Dave Lewis Ashland Oregon

Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis

Pacific Crest Trail Murder-Hyatt Lake Seven Gone


Too long
David Lewis was a friend to many and a good neighbor. He was murdered seven long years ago.
Dave lived on the summit of Dead Indian Memorial Road. He was a trained wildland firefighter, loved politics, cared for his neighbors and land and would lend a hand to anyone when needed. David was a loving father and uncle, an outspoken man for truth, a hard worker and a great guy.
It is now seven years since his body was lit on fire and his home and all belongings torched to the ground. Subsequently, the murder was swept under the rug by ex-sheriff Michael Winters. Another historic cabin near Keno Quarry was also arsoned. There were "RV developments" afoot, similar to those illegally placed on two Hyatt Lake campgrounds.There were many suspicious characters, developers, sex-hook-ups, drugs and hidden activity on the mountain at the time.
There are three crime scenes excellent detectives investigated. The location where David was killed is unknown. The community deserves justice. It was an especially heinous crime.
We are very thankful to the first-responders, detectives and brave firefighters. All those who truly seek justice. There is a $20,000 reward for an arrest. Seven years is too long.





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