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Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis


 " Moulin’s lawsuit makes serious allegations against local law enforcement "


 "even went so far as trying to impersonate to access email and websites..." snap.


 Five years after he left his post in a cloud of suspicion that proved unfounded, the former head of an innovative tech-focused police task force is seeking millions from his former employer.

Joshua Moulin, the former Central Point police lieutenant who founded and led Southern Oregon’s High Tech Crimes Task Force until 2012, is seeking $2 million from the city of Central Point for costs and damage to his reputation after years of defending himself in a criminal case his lawyers called “unfounded,” “malicious” and “politically motivated.”

“Motivated by office politics and rivalries, concerned by Moulin’s achievements in law enforcement and eager to find a scapegoat for partner agencies’ concern over a still-unsolved murder in Ashland, Defendant Kristine Allison — in her first act as the new Chief of the Central Point Police Department — and her associates schemed to oust Moulin from his position as leader of the Southern Oregon High-Tech Crimes Task Force, a groundbreaking forensic unit that Moulin founded, built and guided for years,” the lawsuit first filed May 7 in Jackson County Civil Court says.

Moulin’s lawsuit makes serious allegations against local law enforcement, such as that Central Point’s police leadership forged a critical document, violated Moulin’s civil rights and mishandled “every piece of digital evidence,” according to Kris Winemiller, Moulin’s defense lawyer in the criminal case, a prolonged and obfuscated case in which Central Point police tried to pin computer crime and official misconduct charges onto Moulin.

Winemiller, who’s now working with Moulin’s civil lawyers, called the alleged wrongdoing “significant” and “possibly criminal” of Allison, Central Point police Lt. Brian Day and former High Tech Crimes Task Force investigator Michael Anderson.

Steve Kraemer — representing Allison, Day, Anderson and Central Point’s insurance company — declined to comment, except to say that he intends to formally deny the allegations in U.S. District Court in Medford “within the next month or so.”

The criminal case against Moulin — dismissed with prejudice in 2015 by Jackson County Circuit Judge Kelly Ravassipour — had alleged that Moulin committed felony computer crime and misdemeanor official misconduct in 2012 because Moulin removed a personal password managing program from a Central Point-owned laptop, shortly after he was placed on paid administrative leave under circumstances that still lack an official explanation.

Moulin’s criminal case has since been expunged from court records, but archives show Ravassipour issued a scathing ruling that claimed investigators not only mishandled evidence, but that they acted in bad faith.

The Apple laptop that Moulin used for presentations was searched in a “forensically unsound manner,” according to the lawsuit and previous reports. Moulin sought to prove that no other programs or files were removed before turning in the computer, but Central Point staff — including trained computer forensic investigators — violated established forensic policies and procedures by booting up the laptop and connecting it to the internet, causing a key log file with information about the laptop’s hard drive size to be overwritten.

“This is not a case where a lay person negligently turned a computer on; this is a case where trained forensics examiners blatantly disregarded all protocols and training and went on a fishing expedition in a forensically unsound manner on the 13-inch MacBook,” Ravassipour wrote in her ruling. Winemiller said documents from the criminal case are now evidence for the pending civil suit, and she declined to provide a full copy of Ravassipour’s ruling.

Winemiller said that when a laptop undergoes a forensically sound investigation, a write-blocking device is used to ensure nothing on the computer changes from when it was bagged as evidence.

“Had Central Point police handled the laptop correctly, they would have seen exactly what Josh claimed,” Winemiller said. “He only powered on the computer to delete his passwords and then overwrote the free space so the passwords could not be recovered, per published City policy.”

The only thing Moulin removed from the laptop was a free Mac application called KeePassX, which he used to manage personal passwords for bank accounts, healthcare providers and security codes to enter his home, Winemiller and court documents say. Just before returning the laptop, Moulin performed a “Secure Empty Trash” on the Mac, an extra step which overwrote magnetic data on the hard drive.

On May 16, 2012, Moulin was placed on administrative leave. Moulin claims he was never given a reason aside from a vague “OSP will be in contact with you soon,” and the lawsuit says that Moulin was never informed he was under criminal investigation nor was he ever read his Miranda rights.

“As it evolved, CPPD’s aimless ‘investigation’ of Moulin also led to the massive spoilation and destruction of evidence as CPPD — including Allison and Anderson, a trained forensic expert — mishandled, inappropriately accessed or altered every digital device that Moulin had returned upon being placed on administrative leave,” the lawsuit says.

For example, Moulin’s lawyers claim the department-owned cellphone Moulin returned to Lt. Day wasn’t treated like evidence, but used as equipment.

