Dave Lewis Ashland Oregon

Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis

As Posted by Jackson County Deputies @ Mike Winters


 Mike Winters had a 96% vote of no confidence. Truth be Told.










 Good cop Jake Franklin taking down a citizen, who was  resisting arrest & disobeying orders - - -


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  - -  GMO. Got Mike Out of Office. Now calling for a forensic evaluation of time in office.



 When Brad Monical jumped the jail...


Not one press conference when two men were found murdered. Dave Lewis & Troy Dean Carney.

And Dave's home & body burned.



As posted by the deputies:



"Ok, reprieve over. As we said last night: nothing in our criticism of our Sheriff should be taken personally....that's really awful for him. Many of us like him; as a person. We all accord him professional respect; because he hired us, or simply because he wears the big gold badge.

But, that's the reason behind this page: it's to voice what our membership cannot. Even here, if the Sheriff ever wishes for the complete story, he can release us from the "confidentiality agreements" we were forced to sign at the beginning of this awful time.......they are used regularly to intimidate or punish Deputies for doing what is right. Our concerted membership activity notwithstanding......

So, Sheriff, accept our apology.

But you have still done a horrible job:

1). You left us without leadership to pursue your personal interests.

2). You shattered morale by giving 66 of only our members layoff notices....because you had squandered the money you should have been setting aside to pay for our expected cost of living adjustments.

3). You tried to use our Union leadership to deliver your bombshells and manipulated the arbitration process. None of your managers suffered that fate. Only your line staff.

4). That money you spent?? That you had over two fiscal years to be setting aside? (it was in your budget for us).....well, you spent it on a "state of the art" system that neither increases school security, saves missing children, or better manages incidents. True: it got your picture in Times Square.....but it did nothing functional for our community at all.

5). We neither needed, nor wanted, our fancy building......we'd have rather had a radio system that allows us to respond to calls......computers that allow us to communicate with our dispatchers.....or radio repeaters that allow our contract city Deputies to be heard when they call for help.

A Sheriff who cares enough to check on his people personally; when they are hurt on duty.....or forced to hurt someone else......well, that would've been really nice too. Deputies are old fashioned like that.

Ultimately, you DO mind criticism, Sir. Because you have systematically eliminated anyone from your senior Administration who accorded you the ultimate in respect and loyalty: private honesty and a moral compass.

You are left with a system giving you a highly distorted view of what we want, need, and have a right to expect.

So, if the view of 96% of your Union employees wears you down: you COULD have simply retired.....you could have withdrawn before the Primary.....before your name was permanent on the ballot.....and before you left a distinctly unclear impression as to your intention to serve.

But, please don't take our views personally. They aren't intended that way. It's the professional stuff we take exception to......or the lack of it."


 - - -



Winters Investigation Requested. Retirement Rescind?

 When did then-sheriff Michael Scott Winters, who pinned his friend as a deputy; when did Winters know his friend / "special sworn deputy,"  who was married,  was in a secret incestuous relationship ?

Did Winters know (or should have known) the victim / survivor was 16 when it started?

She said Winters was, "one of the inner-circle who knew,that no one protected her."



Calling for investigations of Jackson County Oregon previous administration in sheriff department :How business was conducted,

how monies were allocated & spent,

use of all equipment, over-time payments,

eradication of billions of dollars in marijuana,

how Andrea Carlson was hired,

payment of $ 30,000.00 to Ron Oachs after he resisted-arrest,

treatment of female inmates at the jail,

constitutional sheriff association affiliation, Oath Keepers affiliation (including x-sheriff Gil Gilbertson) 

Union-busting attempt by Daniel Jordan and Mike Winters,

SWAT death of "Mistletoe" Earl Harris (distinguished Navy Veteran)

All in-custody deaths while Mike Winters was sheriff,

the termination of good-cops Richard Fogarty and Jacob Franklin.



Please Watch:






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Start Here: " Puckett, 39, catapulted from a marine deputy to captain after managing Winters' successful 2002 campaign for the sheriff."

And didn't he leave the scene after the multiple fatalities?



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 " Deputies & staff recovering from previous administration of Mike Winters."





 WE are Calling for a professional, outside, investigation of former-sheriff Michael Scott Winters & his previous administration regarding:

finances and their distribution over the 12 year period,

wrongful termination of Jake Franklin & paying retired-deputy Ron Oachs $30,000.00 after he resisted arrest,

the parading of naked female inmates in the jail,

Winters' " boater intoxication study (wet lab with friends) in a hotel room,"

multi-billion dollar marijuana eradications and why Commissioner John Rachor was driving dump-trucks full of green bud & the entire SOMMER marijuana eradication program, reaching erad numbers in the multi-BILLION dollar range; 


the treatment of female employees and hiring-procedure of former public relations Andrea Carlson,

the former sheriff Mike Winters' open support of Constitutional Sheriff Association & his publicly defiant commentary that he refused to enforce Federal Presidential Orders,

the escape of Brad Monical from the jail,

the alleged use of JCSO equipment for private financial gain, SAR over-time irregularities in over-time-pay and employees signing their own over-time cards,

the 66 pink-slips & possible Union-Busting attempt,

Winters' submission to Danny Jordan of FLIR documentation explanation, after the document was pencil whipped.


the SWAT death of "Mistletoe," Earl Harris (outside FBI / DOJ review-investigation called for) changing-explanations by Winters after the death & lack of support to the deputies who were on scene,

Winters' illegally built, without permits, helicopter tower; then lying & calling it a" fire-station-training tower" on his personal land on Moon Prairie & Johnson Prairie and alleged deputies commentary they were required to train / attend at Winters' direction,over years, in the forests outside of Ashland,Oregon.

