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Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis








Registered Sex Offenders in Southern Oregon

 Auchincloss...Appeals Court. THANK YOU !!! Justice outside Jackson. Of course.


 It took SEVEN years...and the wheels of JUSTICE are still grinding. FANTASTIC.

Want to have sex with a teenager, minor, vulnerable, under the age of majority, or child?

Pictures, actions, perversion...be ready for the consequences:


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The Associated Press
PORTLAND — The Oregon Court of Appeals revived a lawsuit filed by the man who alerted police that the half brother of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had a collection of child pornography.
Edward McManus, the long-time personal assistant to James Auchincloss, went to police in 2008 with evidence that his boss had images of naked boys.
Following his arrest, Auchincloss learned of McManus' role in the investigation. He fired McManus and barred him from returning to an Ashland property to retrieve some possessions.
McManus responded with a $1.5 million lawsuit, claiming he was protected by whistleblower laws and wrongly fired.
A Jackson County judge granted a summary judgment in favor of Auchincloss on claims of wrongful discharge and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Auchincloss' attorney argued that the private employee was ineligible for protections under whistleblower laws.
The Appeals Court reversed that decision Wednesday, returning the case to Jackson County.
"The public policy of the state of Oregon encourages all employees with a good-faith belief that their employer has committed a crime involving child abuse to report that belief to law enforcement," Judge James Egan wrote in the opinion.
Moreover, Egan wrote that Auchincloss knew McManus had been a victim of childhood sexual abuse, and a jury might find that the presence of child pornography in the workplace was an intentional infliction of emotional distress.
McManus' attorney, Jeff Campbell, was out sick Thursday and could not be reached for comment. The attorney for Auchincloss, Tracy McGovern, did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.
Auchincloss pleaded guilty in 2010 to encouraging child sexual abuse and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.
McManus's duties included cooking, laundry, housecleaning, yard work and other tasks. One job was to review Auchincloss' email and sort "spam" from the more important messages. He first became aware of the child pornography after clicking on a link to see if it was spam. He said he later found other sexual depictions of children as he performed routine tasks.
An heir to a wealthy family that made a fortune in oil and financing, Auchincloss moved from Washington, D.C., to Southern Oregon in the mid-1990s. "


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 Step up to jail. The ^^^ vampire who preys upon our children's souls...

Registered sex offenders.   Hugo, Auchincloss...next !!!



Black Lives Matter Oregon


 Cause Julie isn't the only uninformed  hacker:


  1. Trucker Fraud Alert: Beware of Julie the Hacker


    Aug 20, 2013 ... Truckers have been receiving emails and faxes from a Julie Weynel claiming to be with the DOT and asking for financial information. This is ...



Troy Dean Carney

Found murdered on the Greenway. After the Sweep.

Central Point Truck Stop. 

All Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter.


DOJ in Oregon. Ellen Rosenblum steps-up to do the right thing:






Calling herself "shocked and appalled," Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum confirmed allegations Tuesday that a Department of Justice investigator targeted Black Lives Matter supporters — including a senior attorney at the agency — while searching social media for potential police threats.

Rosenblum's comments, including the promise of an independent investigation, followed a stunning letter from the Urban League of Portland that ricocheted around the state's political and criminal justice communities after going public late in the afternoon.

The Urban League's director, Nkenge Harmon Johnson, accused the department of conducting "digital surveillance" of Oregonians who invoked the racial justice movement's name on social media messages.

She wrote that the surveillance came to light after it snared her husband, Erious Johnson — the director of the department's civil rights division. The letter was signed by top Oregon labor officials and civil rights groups including the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon.

"It is improper, and potentially unlawful, for the Oregon Department of Justice to conduct surveillance and investigations on an Oregonian merely for expressing a viewpoint, or for being a part of a social movement," Harmon Johnson wrote. "We are concerned that such unwarranted investigations are racially motivated, and create a chilling effect on social justice advocates, political activists and others who wish to engage in discourse about the issues of our time."

Rosenblum, in an exclusive interview with The Oregonian/OregonLive, confirmed that an investigator working in the department's criminal justice division used an online search tool to look up Twitter hashtags, including the tag used by the Black Lives Matter movement, as part of threat-assessment work.

She said the investigator, whom she declined to identify, has been placed on paid leave and that "there may be others." The investigator had looked for uses of the Black Lives Matter hashtag in the Salem area, she said. That's what turned up Johnson's Twitter activity.

Rosenblum said she's hired a special investigator to examine the data collection by the Justice Department's Criminal Justice Division. A statement from Rosenblum's spokeswoman also mentioned a human resources investigation.