“Incredibly, someone even used that cell phone to place a call(emphasis theirs) on May 22, nearly a week after Moulin had been placed on leave and turned in the phone amidst CPPD’s ever-shifting ‘investigation.’”

“Had they believed Josh was doing something wrong, they should have immediately turned off the phone and placed it into evidence,” Winemiller said.

Beyond the botched investigation, probable cause exists to prove that Central Point investigators themselves committed similar crimes to the ones with which they charged Moulin, namely computer crime, according to Winemiller, who also alleges identity theft and forgery, among others.

On May 23, 2012, Central Point staff twice accessed Moulin’s personal Dropbox account without a search warrant, both times using Central Point computers that had previously been issued to Moulin.

“Forensic evidence reveals that these unlawful searches originated from the City of Central Point’s Internet Protocol address,” the lawsuit states.

Further, the lawsuit alleges that Day “attempted to hack into Moulin’s personal GoDaddy website account” multiple times. The complaint says Day made so many attempts to access Moulin’s personal account by guessing his password that GoDaddy locked the account.

“Day even went so far as trying to impersonate Moulin using Moulin’s FBI identification credentials to attempt to access the GoDaddy account,” the lawsuit alleges.

 Winemiller said she believes Moulin has a strong case.

“The evidence supporting the alleged misconduct is solid, much of it coming from documents, emails and the defendants’ own testimony in the criminal case,” Winemiller said." 




                    Cause just when they think ... they thought... it flipped... 



 Josh Moulin Kicks...



Enjoy the win Josh Moulin.




x Commissioner Doug & The Dope Money $$$xxx

                    " The Hole That They Are In "



 " More absurd corruption in politics in Medford and Ashland.    No doubt about it"     the good cowboy said.

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 - -  DOUG and the Dope. Jackson County and the Dope. The Dopes & the Dope.

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Commissioner Dyer took donations from Doug - -- 4 elections -  



" A lawsuit filed Thursday Feb 23,  2017  claims former Jackson County Commissioner Doug Breidenthal accepted cash payments for marijuana consulting while still in office and bilked an elderly couple out of $150,000 to help finance his cannabis store.

"We put up the house for it," said 81-year-old Larry Nelson of Prescott, Ariz. "We're sitting in a spot where he thinks he owns the whole business. We were supposed to be partners."

Another investor, Greg Allen, said he paid Breidenthal $13,500 in cash from August through December 2016, while Breidenthal was still a commissioner and voting on cannabis issues, to act as a marijuana consultant and to help establish the American Cannabis Co. in Medford.

Allen claims he invested a total of $79,000 in money, personal property and inventory for the business at 2131 W. Main St. Breidenthal has received a license from the state to operate there, but has not yet opened the doors.

"His hypocrisy knows no bounds," 53-year-old Allen said of Breidenthal. "This guy's a shape-shifter. He's self-serving, and he talks a good game."

The lawsuit by Allen and the Nelsons, filed in Jackson County Circuit Court, claims elder abuse and breach of fiduciary duty and seeks restitution for the money lost. Through their attorney, Chris Hearn of Ashland, the investors ask the court to appoint a receiver and freeze American Cannabis Co.'s assets. The Nelsons and Allen together claim they invested $229,000 in the business. The suit asks for triple damages for the Nelsons, or $450,000, under Oregon's Elder Abuse Statute.

In total, the suit asks for $529,000 from Breidenthal, who could not be reached for comment despite repeated attempts by phone and email.

As these allegations come to light, Breidenthal remains under criminal investigation by the Oregon Department of Justice over questionable expenses charged to a "Friends of Doug Breidenthal" account set up under the Association of Oregon Counties that was designed to help him campaign for an office of the little-known Western Interstate Region. Among the expenses under scrutiny is a $1,000 campaign contribution Breidenthal sent to current county Commissioner Rick Dyer, when Dyer was running for the office in 2015.

Portland attorney David Griggs, who represents Breidenthal in the DOJ investigation, said he isn't representing Breidenthal in the investors' lawsuit.

Allen said he contacted the Department of Justice about the allegations detailed in the lawsuit. The DOJ would confirm only that the investigation is still ongoing.

Allen, who has been involved in marijuana ventures in Arizona since 2009 and in Rogue Valley Remedies LLC in Medford, said he approached Breidenthal last spring because he needed someone local who could introduce him to others in the cannabis industry and who could negotiate the bureaucracy of establishing a recreational cannabis business. At the time, Breidenthal was on the Oregon Liquor Control Commission's 15-person marijuana rules advisory committee.

