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Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis

And now the parents. Aiding and Abetting sick men.

 Raising double murderers and then helping... You are the peg upon which your family's honor hangs:


EVERETT — The parents of a man accused of killing a couple in Washington state and burying them in a remote forest clearing have been charged with helping their sons flee.

The Daily Herald reports that Snohomish County prosecutors on Thursday charged Clyde Reed and Faye Reed, of Ellensburg, with first-degree rendering criminal assistance.

Prosecutors say the couple gave their sons, John Reed and Tony Reed, money and a vehicle and helped them flee the country following the April slayings near Oso.

John Reed remains at large in Mexico on murder charges. Tony Reed fled with his brother to Mexico, but returned last month and helped detectives locate the couple's remains. He pleaded guilty last month to two counts of rendering criminal assistance.

Investigators believe John Reed fatally shot Patrick Shunn and his wife Monique Patenaude in April over a property dispute. Shunn, 45, is from Oregon City, Oregon, Patenaude, 46, is from British Columbia.

The parents were released from jail shortly after their arrest last month. They are to be arraigned in August.

-- The Associated Press







John Reed Knew All Along. Ran like a Coward.



SEATTLE — Authorities on Tuesday dropped murder charges against one of two brothers who had been accused of killing a couple in rural Washington state and burying their remains in a remote forest clearing.

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office said further investigation into the April deaths of Monique Patenaude and her husband, Patrick Shunn, established that Tony Clyde Reed was not present when they were killed. Instead, the prosecutor's office charged him with rendering criminal assistance in the first degree.

Reed is the brother of John Blaine Reed, a former neighbor who had feuded with the couple and who remains at large on murder charges in Mexico, authorities believe.

Tony Reed fled with his brother to Mexico but returned last month. He helped detectives locate the couple's remains, in the root well of a wind-toppled fir tree 10 miles up a gravel logging road from Oso, a tiny community northeast of Seattle.

News of the reduced charges for Tony Reed came as detectives arrested the brothers' parents, Clyde Reed, 81, and Faye Reed, 77, at their home in Ellensburg — also for investigation of first-degree rendering criminal assistance.

Patrick Shunn, Monique PatenaudePatrick Shunn is from Oregon City, Oregon, and his wife Monique Patenaude is a native of British Columbia.  

Investigators said the parents admitted providing the vehicle in which their sons fled the state to make their way toward Mexico; giving them financial assistance; and transferring the title of John Reed's truck, which is believed to have been used in the slayings, to Faye Reed.

James Kirkham, Tony Reed's lawyer, said he would represent the parents at a hearing Wednesday in an effort to get them out of jail, citing their age and that "they have no criminal history and they made the poor choice of helping their son out."

Authorities said they plan to arrest others who also aided the brothers. They've previously indicated that two friends in Phoenix, Arizona, gave them another car and $500, knowing the siblings were on the run.

"We absolutely will arrest anyone who has helped a murderer escape justice," Sheriff Ty Trenary said in a news release.

The couple was reported missing April 12, and suspicion fell on the Reeds in part because a neighbor saw them at the gated driveway they formerly shared with the couple the next day, court documents said. Authorities said surveillance video captured the couple's vehicles being simultaneously driven up a gravel logging road leading to where the bodies were found, indicating that at least two people were involved in covering up the killings.

In interviews with detectives early in the investigation, Clyde Reed "indicated that he did not know where his two sons were, but if he did, he would not tell law enforcement," a deputy prosecutor wrote when the state charged the brothers.

The sheriff's office said John Reed is believed to be in the Tijuana, Rosarita or Ensenada areas of Mexico, where investigators recently distributed wanted posters for him, and that he had been driving a 2002 gold Acura 3.2 TL with Arizona plates BNN-9968. He's described as armed and dangerous, 5-foot-8, 190 pounds with hazel eyes and gray hair.

The U.S. Marshals Service is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

-- The Associated Press



 Marshal's  Gonna Get Him. Grab him. Skewer him. Bring COWARD JOHN  to JUSTICE !




Tony Reed  & John Reed. Run Cowards Run. LE comes.


 Boo Hoo. Alleged killers. Cowards on the loose and run.

Like all killers, cowards. They can't own their actions. COWARD


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Missing couple from Washington didn't want to provoke neighbor, lawyer says


SEATTLE — " Patrick Shunn and Monique Patenaude worried about getting on the wrong side of the man who lived a little ways up an old logging road from their 21-acre spread along the Stillaguamish River.

