Dave Lewis Ashland Oregon

Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis

Jeffrey Stuart Anderson. Dead After the Chair

 Sheriff Mike Winters voted out. 

D.A. Huddleston - - retired.

Justice in Old Mississippi...still waiting. FEDS need to investigate this and Earl Harris death.


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Carl F. Worden




" It was April 14, 1996 when Deputies of the Jackson County, OR Sheriff’s Department finally unshackled Jeffery Stuart Anderson from the jail “restraint” (read torture) chair and took him to Rogue Valley Community Hospital, severely beaten and unresponsive.


The hospital personnel immediately knew something was very wrong, and they took numerous photographs of Anderson’s injuries and gave them to his father, Ted Anderson, who immediately turned them over to the Southern Oregon Militia for investigation.


As Liaison Officer for the SOM, I immediately notified local FBI Agent Kerry Larson of a probable civil rights violation.


Anderson was taken to emergency surgery to repair a blood vessel that had burst in his brain from the severe beating.  He languished for a few days, then died from his injuries.


Who was Jeffery Stuart Anderson?  I never met Stuart, but I understand he was a fun-loving guy of 29 years, and the father of two little children.  Stuart had a drinking problem and failed an alcohol test while on probation for DUII, so the judge sentenced Stuart to 15 days in jail to dry him out.  Stuart had no other criminal record that I know of.


I have attached pictures of the shattered Anderson and an affidavit taken from a fellow inmate, but read what I have to tell you here first before you view them.


Anderson had deep shackle/handcuff cuts on his wrists and ankles from struggling in the restraint chair as the deputy/deputies beat him unmercifully.  His feet and hands had been stomped purple.  He had deep bruising to his inner-thigh/groin area.  He had two distinct, small round finger bruises on his throat, consistent with someone holding him by the throat, strangling him.  There were deep bruises on his back and arms as well, but most notable were the blackened eyes and smashed face.


What Anderson had been subjected to was nothing less than brutal torture and ultimate murder at the hands of one or more deputies of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, and how can I state truthfully?  Very simply.  When you read the affidavit from his fellow inmate, Doty, you will see that Anderson had been forcibly removed from the general jail population and was placed under “medical watch” for reasons that remain a bit unclear.  But no deputy or jail nurse who was on duty that fateful evening ever recalled hearing or seeing anything unusual after Anderson was led away.


That’s right; when the FBI attempted to conduct an investigation into the suspected wrongful death of Jeffery Stuart Anderson, they ran into a baby-shit-brown wall of silence.  (That’s the color of their uniforms)  Nobody saw or heard a sound, let alone a scream.  Anderson was simply found unresponsive, shackled into the restraint chair and taken to the hospital.  In fact, the deputies who took Anderson to the hospital claimed he walked in under his own power.  The attached photos will make you question that claim.


Unable to develop a criminal civil rights case for wrongful death, the FBI gave up and went home.  Jackson County District Attorney Mark Huddleston never investigated the incident at all.


That’s the way it is in Jackson County, Oregon.  If you don’t like the sound of it, don’t move here.  These local cops and this DA are scum second to none.


Oh, you think that’s too harsh?  No, it is not.  Look, I attended Cabrillo College in Cupertino, CA to be a police officer, and thankfully got derailed due to the unexpected pregnancy of my first wife.  Almost all my closest, long-term friends I have across the United States are involved in law enforcement one way or another, and that includes the best man at my wedding, a San Jose Detective Sergeant at the time.  Some of those close friends have died over these passing years, but my solid inclination has always been to support law enforcement officers -- so long as they stay within the lines of ethical conduct in their profession.


I absolutely HATE bad cops, and I will do anything to expose them for what they do to the image of the good cops I have known.


I have no friends in law enforcement here in the Rogue Valley of Oregon because I don’t trust any of them, and for good reason.  I have a number of close friends who moved here after retiring from other jurisdictions, and they largely share my horror at what goes on around here.  Quite literally, Jackson County, Oregon is a throwback to the very corrupt 1950’s Mississippi.


Now, getting back to the Anderson murder:


Undeterred by the FBI’s pathetic failure to exact justice in the Anderson murder, the SOM contacted attorney Foster Glass in Bend, Oregon, and Foster filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit that resulted in a settlement for the surviving wife and children in the amount of $1.8 million dollars.


In summary, that sounds simple enough and somewhat satisfying, but now you get to read the rest of the story.