American Cannabis Co. was almost ready to open early this month when Allen and the Nelsons confronted Breidenthal and began examining business documents at the store. Alarmed at what they found, they said they had a meeting with an attorney to resolve the issues but the situation worsened.

"Doug locked us out," Allen said.

Allen said red flags were raised in his mind after reading a Mail Tribune article on Feb. 6 that reported Breidenthal was the only name involved in two business entities associated with American Cannabis Co: Marigold Enterprises LLC and Capital Pacific Advisors Inc. Breidenthal's name is also the only one listed on an Oregon Liquor Control Commission license for the cannabis store.

Allen said the business was supposed to be a partnership and he thought Breidenthal was someone he could work with and trust with the money he and the Nelsons were investing.

"If you can't trust somebody, you don't go into business with them," he said.

The Nelsons, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on the day the lawsuit was filed, also said they came away with a good impression of Breidenthal initially.

"I thought he was such a nice man," 84-year-old Mary Nelson said.

She said that part of the motivation for her and her husband to invest in American Cannabis Co. was to involve their 21-year-old grandson in the business.

Her husband said he thought Breidenthal was personable when he first met him and felt comfortable making the investment, particularly because their friend Allen appeared to be on good terms with Breidenthal.

"The way he talked, we thought we were doing good," Larry said.

The couple has been going through a difficult time dealing with the fate of their money, but they try not to think about it too much.

"Certainly, I'm worried about it," Larry said.

"It's a low blow," Mary said.

Despite the worries about their investment, Mary said, "We feel right will turn out to be right."

In May 2016, Allen said, he first approached Breidenthal to discuss Jackson County's regulations regarding marijuana operations. At the time, Breidenthal expressed an interest in starting a recreational marijuana business, Allen said.

On Aug. 13, 2016, Allen said, he began giving cash payments of $1,000 a month to Breidenthal, whose annual salary was $100,318. Allen said he asked Breidenthal whether he was able to accept the money while he was a county commissioner, and Breidenthal told him he had checked with his counsel at the county, who told him he could do it. Allen claims he gave $45,000 to Breidenthal, plus another $34,000 in personal property and inventory to open American Cannabis.

Jackson County Counsel Joel Benton said he couldn't comment on any communications he may have had with Breidenthal because of attorney-client privilege.

A Mail Tribune review of minutes of all commissioner meetings in 2016 in which marijuana was discussed found no mention of Breidenthal disclosing his marijuana business interests. Oregon law prohibits public officials from using office for financial gain and requires them to disclose any economic conflicts of interest.

On Sept. 23, 2016, Breidenthal formed Capital Pacific Advisors, and on Nov. 9, 2016, he formed Marigold Enterprises LLC, based on information from the Oregon Secretary of State.

The Nelsons wrote a $150,000 cashier's check to Capital Pacific on Nov. 9, 2016, according to the lawsuit. On the same day, Breidenthal applied for a recreational marijuana license from the OLCC and deposited the money into Rogue Credit Union, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit notes Breidenthal failed to disclose to the OLCC that there were other partners involved in the marijuana enterprise. Allen said he learned in early February that Breidenthal had misrepresented to the OLCC where the $150,000 in capital to start the business came from.

Mark Pettinger, spokesman for the OLCC, said, "We, the OLCC, are aware of the complaint against American Cannabis Co., and we are investigating."

He said the OLCC license is still active.

In their lawsuit, the Nelsons and Allen raise questions about $34,640 in expenses Breidenthal paid using the Marigold Enterprises account.

They allege Breidenthal charged a three-day stay, Dec. 12-15, 2016, at the iconic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego to a Visa credit card belonging to Marigold Enterprises. The bill was $968.43.

The hotel stay came after Breidenthal had been in Tallahassee, Florida, for a Rural Action Caucus Symposium, held Dec. 7-9 at the Hilton DoubleTree, to discuss how counties are combating chronic poverty. According to flight records obtained by the Mail Tribune, Breidenthal flew out of Tallahassee three days after the conference, on Dec. 12, and arrived in San Diego that afternoon. On Dec. 14, $750 was paid out of the Marigold account to Seaforth Boat, a San Diego company that rents out boats.

A total of $2,447.76 was paid on Jan 23-24 to Whistler Platinum Co., which provides rentals in Whistler, British Columbia. Other unexplained expenses itemized in the suit include $12,050 to a "B Gutches" and $4,000 to the OHA, which could be the Oregon Health Authority.

