.

Upon exiting the courtroom, Mahar and Caplan said they had no further comment about the case."

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Grieving Siblings  Sued by Burl Brim






 County Cracks Down On Whistleblower 

" AS a long time blogger, Linda Lewis
wrote about The Powers That Be in Jackson County and their indiscretions and possible criminal activities.

Her motivation for seeking justice grew after the murder of her brother, Dave Lewis in September 2008 and the subsequent years that followed as Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters was at the helm of investigating his death, and the case grew cold.

In the middle of her grief, Lewis wrote about the people and events that led up to her brother’s murder as she tried to unravel what happened.

Several indisputable facts are clear.

On the early morning of 9/8/2008, an emergency call came in5. There was a cabin fire out near the Keno access road on Dead Indian Memorial Road. Fire trucks were in the middle of responding when a second call came in about a half hour later advising of a second fire, approximately six miles away on the same road. Someone (or more than one person) intentionally poured an accelerant and lit Dave Lewis’ cabin on fire. The criminal(s) fled as Dave was killed-- he was tragically burned beyond recognition.

As she searched for answers, several names kept popping up.

One of those names was Burl Brim. She began to dig into Brim’s past and wrote about his helicopter business, Brim Aviation and other information she gathered. The FAA proposed a $220,000.00  civil penalty against Brim Aviation for allegedly conducting unauthorized external load operations. There were allegations made about his personal life, which Lewis said were all documentable. Brim helicopters were involved in a number of  crashes (2 fatalities: one aviation related and one excavation/construction related of Brim's  businesses) and Lewis carefully noted each one, as citizen journalists often do.


In December 2015, Burl Brim and Brim Aviation got a judgment against Linda Lewis, prohibiting her from publishing verbally or written; on the internet; via email; through any media including news blog(s) or otherwise; or via any other means or medium of communication of any kind regarding Brim or Brim Aviation. The court essentially placed a gag order. Furthermore, Lewis was required to find and remove anything she had ever written about Brim on the Internet. Blogs, photos, statements and links were ordered to all be deleted.

As Lewis was ordered to do that, the Jackson County Courts deleted her First Amendment right to free speech.

You’d think that would be about as bad as it could get, but Judge Grensky took it a step further this month (March 2016) by issuing a nationwide warrant for her arrest. Although Jackson County courts are aware that Lewis resides in Alaska, and she had representation in court, it seems that the crime of whistleblowing will be met with great force here in Southern Oregon. In court documents, Judge Grensky “indicates he will issue a bench warrant and have Ms. Lewis incarcerated until she appears in court on this matter.” The impact of this ruling will have a chilling effect on independent media and may silence anyone who feels called to speak truth to power. "


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 Second Fatality on Burl Brim's Business Watch -


Death of Jon Suhr when the helicopter ran out of gas. 
















More Burl Brim and Columbia River Bar Pilots


" It could make some sense that what's driving this is the Bar Pilots.  No one is paying attention to what Burl Brim jr., does in the Falklands.  His teammates don't even know what ARS stands for.

Gary Lewin , is President of the Bar Pilots, but I think there's some sort of board and a lame State Maritime agency that gets involved.  Lewin seems to be the one that pushed to get Burl in and pay off Arctic Air to go home and bought the new Augusta.
Mike Haglund the attorney is definitely involved.
Lewin signed the affidavit Kellerman et.al. wrote didn't he? 

Burl then proceeds to piss off all of Ashland, kill a guy in Texas by dropping/slingshotting him to his death by running out of fuel, hurt a Bar Pilot, get a hefty penalty from the  FAA, and assorted other accidents etc. plus is exposed for keeping his teenage niece as a sex partner. These things show up in the Oregon news.  Doesn't look good.

Interestingly in all of this, the Bar Pilots bought a new boat.  Now, if 80% of pilots are delivered to ships by helicopter, why do they need a better boat.  Could it be that the pilots read the news and your blog and don't want to dangle from his helicopter?  They'll take their chances in a boat.

I think that's more likely than AAR telling him to clean up his image. "   












 Letter to the Editor: 

 " Well I suppose Bristow could have subcontracted with Burl Brim jr., , but I don't see why.  Bristow is big  time.  They have their own academy and are considered the gold standard for all the things Burl's trying to do.

A couple of things strike me odd.  I read the British International Helicopters website.  They talk about the Falklands and team AAR.  The call Burl Air Rescue Services.  They don't even know his name.  BIH does medium to heavy lifting, so I suppose what Burl does isn't really their thing.

Burl's employees there had to be UK taxpayers which strikes me really strange when they went with a US firm.

Whatever went down with the MoD hiring mercenaries to defend the Falklands rather than UK military, I think it met with a fair amount of skepticism.  It's unclear whether AAR is doing a decent job.  I suppose that will become clear if the Argentine's decide to invade again.

I suppose too that the DoD cold have some sort of interest in Burl.  I think they bought some harnesses.  

Walden or Wyden  would be the persons to look at.  He was big on Oregon helicoptering and is in a position to direct funding that way.

One possibility is that Chinese Police really  do send guys to Burl, but not for flying lessons.  They send pilots to Bristow for that.  China is interested in crowd control.  I can see why the police would want to be able to dangle into urban environments.  Maybe they send policemen here to learn how to do all that military style dangling.  Burl does the flying.  If that's the case, I suppose it doesn't matter much what sort of helicopters they use.  These guys are  essentially just soldiers and someone else does the flying.

Still, it's all very under the radar.  Maybe Burl just thinks Ashlanders wouldn't approve if they knew what went on up there in the mountains.  

I suppose the DoD cold be contracting with a Blackwateresque company and Burl subcontracts dangling for them.  But, in that case, all his customers wouldn't be ... "

So, what's really interesting is that Burl is chasing you  to  the North Pole to shut you up.  I'm wondering what's really motivating that.  He still has the Falklands, Astoria, apparently some Chinese,  and the JaCo contract.  These things don't seem to be affected by your blogging.  Maybe AAR wants him to clean up his reputation?  Or Astoria? "  M.R.F. 

  - -  Mike Winters' Moon Prairie / Johnson Prairie Land

where they built the unpermitted helicopter training tower for private financial gain. Not zoned for this.