When they sued other neighbors over a property dispute more than two years ago, they avoided naming him as a defendant because they didn't want to irk him, their former lawyer said Monday.

But now Shunn, originally from Oregon City, and Patenaude are missing and presumed murdered, and investigators are trying to track down the man, John Blaine Reed, 53, along with his brother, Tony Clyde Reed, 49. Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary said surveillance video linked them to the dumping of the victims' cars over an embankment in a remote, wooded area near Oso, about 50 miles north-northeast of Seattle.

Both brothers had previously been convicted of felonies, the sheriff's office said, though it did not release details about their backgrounds.

"They weren't looking forward to any kind of conflict with Mr. Reed," the couple's former lawyer, Thomas Adams, said Monday. "They didn't want to provoke any kind of an issue with him."


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 Coward Brothers. Reed one and Reed two.

Own your behaviors.


Man Up.



Missing Arlington Couple
These undated booking photos provided by the Snohomish County Sheriff Office shows Tony Reed, left and John Reed. Authorities are searching for the two brothers who were involved in a property dispute with a missing Washington state couple. Neighbors reported Patrick Shunn and his wife, Monique Patenaude, of Arlington missing on Tuesday when their livestock was left unattended, and detectives in Snohomish County now believe they were killed




Neighbors reported Shunn, 45, and Patenaude, 46, missing last Tuesday, after noticing that their animals had not been cared for. A crew in a Snohomish County Sheriff's Office helicopter found their vehicles two days later a few miles north of their home in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

After searching the vehicles and the home where John Reed recently lived, detectives concluded the couple had been murdered. Their bodies have not been found, but investigators continued searching Monday.

They were also looking for the Reeds, whom they described as armed and dangerous.  John Reed's car was found in Ellensburg, in central Washington, on Saturday, and detectives said the brothers had taken their parents' red 2007 Volkswagen EOS Coupe, with Washington plates AXH5106.

The grim mystery played out on land abutting the nation's worst landslide disaster, the 2014 Oso landslide, which wiped out a rural neighborhood and killed 43 people. In an interview shortly afterward, John Reed told The Seattle Times he watched the slide as it roared past his front yard.

"This mountain of dirt taller than any trees near me cut off my view like a curtain," he said. "And it shot right in front of me, right by my house."

The county bought out Reed's house last month to ease any risks from future flooding, but investigators believe Reed had been returning to the home since then, the sheriff's office said.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Shari Ireton said she did not have information about any controversy between Shunn and Patenaude and John Reed, but that others had described it as a property dispute.

In 2013, Shunn and Patenaude joined two other property owners in suing neighbors David and Shelly Dick over the use of the old logging road, which crosses their property. They alleged that the Dicks had been allowing people to trespass on their land with recreational vehicles so that they could access an unoccupied riverfront parcel owned by the Dicks.

Last month, the Dicks filed a motion asking the court to dismiss the complaint.

John Reed's property was further along the logging road, and he too used it regularly, but the couple didn't want to sue him, Adams said. It's possible he had a right to use the road because of his historical practice of doing so, Adams said, but the couple was also concerned because of things they had heard about him — though exactly what they had heard remains unclear.

John Reed has been cited for a number of mostly minor offenses, including driving without a license and collecting wood without a permit, for which he was fined $87. He served five years on Department of Corrections supervision in the late 1990s for attempting to elude police in Whatcom County.

Tony Reed has amassed dozens of arrests and twice was under state supervision — from 1989 to 1991 on drug charges, and from 1994 to 2003 for three misdemeanors, one count of attempting to elude police and one count of third-degree assault"


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Mexico is HOT HOT HOT this time of murder. Er,year.




Brothers charged with murder in Washington spotted in Mexico



EVERETT, Wash. — Two brothers charged with murder in the presumed killing of a missing Washington state couple have been spotted in Mexico, and authorities are seeking the records of a cellphone they believe was recently used by one of them.

Search warrant records filed Monday by sheriff's investigators in Snohomish County Superior Court say several sightings of 53-year-old John Blaine Reed and 49-year-old Tony Clyde Reed in Mexico have been reported as recently as April 21, The Seattle Times reported.