The suit also alleges Breidenthal drew $5,800 from the Marigold account on Jan. 25, without documenting the purpose of the draw. Another debit transaction of $5,500 on Dec. 23, 2016, has no information or receipts, according to the suit.

Breidenthal also paid Griggs Law Group $2,000 out of the Marigold account. Griggs Law is also listed as an agent of Hillcrest Enterprises LLC, another company Breidenthal formed on Dec. 1, 2016.

After a Feb. 13 meeting between Allen and Breidenthal, the suit alleges Breidenthal "either froze or withdrew the remaining funds in the business accounts at Rogue Credit Union, changed the locks on the American Cannabis Company's business premises at 2131 West Main St., and notified the security company and others that the plaintiffs (Allen and the Nelsons) were to no longer have any access to the business premises."









 xxCommissioner Rachor snow job

John Rachor who drove dump trucks of green bud marijuana for xsheriff Michael Winters, to " help out" why was a Commish driving illegal "eradicated" marijuana around, " to help out?"



" I loaned Burl Brim $150,000.00 when a friend asked me to. I haven't seen a penny paid back. We aren't actually in business. Come on down and we will talk about it. "



County Sheriff Snow Cat. Not so funny. John Rachor & the buds

His boat that ended up with Dave's nearest neighbor Dean Hunt. And the xxxsheriff Mike Winters who had a restraining order from his first wife; when he threatened her with a gun.      " You won't be seeing anyone." and, "  he knocked the woman's young daughter around. They were afraid." 


Why does Oregon allow compromised contracts & filed restraining orders ?  Which don't stop Commissioners or Sheriff

 - - 




As Opposed to xCommish  John Rachor...Who Just Drove Dump Trucks of Billion Dollar Bud. Breidenthal to Pot Shop



 " Former Jackson County Commissioner Doug Breidenthal is about to open his own recreational marijuana store in Medford, even though he expressed concerns while in office that marijuana legalization might open up a "Fort Knox for the criminals."

Breidenthal, a Republican who was elected commissioner in 2012 but lost in last year's primary to Bob Strosser, is opening American Cannabis Co. at 2131 W. Main St.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission spokesman Mark Pettinger said American Cannabis Co.'s license was mailed Friday after Breidenthal paid a fee of $4,750. Pettinger said the OLCC doesn't have any other licenses pending for Breidenthal or his other companies.

Breidenthal is listed as the sole contact for American Cannabis and has $150,000 in bank accounts to finance the business, according to his application.

Breidenthal paid $250 on Dec. 2, 2016, to begin the application process under the name Marigold Enterprises LLC, doing business as American Cannabis Co. Breidenthal created Marigold Enterprises on Nov. 9, 2016, listing an office at 1312 Antelope Road, White City, according to the Oregon Secretary of State's Office.

Breidenthal started another business on Sept. 23, 2016, called Capital Pacific Advisors Inc., which lists Breidenthal's home address in Medford, state records show.

The city of Medford hasn't received an application yet from American Cannabis for a business license, but such applications are typically submitted after license approval by the OLCC.

Breidenthal could not be reached for comment Friday or Monday, despite repeated phone calls and visits to his business. Breidenthal was inside his new business on Friday holding a meeting in his office, but was out of town Monday. Display cases and a new sign for the business already have been installed.

Breidenthal remains under investigation by the Oregon Attorney General's office for possible financial reporting violations while serving as commissioner, Department of Justice spokeswoman Kristina Edmunson confirmed Friday. The AG's review follows an Oregon Government Ethics Commission investigation into an Association of Counties campaign account Breidenthal initially used to run for an office on the Western Interstate Region, a land use reform group. The Ethics Commission suspended its investigation pending the AG probe. Breidenthal has denied any criminal wrongdoing.

Breidenthal's latest venture is located a short distance from another cannabis shop, Patients Helping Patients in the Albertsons shopping center. A third marijuana store plans to open across the street from American Cannabis.

"I don't like how everyone is right on top of each other," said Phil Carvalho, owner of Patients Helping Patients. "They should be spread out a bit more."

Carvalho is particularly concerned because his business isn't as visible from Main Street as his two competitors will be and has put up flashing lights and signs to get more attention.

Carvalho was the first medical marijuana dispensary to legally open its doors in Medford. Others tried to open up dispensaries in years past, including Carvalho, but ran afoul of business license laws in Medford.

Locating cannabis stores too close together was one of Breidenthal's several marijuana-related concerns while in office. He served on the 16-member OLCC Recreational Marijuana Rules Advisory Committee.

