Dave Lewis Ashland Oregon

Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis & Mountain Resort At Hyatt Lake








" Your brother Dave was friendly/worked for a crowd up in the mountains.  This crowd included the sheriff, Bur Brim Jr.. an excavator and aspiring helicopter operator, and a thug that was building an illegal resort on a mountain lake.

Dave got into an argument with the thug while working on the resort. Shortly after this, Dave was murdered and burned in his home.  The sheriff  saw to it that there was no real investigation by ignoring  people that wanted to supply information, diverting the direction of what little  investigation was done and eventually firing the lead detective.  There was another associated murder the same day  20 miles away.  There was no investigation of this either. When DATELINE NBC inquired about doing a story, the former-sheriff without consulting detectives,  said no and shut it down.

You began an investigation of your own.  You began by looking into the individuals in that mountain crowd.  As you dug into it, you found that the corruption in Jackson County ran down to the bone, particularly with the sheriff. The associations between local businessmen and  government officials was entrenched and inappropriate.

Your website began as a way to try to gather information about your brother's murder.  It gradually became a blog about local corruption among other things. You covered stories about lives ruined by abuse of sheriff power and financial gains by local businessmen who exploited their government connections.

Brim Aviation/ARS activities gradually became a section of your website. Burl was a neighbor/buddy of the Sheriff.  The sheriff  deputized Burl and began extensive helicopter "training" under the guise of SAR.  What they were really doing was "training" for pot eradications.  Eventually Burl  handled the eradications for SOMMER, a coalition of counties put together under Winters to eradicate marijuana.  Burl was well paid for this and handled the eradications with no oversight.  His helicopter fleet grew astoundingly fast.

Suddenly, in 2010, he announced in the newspaper that he had landed a huge contract to train Shanghai police in helicopter SAR.

Ranchers,  neighbors, local businesses and Ashland townspeople, that were suffering under thunderous multi-helicopter noise and at risk from appallingly dangerous helicopter maneuvers found your early website and contacted you. You began investigating and found that  was something suspicious about the claim that these were Chinese Law Enforcement coming to the US to search Search and Rescue.

After this, Burl was regularly hosting Asian groups to train in his helicopters.  Burl built an unpermitted training tower up on Winter's ranch and took these Asian groups up there.  He was taking them to Fort Ord to train in the Impossible City, calling it their Urban Helicopter Operation's facility.  He was taking them to Astoria under the guise of the Columbia River Bar Pilots to train them to land on ships on the Columbia River. There is evidence  that these Asians are actually   - - -.

During this time, Brim Aviation had a fatal power line accident when his helicopter ran out of gas with a lineman suspended underneath.  Another incident involved a CRBP- Bar Pilot that was seriously injured in a botched transfer.  Another incident involved Brim's chief pilot endangering the lives of others, resulting in a license suspension.  The FAA also filed a $220,000.00 civil penalty against him for reckless  endangerment of human external cargo in Ashland, Oregon at the airport.

These reports made their way into your website along with a long list of other citations and accidents during his career. Also mentioned is the fact that Burl had seduced his 16 year old live in niece and lived with her for ten years after his wife found out and left him. Pictures from Associated Press, various news outlets, and  Brim Aviation's website and photographs were included.

When AAR, a US private security firm, and the UK announced that Burl was going to be part of an SAR contract in the Falklands, you contacted both AAR and the MoD, confidential whistle-blower hotline,  thinking they would be interested in Burl's safety and ethical record. 

Burl slapped you with a lawsuit. He is demanding that you  not write or speak of him, his employees or business associates forever.  His lawyer is harassing and hounding you.    Legal expenses to defend your freedom of speech have drained you.   You need help to continue the fight.  He is demanding that you have no private verbal communication about Burl and his associates with anyone ever.  He is demanding that you cease  any email about Burl and Co. with anyone.  He's blaming you for things you did not post.  You closed the website until you can find representation, and he's still not happy.  He has threatened you with incarceration for contempt in the court documents and  has had two PI's track you, one in Alaska where you reside and one in Oregon, where he filed the civil suit.  They  sent the Alaska investigator to your neighbors, to request to set-up a camera on your neighbor's property to monitor you.   The only way he could enforce the Injunction, is by access to your email accounts and harassing you.
The Dave Lewis murder and body-burning case, eight years later, remains open-unsolved.
You are an investigative journalist  whose rights need to be protected. "



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Henry Hovelman Junior Sentenced Today / Delay


 10 / 11 / 2016


Henry Hovelman Junior who changed his name to:






  Now a Federal Inmate. After denying it all.



Name Changed to  Inmate Number.  Ironic.  Karma & Truth4




 Dave Lewis

5 of Clubs on the Cold Case Playing Cards.

Justice 4 Dave.  Justice in Jackson County.


Watch and See...






