Dave Lewis Ashland Oregon

Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis




 It is that time of year again. Labor day is right around the corner. Wild fires are raging. Back to school and seasons changing will soon begin. One needed change, however, has never come. That is the solving of the heinous murders of Dave Lewis and Troy Carney. Both men were found brutally murdered Labor Day in 2008. Dave was burned to death on Dead Indian Memorial Road, inclusive of two separate cabins. Truck lumper Troy Carney was found shot in the head, on the Greenway. There are rewards in both cases. Killers got away, no arrests, under then-sheriff Mike Winters. Winters, who called himself Zebra One at work, refused to ever meet with either Lewis or Carney families and did not follow protocol in the investigations. It's a small county. It is mostly filled with good,kind, positive and caring people. We are begging those who know of killer arsonists fleeing justice, to please come forward. It's nine years of evil walking free and nine years of the aftermath of murder for others. The spirit of David and Troy live on. It is time for honorable arrests, while truth and integrity surface.