In April 2015, Breidenthal joined other commissioners in voting to locate medical marijuana dispensaries within the county a half-mile apart, greater than the 1,000-foot state regulation. Recreational marijuana businesses don't have the same requirements.

At the time, Breidenthal said it was prudent to move slowly on the issue of locating dispensaries until the county can gauge whether they are having an impact on communities.

"A lot of people are really nervous and scared about the impacts," he said then.

In April 2014, Breidenthal said unintended consequences of dispensaries must be considered, such as adults smoking marijuana in public, especially around children.

"There's a lot of unanswered questions," he said.

In September 2013, the Board of Commissioners expressed concern about illicit drug activity and feared increased crime rates because of the upcoming legalization of marijuana.

"You might as well be opening up Fort Knox for the criminals," Breidenthal said at the time.

Medford City Councilor Clay Bearnson, who owns his own cannabis dispensary in Medford, said he thinks the Jackson County commissioners over the years have created onerous laws that have hurt his industry.

"In my opinion, Jackson County has created more hurdles than bridges to the cannabis industry," he said.

As one example, Bearnson cites the county's ban on outdoor cultivation of marijuana on land zoned rural residential. However, he said the commissioners haven't cracked down on growing fruit, vegetables and other agricultural businesses on rural residential properties.

As to Breidenthal's new venture, Bearnson said, "I wish him good luck and welcome to the business."

  - - -






Doug Drummed Out. John Rachor &  the Old Guard



Quick read: A breakdown of the Breidenthal controversy


Former Commissioners Don Skundrick and John Rachor had $3,500 and $9,500 in expenses, respectively, in their last two years of office



 "  Jackson County Sheriff Corey Falls sent an email to the Oregon Department of Justice to look into "allegations regarding a County Commissioner in Jackson County." Breidenthal says he went to Falls after a meeting with Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan, County Counsel Joel Benton and County Auditor Erick Spivak on Oct. 19 in which Breidenthal described Jordan as "hostile" and "insubordinate."


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EXCELLENT ! Let the DOJ (and even entities outside Oregon DOJ) INVESTIGATE On...

Why was John Rachor driving dumptrucks of pot around for Mike Winters???



Drug cartels leave a scarred forest legacy - Published 12/13/2011 in News

Southern Oregon's forests carry the scars created by drug cartels that abuse them to make money in the lucrative marijuana market.




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So John Rachor drove hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bud around, to help out. Riiiight. Commissioner Rachor business partner to Brim. Conflict of interest on the contracts?

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  $ 20,000.00 CASH REWARD



 Cash reward. Twenty thousand dollars cash.

You can remain anonymous.

Email or call:

541-774-6813 Detective Eric Fox


send a message via the guestbook here. Or:





Cash Reward. No questions asked.  Information needed. Please do not protect the guilty. Arrests needed in the Dave Lewis murder case.


Thank you.Bravery is noble.


 $ 20,000.00




Letter to the Editor. Ashland Oregon. Medford Oregon

 Freedom of Speech.Freedom of the Press. Freedom.USA Never Silenced


Seven years is too long
David Lewis was a friend to many and a great neighbor. He was murdered seven long years ago.
Dave lived on the summit of Dead Indian Memorial Road. He was a trained wildland firefighter, loved politics, cared for his neighbors and land. He would lend a hand to anyone when needed. Dave was a loving father and uncle, an outspoken man for truth, a hard worker and a great guy.
It is now seven years since his body was set on fire and his home and all belongings torched to the ground. Subsequently, the murder was swept under the rug by ex-sheriff Michael Winters. Another historic cabin near Keno Quarry was also arsoned. There were "RV developments" afoot, similar to those illegally placed on two Hyatt Lake campgrounds. There were many suspicious characters, developers, sex-hook-ups, eradications and hidden activity on the mountain at the time.
There are three crime scenes excellent detectives investigated. The location where David was killed is unknown. The community deserves justice. It was an especially heinous crime.
We are very thankful to the first-responders, friends and brave firefighters. All those who truly seek justice. There is a $20,000 reward for an arrest. Seven years is too long.
Linda Lewis




Alexander Hawatmeh. Christopher Mrowca


  SEC Settles With Stock Promoters in Medical Marijuana Stock Manipulation Scheme

According to the proposed judgments filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington, defendants Alexander Hawatmeh and ...





