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Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis

Pacific Crest Trail Murder-Hyatt Lake Seven Gone


Too long
David Lewis was a friend to many and a good neighbor. He was murdered seven long years ago.
Dave lived on the summit of Dead Indian Memorial Road. He was a trained wildland firefighter, loved politics, cared for his neighbors and land and would lend a hand to anyone when needed. David was a loving father and uncle, an outspoken man for truth, a hard worker and a great guy.
It is now seven years since his body was lit on fire and his home and all belongings torched to the ground. Subsequently, the murder was swept under the rug by ex-sheriff Michael Winters. Another historic cabin near Keno Quarry was also arsoned. There were "RV developments" afoot, similar to those illegally placed on two Hyatt Lake campgrounds.There were many suspicious characters, developers, sex-hook-ups, drugs and hidden activity on the mountain at the time.
There are three crime scenes excellent detectives investigated. The location where David was killed is unknown. The community deserves justice. It was an especially heinous crime.
We are very thankful to the first-responders, detectives and brave firefighters. All those who truly seek justice. There is a $20,000 reward for an arrest. Seven years is too long.





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Dave deserves justice

It is six years since the Dave Lewis murder and body burning on the summit of Dead Indian Memorial Road. The family and friends of Dave have offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to arrests.

We ask the community to please vote Corey Falls as the new sheriff.

Dave deserves justice.

Linda Lewis, Ashland

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Wait is too long for justice in murders

It’s been 22 very sad, long, terribly difficult months since the murder of David Lewis on the summit of the Dead Indian Memorial Road. Sheriff Winters has refused to meet with, speak with or show proper public-official consideration for the Lewis or Carney families. How very odd, because law enforcement from all over the nation is willing to converse and meet to discuss Dave’s case. 

Winters is David’s close neighbor and acquaintance-friend. Mike Winters should have recused himself; he is too close to the situation at hand, it is wrong and unseemly. It has made the murder and arson all the more difficult.

The community has killers walking free. Dave was set on fire. His entire home and contents burned to the ground. Another nearby cabin arsoned too, what crimes occurred there? Troy Carney was found brutally murdered on the Greenway, that same terrible fateful day. A year later, public information that an undisclosed-link exists between the two homicides.

Time and people move on, memories fade, interest wanes. Two healthy men in the prime of their lives murdered in cold blood. David and Troy gone forever. We have always been thankful to law enforcement. We believe they will make arrests; Dave and Troy deserve nothing less. We did not want to consider the possibility of a scandal. Regardless of who has committed these murders, friend or foe, they need to be brought to justice, now. We cry out  for justice because the victims can not. Twenty-two months is too long.

Linda Lewis


June 23, 2010 


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Please join Friday vigil for justice

We seek justice because the victims cannot. Kyron Horman is still missing. Garren Beller is, too. Young Tommy Kelly went missing, found killed 10 years ago.

Dave Lewis was found brutally murdered and lit on fire, with his home and all contents, in 2008 on Dead Indian Memorial Road. That same terrible day, Troy Carney was found brutally murdered on the Greenway. Released to the press was information that the crimes had a piece of evidence linking them, but it is believed that the men never knew one another.


The cases remain open and unprosecuted and there are rewards in both cases. Killers walk free to kill again. This causes great distress to many.

Multiple families have united in an attempt to bring awareness to the community of these terrible crimes. At 6 p.m. Friday, April 29, at the Lithia Park Bandshell, there will be a candlelight justice vigil. Please join us in remembering the murdered, missing, sexually abused and assaulted. We are eternally thankful to law enforcement for investigating these crimes. We welcome and encourage all to attend.

We seek justice because the victims cannot.

Linda Lewis

April 21, 2011

Ashland Oregon