A reply from Rosenblum sent Tuesday to Harmon Johnson, obtained by The Oregonian/OregonLive, identifies that attorney as Carolyn Walker of Stoel Rives. Walker, who is African American, specializes in employment cases involving retaliation and civil rights claims.

"I need to get to the bottom of this," said Rosenblum, saying she was "appalled" to learn Johnson had been targeted.

Rosenblum, unopposed in a re-election bid next year, said she learned about the matter two weeks ago.

Her deputy, Fred Boss, came to her late one day and said he had "something to tell me about." The next day, Rosenblum said, she told criminal justice chief Darin Tweedt to stop using the online search tool. Two days after that, she said, she gathered Boss and other top officials and met with Johnson to deliver the news.

"I can't imagine what it would be like to be told something like this. It's really devastating," Rosenblum said. "He was shocked – quite upset."

Johnson remains on the job, Rosenblum said. As head of the department's civil rights unit, he handles cases such as housing and wage claims.

Johnson did not return a message seeking comment. Harmon Johnson, the Urban League's director, declined a request for comment Tuesday, deferring to others who signed the letter. She didn't return a message asking about Rosenblum's comments.

Jo Ann Hardesty, leader of the local chapter of the NAACP, said she got a phone call from Harmon Johnson on Monday asking her to sign the letter, saying "it wasn't a stretch."

"I would not be shocked if I find my name on a list," Hardesty said. "I used that tagline all the time."

In a statement, the ACLU's legal director, Mat dos Santos, urged Rosenblum to reveal the "full extent of the state's involvement in this illegal and racially based surveillance."

"In response to these incidents, we are preparing to file records requests to reveal the scope of the program and who else was caught up in this dragnet," he said. A spokeswoman for the ACLU declined to comment on Rosenblum's reply late Tuesday.

Rosenblum defended the criminal justice team's overall work on threat assessment, calling it a "legitimate area." But she said Tuesday that she didn't know how long the searches had been under way or how many people had been identified.

"They were looking for anti-police sentiments — potential threats to police," she said.

The subject is delicate for Rosenblum, charged with leading a "law enforcement racial profiling work group" under legislation approved this year. She announced the group's members in August — including Kayse Jama, director of Portland's Center for Intercultural Organizing and one of the advocates who signed the Urban League's letter.

Johnson, she said, was leading a subcommittee focused on police accountability, specifically what to do when law enforcement agencies discover profiling. The work group was scheduled to meet for the last time Tuesday, she said, before issuing a report Dec. 1.

Said Rosenblum: "There's a certain irony here."

Note: Les Zaitz is one of 17 members serving on a separate Department of Justice task force, focused on public records and transparency, also led by Rosenblum.

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Pot, Politics, Medford Oregon & the Great Beyond







 Out of the shadows they will crawl.

These were the brave ones... or saw the money on the wall...

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  Well  almost....Dennis Richardson against the legalization, in the pot patches... in a pot patch









 Phil Carvalho, co-owner of Patients Helping Patients, opened Medford's first legal dispensary




" Medford's first legal medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors to customers Monday after getting a business license from the city.
"It's a lot better than having to watch your back in the alleys," said customer Mike Sletten, a 57-year-old Medford veteran with back problems.
Sletten, a former parachutist who blames his spinal problems on jumping out of airplanes too many times, was one of the first patients to walk into Patients Helping Patients, 2390 W. Main St., and he ordered two different strains for his medical problems.
He said he lives a short distance from the dispensary, preferring to buy it there than from other sources where the marijuana isn't tested and where he isn't sure about the quality.
Phil Carvalho, owner of Patients Helping Patients, said, "This will be a lot more convenient and appealing to all the local people."
On Oct. 2, Medford City Council lifted its ban on cannabis dispensaries, effective Dec. 1. The council may ask voters next year whether they approve of selling recreational marijuana in the city and whether it should be taxed at 3 percent. Any dispensaries that open in the city will not be allowed to sell recreational marijuana.
As of Monday morning, only Carvalho had submitted an application with the city for a business license for a dispensary.
Most dispensaries in Jackson County now sell recreational marijuana under a temporary law passed by the Legislature earlier this year. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is working on rules governing recreational sales that should take effect in January. Ballot Measure 91, passed by voters last November, legalized pot for anyone 21 or older.
Carvalho said he will not be selling recreational marijuana, though he had been receiving calls from customers inquiring whether he did.
"It sucks because the state says we can do it," Carvalho said.
Patients Helping Patients carries about 30 strains from a local grower, with prices ranging from $5 to $12 per gram. Carvalho is selling many of last year's varieties at a reduced price. The newer strains are obvious to the casual observer because they have a brighter green color.
In addition to Patients Helping Patients, the other two medical marijuana dispensaries that are registered with the state inside Medford city limits are Lime Green, 17 S. Riverside Ave., and MaryJane’s Basement, 259 E. Barnett Road.
Carvalho has had two dispensaries that were previously shut down by the city of Medford.
MaryJane's Basement on Barnett Road also was shut down for dispensing medical marijuana, and Carvalho’s other business, The Lounge, was ordered to cease dispensing medical marijuana.
Medford Councilor Clay Bearnson has said he plans to open his own medical marijuana dispensary but is awaiting approval from the Oregon Health Authority before applying for the city business license. "
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 Dave Lewis said it the way it was, and it was the way he said.
Out of the shadows, they will crawl...
Yet, some will do it with nobility, intelligence, and class:



Jeanne Still Shoveling Hard like the Wife of # 9



 Shoveling off a real RV.


Mountain Resort at Hyatt Lake and the illegal restaurant.

Bob McNeely by the steam tray...


Unit Number Nine ?



Client Number 9 - - The true story of Elliot Spitzer. 

And why the foolish wives stay?


" Money. Sex. Power. Betrayal.  You don't know the real story."

The rise and fall. And beyond.




A faux RV in the dirt campgrounds on the Pacific Crest Trail.




Illegal " RVs" on two dirt campgrounds on the Pacific Crest Trail. 


 - The critter boys of Hyatt Lake.



 Geo Street. Karma at Dave's after. Wouldn't want to be ya. 


 - Who owns the machines ?
Who calls the shots?



And not all wives are foolish enough to stay.  Not. Learn the hard way.




Dave Eight



  " It has been 8 years since Dave Lewis and Troy Carney were found viciously murdered on the same day. A very long time for those seeking justice, a lot has happened. Some good and some very, very bad. Some call it evil. Huey Huson was also murdered. David Grubbs'  heinous case was never solved. Jessica Star Bethany perished sorrowfully and violently, as did the Criado mother and children. Their young deaths are beyond any human comprehension. Garren Beller's body has never been found. Kyron is grievously missing.There are too many to list and no victim is ever forgotten. Murder, arson, abduction, hate crimes; leave a wake of sorrow, anger,loss and dismay. It is hard to find any rationalization, because there isn't any. Soul sick killers, take the lives of others. Never comprehending the horror they do. It lasts for generations,they have blood of another on their hands. I would not wish that karmic-fate on anyone. Yet, there is hope, faith, love. For every act of evil, there are a million acts of goodness.Brave souls, justice seekers, those giving hugs turning tears to laughter, detectives and good cops, neighbors and strangers. Ultimately,people are good.Keep the faith."


In loving memory of David Edwin Lewis





Six Too Long



Too long
David Lewis was a friend to many and a good neighbor. He was murdered seven long years ago.
Dave lived on the summit of Dead Indian Memorial Road. He was a trained wildland firefighter, loved politics, cared for his neighbors and land and would lend a hand to anyone when needed. David was a loving father and uncle, an outspoken man for truth, a hard worker and a great guy.
It is now seven years since his body was lit on fire and his home and all belongings torched to the ground. Subsequently, the murder was swept under the rug by ex-sheriff Michael Winters. Another historic cabin near Keno Quarry was also arsoned. There were "RV developments" afoot, similar to those illegally placed on two Hyatt Lakecampgrounds.There were many suspicious characters, developers, sex-hook-ups, drugs and hidden activity on the mountain at the time.
There are three crime scenes excellent detectives investigated. The location where David was killed is unknown. The community deserves justice. It was an especially heinous crime.
We are very thankful to the first-responders, detectives and brave firefighters. All those who truly seek justice. There is a $20,000 reward for an arrest. Seven years is too long.





What if it happened 2 them or someone they LOVE



 It is that time of year again. Labor day is right around the corner. Wild fires are raging. Back to school and seasons changing will soon begin. One needed change, however, has never come. That is the solving of the heinous murders of Dave Lewis and Troy Carney. Both men were found brutally murdered Labor Day in 2008. Dave was burned to death on Dead Indian Memorial Road, inclusive of two separate cabins. Truck lumper Troy Carney was found shot in the head, on the Greenway. There are rewards in both cases. Killers got away, no arrests, under then-sheriff Mike Winters. Winters, who called himself Zebra One at work, refused to ever meet with either Lewis or Carney families and did not follow protocol in the investigations. It's a small county. It is mostly filled with good,kind, positive and caring people. We are begging those who know of killer arsonists fleeing justice, to please come forward. It's nine years of evil walking free and nine years of the aftermath of murder for others. The spirit of David and Troy live on. It is time for honorable arrests, while truth and integrity surface.