Dave Lewis Ashland Oregon

Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis

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Please feel free to leave a comment.  Please be respectful. 

You can use the:  fishhookdavelewis@yahoo.com

if you do not wish to leave your own

There is a $ 20,000.  REWARD in the Dave Lewis murder-arson case.

There is a $ 5,000. REWARD  for any pertinent tip or information.

Email:   fishhookdavelewis@yahoo.com

              or call


Jackson County Sheriff's Dept:   541-774-6800  or 541-774-6813

Jackson County Sheriff Corey Falls - Confidential - 541-774-6818

any law enforcement in any state or  country.

 No one should  die the way David E. Lewis did. 

Justice for Dave !

Keep the community safe. Report a crime.


We seek justice because the victims can not.


 ~ Sincerest thanks to all who seek justice and good  ~