SEC Settles With Stock Promoters in Medical Marijuana Stock Manipulation Scheme

Medical Marijuana Stock Manipulation Scheme

On July 9, the Securities and Exchange Commission settled with two stock promoters accused of reaping $2.5 million in illicit profits by manipulating stocks of medical marijuana microcap companies. According to the proposed judgments filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington, defendants Alexander Hawatmeh and Christopher Mrowca each consented to a permanent bar from participating in penny stock offerings and to a permanent restraint from further violations of Section 10(b) of the Exchange Act and Rule 10b-5 thereunder, Section 9(a)(1) of the Exchange Act and Section 17(a) of the Securities Act. The SEC brought criminal and civil charges against Mr. Hawatmeh, Mr. Mrowca and two other stock promoters in August 2014, alleging that they engaged in a pump-and-dump scheme and used manipulative trading tactics, such as wash trading, and matched orders to artificially inflate the stock prices of certain thinly traded microcap companies. The SEC alleged that the scheme created the illusion of an active market in the stocks, which the defendants used to aggressively promote the stocks through social media and websites under their control. According to the complaint, the defendants misled potential investors that the stock price would rise substantially, knowing that two of the target companies had no business operations and no news suggested that the stock price of the other companies would significantly increase. The SEC alleged that the defendants sold their shares and reaped more than $2.5 million in profits, and the stocks subsequently collapsed and resulted in losses to investors. Earlier this year, Mr. Hawatmeh and Mr. Mrowca were sentenced to five and three years in prison, respectively, for their participation in the scheme. Under the proposed judgments, Mr. Hawatmeh and Mr. Mrowca are liable for disgorgement of approximately $2.1 million and $306,000 in illicit profits, respectively.

SEC v. Mikhail Galas et al., No. 3:14-cv-05621 (W.D. Wash.)









Edgar Gordon Sex Offender & Wings-of-Justice.

 Edgar Gordon Level 3- - Tres - - Sex Offender Serious. 


 " In Custody."  United States Marshal Service. Taking them down. With a little help WOJ ~


 Aside from the fact that the article has no correct facts - - -lol.


IN CUSTODY works !



  -- -

 See you hiding in the back...child predator coward. In custody.



CONCORD, N.H. —A New Hampshire sex offender was arrested Thursday evening in Florida after what U.S. marshals said was a 39-day bicycle trip to the Sunshine State.

Edgar Gordon, 49, told the marshals that he left New Hampshire in May 2014 and headed for Florida.  He claimed to have eluded capture by hiding in the woods or staying at various shelters.

Gordon had failed to register as a sex offender in New Hampshire as required by a 1994 conviction in Caribou County. Maine, for a sexual assault, according to Deputy U.S. Marshal Jamie Berry.  Gordon is a Tier III sex offender, which is the highest classification.

Gordon was arrested at a shelter run by a religious ministry in Oak Hill, Florida.   Berry said Gordon will be extradited to New Hampshire. "





 And the last shall be first, and the first shall be last.




IN CUSTODY. Fear & intimidation no longer working. Critter.







 The wheels grind slowly, but they do grind.





United States Marshal Service.

 Official Release:

07/13/2015 02:09 PM EDT

July 10, 2015 - The U.S. Marshal Service, Manchester and Dunbarton Police Departments are pleased to announce that last evening, Edgar Gordon was arrested by the U.S. Marshals, Florida Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force, in Oak Hill, FL. Gordon was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant issued by the Manchester Police Department for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender.



 Concord, NH – The U.S. Marshal Service, Manchester and Dunbarton Police Departments are pleased to announce that last evening, Edgar Gordon, 49, of Manchester, NH was arrested by the U.S. Marshals, Florida Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force, in Oak Hill, FL. Gordon, was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant issued by the Manchester Police Department for failure to register as a sex offender. Gordon was also wanted by NH State Probation and Parole for a parole violation with an original offense of burglary; Dunbarton Police Department for burglary and felony reckless conduct; and by Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office for failure to appear for burglary.






 Information was recently developed that Gordon was residing at REANNA Ministries, where he was arrested without incident. Gordon a registered sex offender, told police in an interview that he departed New Hampshire in May of 2014 on a 39 day bicycle ride to Florida. While in Florida, Gordon told police he eluded capture by staying in the woods and various shelters, when he learned police were searching for him. Gordon is required to register as a sex offender due to a 1994 conviction in Caribou County, Maine Superior Court for Gross Sexual Assault on a victim under the age of 18. Under New Hampshire law, Gordon is considered a Tier III sex offender and is required to register for life while living in NH. A Tier III offender is the highest level of sex offender and deemed the most likely to re-offend. Gordon is being held by Volusia Co Sheriff’s Office where he has pending charges for failing to register as a sex offender in Florida. Once Gordon is cleared of any local charge he will be held as a fugitive from justice and would be extradited back to New Hampshire.