Anderson’s father, Ted, was a member of the Southern Oregon Militia, who joined during our formative years, and so was Stuart.  No one knew that, of course, because the SOM operates clandestinely.  We have a hard and unbreakable rule that we will not allow anyone into our organization who contacts us for membership.  We identify individuals of like mind, character, and just as importantly, what they have to bring to the table, and then we approach them to join us.  To my knowledge, not a single person invited to join the SOM has ever refused because we very carefully protect their identity.  That is why I never personally met Jeffery Stuart Anderson, because the point man (Liaison Officer) cannot be allowed know who all the members are for obvious security reasons


Look, whether you like to read this or not, we are in a war against official corruption here in the Rogue Valley, and Do-Good’rs regularly get the shaft.  We don’t, because we know how to get things done around here without the shaft-part, get it?  Learn from it.


Ted Anderson’s wife didn’t want Ted dealing with that Carl Worden Militia-guy where Stuart’s murder was concerned, and she just made his life miserable over it.  Fortunately for her and Stuart’s children, Ted didn’t listen to her, but I find it terribly sad to remember that Ted Anderson passed away and joined his son not long before I was able to orchestrate the legal settlement of $1.8 million dollars for the family, and after the settlement had been reached and paid, I called the Anderson home and left a message telling them how happy we were that we were able to help them.


I never got so much as a call back or a thank-you, and that is oh-so typical of the native Southern Oregonian.  They are craven cowards when it comes to fighting for what is right unless it directly benefits them, and they are rarely thankful for anything you do for them.  They think you are just a fool to be taken advantage of, because they certainly wouldn’t do what you did.  That just happens to be the culture they were born to, but if I had to do it all over again, I’d still have sought justice for Stuart because that’s just the way I am, and besides that, I like what I see in the mirror every morning, and I know it pleases God.  Gutless, Godless and Thankless Cowards pretty much sums these locals up – whether they attend church or not.


Oh, and you’ll love this part.  After the federal civil settlement had been reached, I decided to have a little fun with the Medford City cops.  I contacted a Detective name Tom Levine and told him I had photographic evidence of a murder that took place in his jurisdiction, and I wanted to show them to him.  He asked me to come down to the station right away, so I showed up with the same photographs you will see attached to this article.


Detective Levine studied the photos and concluded that, no question, Anderson’s death was an obvious homicide.  Boy-oh-boy, he was biting at the bit to get that murder solved until I told him it happened at the Jackson County Jail, at which point the guy’s entire demeanor changed.  You see, around here, murder by cop is not really against the law – unless the cop is basically disliked by all the Good-ol’-Boys in the department, and then they’ll happily let him dangle.  But if he’s one of the favored boys who knows how to keep secrets and stay loyal, these boys in blue and baby-shit brown will clam up and shut down immediately, just as Detective Levine did.


You see, the Jackson County Jail is located within the city limits of Medford, so the jurisdiction to conduct an investigation into murder at the jail was definitely within the Medford City cops’ bailiwick, but Levine mumbled something about, “We can’t just go over to the jail and begin an investigation…” and he strolled away.  No, he left skid-marks, and he didn’t even want to keep the photos!


Too funny!


Oh, and the guy who last ran against the current Sheriff is also a high-ranking Medford City cop named Tim George, and while he was campaigning I asked him to investigate the murder of Jeffery Stuart Anderson.  Tim George left me a voice mail message, telling me the matter had been “adjudicated” through a federal civil action and was thus, settled -- as if murder can be settled by a civil action.


In the meantime, our illustrious current Sheriff, Mike Winters, is making a big deal out of trying to revoke a local law-abiding woman’s concealed gun permit because she has been issued an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card for treatment of her chronic muscle spasm problems.  Mike Winters is just going berserk over a State-legal medical marijuana card holder, but try to remember that murder has no statute of limitations and that Mike Winters has not intention of opening the Jeffery Stuart Anderson murder case – at least as far as I know, and I think I can state that as sound fact.  Mike Winters is also a gutless coward, just like the rest of the cops here.


That’s Southern Oregon, folks!  If you’d like to see this tale reach the point of actual justice for Jeffery Stuart Anderson, send it to the networks like A&E, the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.  Oh, and don’t forget Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck of CNN.  God knows the local newspaper, the Medford Mail Tribune, would be useless, especially if it involves a failure to act by District Attorney Mark Huddleston.  They’ve been protecting that scumbag for some reason for years, no matter what he does. "


Carl F. Worden

Liaison Officer

Southern Oregon Militia

(541) 826-6528




Jun 12, 2008 - But no deputy or jail nurse who was on duty that fateful evening ever ... SOM contacted attorney Foster Gla ss in Bend, Oregon, and Foster filed a federal .... and that Mike Winters has not intention of opening the Jeffery Stuart ...


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" Mistletoe Earl Harris " shot dead in his own home, by SWAT of  xxxsheriff  Michael Scott Winters.

Investigate this entire charade of injustice : 



 Navy Veteran Mr. Harris

gunned down by deputies...oh seriously;

investigation needed  from outside Jackson.