Records also show investigators got a warrant for data for an iPhone used to make two unanswered calls on April 17 to a friend of the brothers in Phoenix. The calls were made to the friend, described in records as a former Arlington, Washington, resident, after the Reeds "fled his place" on their way to Mexico.

The friend, who hasn't been charged with any crimes, allegedly gave the brothers $500 cash and an Acura.

Last month investigators questioned a woman who lived with Tony Reed in Ellensburg, Washington, who couldn't find her iPhone. Investigators say that was the phone used by the brothers and that data from it could help lead them to the Reeds by tracking their movements.

"I also believe this is a phone number that Tony and John are still using today (April 28), while avoiding apprehension and the records requested will assist law enforcement in identifying their current location," Snohomish County Sheriff's Detective Brad Walvatne wrote in court documents.

Documents do not give details of the sightings in Mexico.

Neighbors reported 46-year-old Monique Patenaude and 45-year-old Patrick Shunn, who is from Oregon City, missing on April 12.

Their vehicles were found on April 14 after being dumped over an embankment. Detectives concluded the couple had been killed after they searched the vehicles and the home where John Reed recently lived.

Snohomish County Sheriff's spokeswoman Shari Ireton has said she did not have information about any issues between John Reed and Patenaude and Shunn. But she noted that others had said there was a property dispute.

Other records filed Monday include court orders freezing bank accounts of the brothers' parents, whom authorities say were given at least $96,000 in cashier's checks by John Reed.

Recently obtained warrants allow investigators to search wells and other areas of the missing couple's property and Reed's former land. Investigators have received approval to search another neighbor's property where detectives previously recovered a shotgun and all-terrain vehicle apparently left by John Reed.

Another warrant allows detectives to recover evidence from the ATV that authorities say the brothers may have used when disposing the couple's bodies.

No records have been filed showing if any evidence has been recovered as a result of the searches.

--The Associated Press


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 Forever JOINED at the karma. When you kill, blood forever.


 RIP. Your coward killers will be put behind bars,     forever.



 Bibles and Tang where these lowlife are going.




Sickophants.  Sad for All Victims Involved



 Posted May. 24, 2016 at 8:10 PM

EVERETT, Wash. — For six weeks, authorities said a missing Washington state couple had been slain. Prosecutors had charged two brothers with their murder.
But until Tuesday, no bodies had been found.
That changed after the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office said one of the suspects provided information that led detectives to a remote location near the couple's home. There — about 50 miles northeast of Seattle near the town of Oso — deputies found buried remains in an area where the couple's vehicles were found weeks ago.
"We are waiting for medical examiner confirmation but we have reason to believe that they are Patrick Shunn and Monique Patenaude," Snohomish County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Shari Ireton said at a news conference.
Authorities had been searching for the couple since they were reported missing April 12.
Ireton said deputies had searched in the area where the bodies were found but that getting specific information about where they were buried was what helped them make the discovery.
Tony Clyde Reed, one of two brothers charged with the slayings, has been cooperating with detectives, Ireton said.
Reed appeared in Snohomish County Superior Court earlier Tuesday afternoon and entered not guilty pleas to two counts of first-degree murder and unlawful firearm possession in the case.
He turned himself in last week at the U.S.-Mexico border after a month long manhunt.
His attorney, James Kirkham, helped arrange the surrender. Kirkham told The Daily Herald in Everett, Washington, on Monday that his client turned himself in to answer the allegations against him.
"My client is innocent of the first-degree murder charges," the lawyer said. "He's here to defend himself."
Authorities are still searching for Reed's 53-year-old brother, John Blaine Reed.
John Reed lived up an old logging road from the couple's 21-acre spread in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. When Patenaude and Shunn sued other neighbors over a property dispute more than two years ago, they avoided naming him as a defendant because they didn't want to irk him, their former lawyer, Thomas Adams, said previously.
John Reed had threatened to shoot the couple for cutting brush between their two properties in 2013, according to court documents.
The land abutted the nation's worst landslide disaster, the 2014 Oso landslide, which wiped out a rural neighborhood and killed 43 people. In an interview shortly afterward, John Reed told The Seattle Times he watched as the slide roared past his front yard.
The county recently bought out Reed's house to ease risks from future flooding, but investigators believe Reed had been returning to the home since then.
According to charging documents, John Reed was upset that his property had been condemned, and he recently had been angry because the couple had complained that he was squatting at his old house, prompting authorities to warn him to leave."


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At least someone did the right thing and told the truth !