Unopposed Motion to Continue Sentencing



Michael R. Levine
Portland, Oregon 97204
) CR No. 3:16-CR-168 HZ
Plaintiff, )
SKY ) .
Defendant. )
The defendant, though his attorney Michael R. Levine, moves the court continue sentencing for six months, from October 10, 2016, until April 10, 2017, to enable the defendant to continue his recovery from a severe stroke.
This motion is based on the
attached declaration of counsel.
Dated: September 1, 2016 /s/ Michael R. Levine


  - -- -

1. I am the attorney for the defendant who is 73 years of age and who
resides in the area of Medford, Oregon.
2. On April 18, 2006, Mr. Sky pleaded guilty to conspiring to give a
gratuity to a government employee in violation of 18 U.S.C. §201(c)
(l) (A). Sentencing is set for October 10, 2016.
3. A few days after he entered his plea, on April 23, 2006, Sky suffered a
severe stroke, as a result of which he was initially unable to walk, speak,
or understand others.
4. Sky entered the Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center on May 2, 2016,
and remained there for a month. He was discharged on June 3, 2016.
Since his discharge, he has been undergoing intensive rehabilitation. He
is gradually regaining his faculties and is making reasonable progress
towards rehabilitation.
5. I have forwarded to the government a copy of Mr. Skys hospital
discharge records. These records document his symptoms, treatment,
diagnosis and prognosis.
6. I recently spoke with Sky by telephone and find that he speaks slowly and
with difficulty and that he frequently mispronounces and slurs words. He does not fully comprehend complex sentences. His thought sequencing is
poor. I am advised he has difficulty moving his upper limbs and that he
needs constant monitoring and assistance in everyday activities.
7. I believe that at least an additional six months is needed before Sky will
capable of helping me prepare for sentencing. I also believe this time is
needed to ensure that Sky will be able to meaningfully participate in
sentencing proceedings.
8. I have communicated with AUSA Scott Bradford and advised him I
would be seeking a lengthy continuance of the sentencing. He said he
had no objection.
9. In the interests of justice, the court should grant the motion.
September 1, 2016 /s/Michael R. Levine
Michael R. Levine




American Greed said, " The immorality of it all."





The United States Attorney's Office for the District
of Oregon, defendant Sky, and his counsel, Michael Levine, agree that the following facts are true, can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, and are sufficient to suppmt guilty pleas by defendant to Count One of the Information in the above-captioned case. This Statement
of Facts does not include all facts known to the government, and the government may rely on additional facts in the other phases of this case, including sentencing proceedings. Sky was the owner and president of
 SRI , headqua1tered in Ashland, Oregon. SRI is a Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) contractor that primarily worked on U.S.
Government contracts where they provided services for detecting unexploded ordnances.
J.H., a public official for purposes
of 18  U.S.C. § 201, was a program manager for the
United States Army Corp of Engineers (USA CE), Omaha District, Omaha, Nebraska, and oversaw the Department of  Defense MMRP. J.H.s duties, among others, included managing USA CE projects, approving claims submitted by vendors under USA CE contacts, and recommending vendors to be awarded specific contracts.
As to Count One, beginning on or about 2002 and continuing through and including 2013,
in the District of Oregon and elsewhere, defendant Sky and others knowingly and willfully
conspired and agreed together and with each other to commit an offense against the United States,
that is to directly and indirectly give, offer, and promise anything
of value to a public official for and because of official acts performed and to be performed by such public official in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 201(c)(l)(A).
To carry out that conspiracy, defendant
Sky and others provided J.H. with various things of value for and because J.H. used his position as a public official to influence or steer the awarding of nine USACE contracts to SR1 that totaled approximately $171 million in value.
In total, SRI
received $77 million under the nine contracts. The things of value included,
but were not limited to, cash, accommodations, meals, entertainment, a car, golf, and fishing.
In furtherance of the conspiracy and to effect the objects thereof, defendant Sky and others
committed one or more of the following overt acts, among others, in the District
of Oregon and elsewhere:
In or about April 2004, defendant Sky paid for J.H. 's accommodations and meals in
In or about September 24, 2004, SRI was awarded contract W9128F-04-D-0030 for
$3 million;
In or about March 2008, defendant Sky paid for J.H. 's accommodations and meals
Costa Rica;
In or about March 2008, defendant Sky paid J.H. $1000 in cash;
On or about July 22, 2009, defendant Sky paid J.H. $3,000 in cash;
On or about July 23, 2009, SRI was awarded Contract                     W9128F-09-D-0029 for $9 million
for environmental remediation services;
In or about September 2010, defendant Sky paid for an Alaskan fishing expedition for J.H.;
In or about September 2010, SRI was awarded Contract W9128F-l 0-D-0093 in the amount of$9.9 million for military munitions response services; and
Between in or about December 20 I 0 through in or about March 2013, SRI received more than $8.8 million under contract W9128F-10-D-0093.
All in violation 18 U.S.C. § 371."


  - -  -











Louis Mahar Junior. Disgraces the Name & Business


 The true lore of the Dead Indian Road is upon them all. Watch & See. Cohorts & colleagues.






 Violent tempered and pleading guilty...Mahar will plead guilty to assault and harassment on a woman

while  attacking a man in Medford Oregon.

And why did Danny Jordan see fit to contact the Jackson County Sheriff Department and try to interfere with the investigation???


  Mahar and his attorney have figured out he can't get out of this

                       Mahar's taking a plea deal  11/17/16 Friday.


Pleading  to assault  and  to a crime against a woman; pleading to harassment as well.

24 months bench probation

No weapons or intoxicants for 24 months and

30 days in jail 

--Bad publicity for Mahar Homes.

  - -

Did not turn out so well after-all... assault, harassment, guilt.