The denial of conceal-carry permits,

multiple unnecessary lawsuits at taxpayer expense,

beatings in the jail and 3 in-custody deaths being considered "normal," 

and Winters having a person-of-interest in the Dave Lewis murder case,  work on Winters' barn.


Calling for an outside & impartial / unbiased , forensic-evaluation and monetary investigation of former Sheriff Michael Winters & his appointed administration."

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 - Dean Hunt participant & Dave Lewis' nearest neighbor:

Mike Winters " boater intoxication study aka: wet lab "  In a hotel room. With Winters'  friends.


Investigation asked. Including the mishandling of the


Dave Lewis & Troy Carney  double murder cases.

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 Where was equipment kept, used, trained with: at Brim Aviation.



What taxpayer monies were ridiculously & flagrantly spent for personal financial gain.


Parks-workers were fired for taking home ladders and misuse of gasoline. Far less.


What was going on, and when,  under Mike Winters administration over a 12 year period 2002-2014.

And with whom?

Including all local sheriff from constitutional sheriff association (Malheur / Harney County & Klamath included)

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  - -  Pot farms, pot grows, pot eradications, pot tours.

Who was deciding?

 Why was a Jackson County Commissioner

(brownie eating John Rachor)

driving a dump trucks of marijuana out of the forest for Mike Winters?



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 Why was Andrea Carlson hired without proper Jackson County protocol

and taken into  multi million dollar marijuana  grows?



Outside Federal Investigation needed.




Please Watch:








Mike Winters alias:  Zebra One &  Roughrider56




    Woman sues former Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters

    She says Winters did not pay her for years of work
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" A woman has sued former Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters for $382,147, claiming he didn't pay her for years of work she did on his ranch property.
In a lawsuit filed in Jackson County Circuit Court, Lauren Keller said she worked for Winters from June 2010 until September 2014 and claimed he didn't pay wages to her despite her repeated requests.
In a written response to the lawsuit, Winters contends Keller was his live-in girlfriend and any jobs she did "were done as part of her general obligations to the relationship and for being provided room, board and other consideration."
Winters said he and Keller "were involved initially in a friendship that progressed to an intimate sexual relationship and cohabitated together."
He has filed a counterclaim saying Keller owes him $127,500 for room, board, utilities, use of vehicles and other benefits.
Winters and his attorney did not return phone calls seeking comment about the case.
Winters decided not to seek a fourth term as Jackson County sheriff during the November 2014 election. Challenger Corey Falls of the Ashland Police Department received more votes than Winters during the primary and went on to win the election after Winters withdrew from the race.
Keller filed her lawsuit seeking the lost wages in April 2015. Winters filed his counterclaim in July 2015.
Keller said the work she performed on behalf of Winters' ranch properties included filing, bookkeeping, ordering and purchasing supplies, assisting in getting cattle to market, duties related to the production and sale of hay, maintenance work and other duties. Keller said she often worked well over 40 hours per week.
She said Winters made partial payments on her back wages totaling $9,400.
In late December 2015, Keller filed additional requests for Winters to make admissions in the case.
She wants him to say he was never in a monogamous relationship with her from July 2011 to the present, that he spent the night several times at another woman's home between 2010 and 2015, and that he began dating another woman in 2014, traveled with her and introduced her to numerous people as his girlfriend.
Keller also wants Winters to say he was aware she dated several different men, including men she met on www.match.com, an Internet dating service.
Keller claims both she and Winters had www.match.com accounts, with Winters using the name "Roughrider56" for his account.
She also wants Winters to concede that at various times when she asked for her pay, he told her she was "unappreciative" and gave varying responses, including that she would eventually get paid by inheriting ranch property or would be paid when he sold ranch property.
Keller alleged Winters told her in January 2015 if she wanted to get paid and receive expense reimbursements, she would need to sue him.
Winters' lawyer has yet to file a written response to Keller's request for Winters to make admissions in the case.
The case is scheduled to go to trial in June. 2016 moved to December... "


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 Hotel Room Paid for by Tax Payer Dollars


When Michael Winters, alias Zebra One, alias Roughrider56, was sheriff of Jackson County, this was his boater-intoxication study, wherein deputies earned credits. And pay???



Watching 6 middle aged women become intoxicated in a hotel room. For a boater intoxication study...




 Boater Intoxication Study, known as, " Wet-lab "  participant sitting on the deputies lap.

