Dave Lewis Ashland Oregon

Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis

Rewards for Information


Mike Winters needs to be voted out of office 2014.



                          Get Mike Out. Dave deserves JUSTICE


 The Jackson County Sheriff's department did not hold one press conference.

Did not offer one REWARD.

Did not ask for  public help in tips, information, hotlines, or help.



Did not place the double-arson and double-murder on CRIME STOPPERS


Jackson County Sheriff Department did not place one flyer, one poster, or

one photo of Dave Lewis anywhere....


WELL... Friends of Dave Lewis are !


There is a $ 20,000.00


REWARD for an arrest in the murder-arson case.


There is a $ 5,000.00


REWARD for any pertinent tip or information.






503-559-5064 refer to Dave Lewis case.    


Please Help.


Dave Lewis deserves justice & killers should be off our streets.




 Sweet Justice


 David Edwin Lewis, Born December 23, 1961  - KILLED - September 4, 2008.








There are REWARDS in the above posted cases. 


Dave Lewis


Troy Carney


Billy Smolinski ( $ 60,000.00  and growing)


If you or anyone you know, has information, facts, details, hints or hits on any posted cases on this website:


Please contact any law enforcement in any state. Or fishhookdavelewis@yahoo.com


As always: You can remain anonymous.