U.S. Marshal David Cargill, Jr., said “This is a great example of how the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Forces coordinate nationwide to locate sex offenders who no longer wish to comply with state sex offender registries.” Cargill continued, “The cooperative effort of these fugitive task forces made up of Federal, State and Local partners allows the agency to locate sex offenders and fugitives who may be otherwise unnoticed in other communities throughout the United States.”

Since the inception of the New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force in 2002, these partnerships have resulted in over 5,869 arrests (Updated as of 12/4/2014. These arrests have ranged in seriousness from murder, assault, unregistered sex offenders, probation and parole violations and numerous other serious offenses. Nationally the United States Marshals Service fugitive programs are carried out with local law enforcement in 94 district offices, 85 local fugitive task forces, 7 regional task forces, as well as a growing network of offices in foreign countries.

Additional information about the U.S. Marshals Service can be found at http://www.usmarshals.gov.


America’s Oldest Federal Law Enforcement Agency













Murder in Paris. Murder in Jackson. Murder.


 Because no one should die the way Dave Lewis did.


















Burl Brim - Air Rescue Systems / "Public Safety Expert" Issues and Truth Reruns...


 " Careless or reckless and endangered the lives or property of others." FAA.


As posted on Burl Brim's PINTREST. Bare breasted Teenage girls.


 - -


                 Dean Hunt and Burl and Tiger Lyn and Brittany (BLW)

 Dave always said: Ron--n-Dean, Rod-n-Dean, Rod-n-Dean as if one.

                                  Dean Hunt (horse out front)


# creepy






 Burl Brim's sexual molestation of a teenager who was in his care.  Under-Age of consent. Fact.


 Image result for dave lewis murder brittany wise









 Document created by Burl Brim's attorney Kellerman in exchange for $20,000.00 in ARS stock.

   - --


As verified/evidenced: Veronica wife. the "Notary & office-affair gal."  the Victim. Her relatives.                                                                  And...


 - -


  - -







Code of Business ethics & conduct: AAR CORP:
Their "confidential hotline & whistleblower line,"   goes to AAR CORP attorney. It is not confidential. Does the Board of Directors know that?
Illegally built tower on Johnson  Prairie & Moon Prairie on Mike Winters land. Without permits, without authorization, without legal.Used for private financial gain by Burl Brim.  Ethics? Community & public is Curious.

 - - --

" The FAA alleges these operations were careless or reckless, and endangered the lives and property of others."  

dangling the deputies...who then reported the scofflaws.


Nov 27, 2012 · A McLean man was killed and another man was hospitalized Tuesday after a helicopter crash in Childress County, the Texas Department of Public Safety said. Brim Aviation


Friday, August 27, 2010
BTS=Brim-Timberland-Siskiyou = Mercy Flights helicopter =  BTS (Burl Brim, Bob Ferreira, Mark Gibson)


October 26, 2005
Mercy Flights makes emergency landing

Rescue attempt interrupted by helicopter fire
May 06, 2001
Accident victim, crew safe after emergency landing at airport
Fire erupted in the engine of a Mercy Flights helicopter Saturday afternoon, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing at the Medford airport with an injured passenger on board.
In addition to the passenger - a female teenager injured in a single-vehicle rollover accident on Griffin Lane - a flight


Press Release - Federal Aviation Administration $220,000.00 fine

Federal Aviation Administration
Dec 3, 2014 - The FAA alleges that on June 26, 2013, Brim Aviation performed at least 20 flights with two MD-600 ... The FAA further alleges the company used single- engine aircraft when its flight manual requires ... Accidents & Incident