In a hotel room.  Married deputy - -writing his personal information on her hand.



 " Tomorrrow I start drinking at 9am....I guess it gets pretty hilarious...they test you and check your motor skills and driving ability..and it can be a lot of fun so I hear.. Then the beachfront Inn for two days...Yay!! Taking the dogs.."

  - -

 ha ha... It is called a "wet Lab" and is for training for the new police officers so they can learn to spot signs of intoxication...It is a controlled study!"

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 " Observing our behaviour and taking notes.... ha ha!!"



 -"Ahh the cute one.....officer Fields....nice" 



  " Do you want his number?? lol....I'm sure Dean can get it for you!

 Lol I already have it. He got mine from somebody and sent a pic of me that day, I asked whos number is this and he said look at the palm of your right hand. He wrote his name on my hand cuz I kept forgetting what it was :)







Mike Winters' friends & BFF  study participants and why ?


 Dean Hunt, BFF to x-sheriff.  Participating in the Boater Intoxication Study- Wet Lab

Dean Hunt's house: Where the x-sheriff  set-up base camp the day of the murder.



xxx- sheriff Mike Winters' press release (notice the buzz words, at the end, of bringing economic stimulus to the area)


" Marine Academy Helps Officers Hone Skills :
Two week Training Course comes to Southern Oregon for first time
" For the first time, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will host the
 annual Oregon State Marine Board Marine Safety and Law Enforcement
Academy.  Beginning April 2, 2011 and running through Friday, April 15,
 2011, Marine law enforcement officers from counties all over the state will
 participate in the training.  During the training, officers will learn
 about state boating laws, rules and regulations, indentify intoxicated boat
 operators, and practice operating their patrol boats and equipment
 skillfully; all while focusing on officer safety and survival.  Education
 will take place inside the classroom, a swimming pool, and at Emigrant
 Lake.  Classes will be taught by local and state instructors.  
The academy will provide some economic stimulation to local businesses,
restaurants and hotels. The Oregon State Marine Board holds the academy each
 spring for newly hired marine officers.  Twenty-Five Oregon counties as
 well as members of Oregon State Police participate.  "


Michael Scott Winters. Alias: RoughRider56



A look back at Mike Winters' time as JaCo Sheriff – KOBI-TV NBC5 ...

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Oct 4, 2014 - From legal battles that cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to allegations of abuse at the jail, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters' ...




Sheriff Mike Winters Timeline - YouTube

Oct 3, 2014 - Uploaded by NewsWatch 12
Throughout the Sheriff's eleven years on the job there have been some big accomplishments, like having a ...



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Latest News
23 December 2016

Six Individuals Submit Information to be Considered for Jackson County Sheriff

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners sought qualified persons who are interested in being appointed as Jackson County Sheriff.  The deadline for submittal of qualifying information to be considered was 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 23, 2016.  Information was received from six interested individuals:  Ian Lance, Danny Penland, Bob Sergi, Nathan Sickler, William Froehlich, and Mike Winters.

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 Mike Winters boater intoxication study in a  hotel room


with deputies & " drunkards to study "







Well ...Mike Winters had a restraining order against him via his first wife. 

  Michael Winters ruled, " through fear and intimidation," according to the deputies, in the Jake Franklin wrongful termination; the judge basically said Winters was lying (read the documents) 12 years of Winters was long enough, Winters tried " union busting," giving 66 pink slips to employees when negotiations were on-going, Winters was  not on-scene when Navy Veteran "Mistletoe" Earl Harris was shot-dead, when Mike Winters was sued by his ranch-manager there are 40 interrogatories which reveal his character, he misused JCSO equipment (including the snow plow & machinery)
Winters never met with the Lewis family or Carney family (even tho Troy's mother traveled from Florida) and was in cell phone contact with the person of interest in the Dave Lewis murder case (mutual friend)

Winters vindictively turned Bob Sergi  into the DOJ, in an attempt to undermine his chances of election to the position of sheriff. 

Winters' campaign manager was made one of his " captains" and when said individual was involved in a high speed chase, which resulted in multiple fatalities; he left the scene. It was never properly investigated & the deputy / campaign manager left employment without proper investigation & accountability.

When Jake Franklin correctly attempted to arrest Ron Oachs; Winters later paid Oachs $30,000.00 and fired Franklin. It is and was appalling. Any other citizen would have been taken to jail. Because Oachs was a former deputy, he was let go.  The county does not need anymore lawsuits. This position requires someone with higher education (Winters is 12th grade) to keep pace with today's industry and is not an Oath Keeper or Constitutional Sheriff (which the DOJ & FBI are investigating as an organization)

Winters was a blight on the law enforcement community of Southern Oregon. He had the lowest and  worst ratings by his staff, or any sheriff in Oregon. 

For all the above reasons, Corey Falls needs to stay.

Thank you~

Today would have been Dave Lewis' 55th birthday.

We are the voice, for those who do not have one.


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 This is not how a sheriff should conduct studies of boaters...