On April 4, 2014, about 2345 Pacific daylight time, a ship pilot was seriously injured when he was being transferred via external sling from an Agusta A-109SP helicopter, N361CR, to a container ship which was inbound to the Columbia River mouth near Astoria, Oregon. The helicopter was operated by Brim Aviation, and the ship pilot was a member of the Columbia Bar Pilot's Association. Neither the helicopter nor the ship was damaged, and none of the three helicopter crewmembers were injured. The flight was conducted under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 133. Light rain and night meteorological conditions prevailed, and no FAA flight plan was filed for the flight. The helicopter crew consisted of three persons; the pilot, the co-pilot, and the hoist operator. According to the crewmembers, they intercepted the ship when it was in the Pacific Ocean, about 15 miles from the mouth of the Columbia River, with the mission to deliver the ship pilot onto the ship while the ship was underway. When the helicopter arrived at the ship, the crew spent several minutes attempting to determine a suitable location to deposit the ship pilot. They eventually agreed that a small open area near the starboard bow would be used. When the helicopter was established in a stationary position relative to the ship for the lowering, the helicopter pilot could only see a small portion of the ship for his reference and station-keeping. Just as the ship pilot touched down on the deck of the ship, the helicopter pilot lost visual reference with the ship, and the helicopter began "drifting" aft relative to the ship. The hoist operator could not pay out cable fast enough to prevent pulling the ship pilot off the deck and then aft. The hoist operator lost sight of the ship pilot, and in response, he sheared the hoist cable. The ship captain fell a few feet to the ship. He recovered from the fall, and successfully piloted the ship thorough the Columbia River mouth to its destination. Upon disembarkation, he went directly to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured scapula. The helicopter pilot had about 5,655 total hours of helicopter flight experience, including about 555 in the subject helicopter make and model, and 396 hours at night. The helicopter co-pilot had about 7,115 total hours of helicopter flight experience, including about 593 hours at night. The hoist operator was a former US Coast Guard hoist operator. In his written statement regarding the event, the ship pilot "credit[ed] the experience and professionalism of the hoist operator" in preventing a more serious and adverse outcome. According to a report provided by representatives of the ship pilot, the ship was German-registered, and measured about 730 feet long by 100 feet wide. At the time of the event, the ship was on a heading of 150 degrees, at a speed of 17 knots. According to the operator and representatives of the ship pilot, visibility was about 10 miles, under an overcast of unspecified height. Rain was falling, and the wind was from the south-southwest at a speed of about 15 knots, which resulted in a wind on the starboard bow of the ship. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) information indicated that the helicopter was manufactured in 2011, and was equipped with two Pratt & Whitney 207C series turboshaft engines."


The control burn by Burl Brim,  at Fort Ord, that got out of control & took 5 helicopters & hours to put out.


See Chapter 4- - helicopter 
they " accidentally" lit structures on fire.

Report on MRS-Ranges 43-48 Prescribed Burn After-Action Report. October 2003. Prepared April 2004 by Parsons. For US Army Corps of Engineers.

Feb 21, 2005 - Reply to Comment Responses on “Draft MRS-Ranges 43-48 Prescribed Burn After Action Report”. Compiled by Environmental Stewardship ..


Training Foreign National Pilots

When told by Jackson County Code Enforcement Officer
to stop flying & training over Hyatt Lake, " Burl Brim did not sound cooperative.

Mail Tribune
Feb 26, 2010 - Chinese police in Ashland for helicopter training ... off the lips of Shanghai authorities, and an atlas proved handy in finding Southern Oregon.

Burl Brim had a sexual-affair with his niece, when she was a teenager in his care.

BW then went on to become the Secretary of the Corporation, Air Rescue Systems and run his businesses for the next 7 years.
During the divorce from Burl's wife, Veronica Brim.
Verified. Documented. Sworn Affidavits. Veronica Brim

This article entails the "prom"  Burl Brim  attended with his niece, Ms. W

On the arm of Dad - News - DailyTidings.com - Ashland, OR

Ashland Daily Tidings
 - But the event at the Historic Ashland Armory was a bit — different - instead of boys taking girls on a date, the girls' fathers — had the honor of ...



Air Rescue Systems Corporation: SEE Articles of Incorporation
Brittany Wise & Burl Brim


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NTSB AVIATION ACCIDENT/INCIDENT DATABASE NTSB Report Nbr WPR14LA160 Event Id 20140408X81146 Local Date 04/04/2014 Local Time 2345 State OR City ASTORIA Airport Name N/A Event Type ACCIDENT Injury Severity SERIOUS Record Status PRELIMINARY


Press Release – FAA Proposes

$220,000 Civil Penalty Against Brim Aviation

For Immediate Release

December 3, 2014

SEATTLE – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing a $220,000 civil penalty against Brim Aviation, Inc. of Ashland, Ore., for allegedly conducting unauthorized external load operations.
The FAA alleges that on June 26, 2013, Brim Aviation performed at least 20 flights with two MD-600 helicopters that involved carrying people in external load operations contrary to safety requirements of its flight manual. The FAA alleges Brim Aviation violated its flight manual by hoisting people using hooks that were designated only for non-human cargo and lacked the approved type of quick-release devices for this purpose. 
The FAA further alleges the company used single-engine aircraft when its flight manual requires helicopters having at least two engines for such operations. The FAA alleges these operations were careless or reckless, and endangered the lives and property of others.



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