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Another Questionable Character: Voted Out Sheriff


 Voted Out: Mike Winters & Gil Gilbertson 


                                          Michael S. Winters             Timmy Evinger (P.I. & Bend Ore. Helio) 



                          Timmy (now P.I  & Helicoper) Evinger               Daryld  "Gil "  Gilbertson



 Daryld & Michael    " Constitutional Sheriff  "

Who Signed the Smarm Letter Against Governor Kitzhaber:



Letter outlined legal case against Hayes and Kitzhaber

Feb 26, 2015 - John Kitzhaber and his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes, of breaking federal anti-corruption laws. ... Dennis Richardson's letter to the Oregon U.S. attorney's office. ... Richardson: I hired a key Washington, D.C., lawyer who had ...

Former Dennis Richardson campaign leaders file to launch recall of ...

Feb 6, 2015 - Former campaign staffers for Republican Dennis Richardson file to launch a ... Former Dennis Richardson campaign leaders file to launch recall of John Kitzhaber ... the campaign's attorney, filed paperwork with the Oregon Secretary of ... and then hiring those consultants as six-figure employees of Oregon





When Dennis Richardson asked them to sign.    And Lost.


 But did Richardson ever vet his own "sign with me" guys?

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Daryld “Gil” Gilbertson; embellishing Sheriff in Oregon

| October 30, 2014

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Daryl Lynn Gilbertson

The folks at Guardians of Valor shared with us their paperwork for Daryld “Gil” Gilbertson, the sheriff for Josephine County, Oregon. He is a Navy veteran of the Vietnam War, and according to his records, he spent more than 2 years of his 3 years of service deployed to the Pacific, first on the destroyer USS Rupertus (DD-851) and then on the missile frigate the USS Dale (CG-19) while both ships sailed off the coast of South Vietnam supporting the war efforts of troops on the ground there. Gilbertson was a radioman during his service. But, I guess that wasn’t good enough for the sheriff, because he told an interviewer that he was also a Navy-trained diver and trained in ordnance disposal.




Daryl Lynn Gilbertson Claims

Well, not according to his Navy records;

Daryl Lynn Gilbertson Navy FOIA

Daryl Lynn Gilbertson Training

I had to ask some of our members from the damper service, but they assure me that the training records indicate nothing but training as a radioman. No training as a diver, no ordnance disposal training. Enigma points out that training for radioman is pretty extensive and requires intense background checks as well, so it doesn’t make sense to get that person blown up after spending all that money.

The good sheriff also did a stint at the Air Force National Guard in Iowa as a security policeman, but again, there’s no training beyond being a security policeman in the Air National Guard;


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Daryld Lynn Gilbertson Air Force NG FOIA

He left the Air Guard as an E-5 in 1992, but he claims he was a contractor for the State Department and went to Kosovo and that he was a colonel in his campaign literature this year;

Gilbertson voter guide

In his LinkedIn profile he says that he was in Kosovo as a contractor from 1998 – 2004. He may be telling us that his position with the State Department was equivalent to being a Army colonel, but that’s not what he says.

Gilbertson LinkedIn

If that’s not what he’s saying, that’s a pretty slick career path from E-5 to O-6 in six years. He claims service in the Army Reserves, but the National Personnel Records Center couldn’t find those records, only the Navy and Air Force National Guard records. Out of all of that, I think making up stuff about being an ordnance disposal guy without the actual training is most egregious. But, your mileage may vary.


Gil Gilbertson


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What $500. a day Blogger gems had to say:

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 Gil Gilbertson ·


Not that I really care that much about this investigation but check with Redstone in the class of B-7-85 regarding bomb training...I was certified by the Army/FBI course. While onboard with my father on the Rupertus I volunteered as one of the ship divers, and later acquired my diving status. There was no mention of Bosnia in your report regarding my contracting for the State Dept through a company called DynCorp,Intl. If you wish to criticize please do your homework. There is more, but not worth my bother.

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Larry Smith
Something that caught my eye at the Labor Day Parade in Cave Junction was a Josephine County Sheriff's vehicle in the parade with magnetic "VOTE FOR GILBERTSON" signs on it.
I don't know the law well, but does the county usually provide a campaign vehicle for officials? -sarcasm


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Terri Price Selig
Here in Josephine County, we watch and wait. What will our Sheriff say next?
Larry Smith
I know what I said by my vote on the ballot just dropped in the box. (Before I saw and read this)
Like · Reply · 1 November 2014 05:21
Steven Vincent
This guy walks around looking like CPT Crunch and thinks he is all high and mighty, yet his complete lack of EXP and proof to back up his claims to any of the badges he wears is pretty pathetic. My father works under this guy and my father was former army and knows the deal, let alone I am currently serving my seccond deployment. He claimed that he attened EOD training at Hunter Army Air Field in GA, (I was stationed at FT Stewart, about 30 miles away and have some good EOD contacts from there) and all of them informed me that there is no EOD training that occurs there. This guy really gets to me..
Timothy Wayne
I sent the department an email with a link to this blog. Let's see if they respond. This guy needs to be fired.
Shawn Shaw ·
When it went public early yesterday it was sent to him personally thus the high speed lame response he gave here.
Like · Reply · 2 · 31 October 2014 00:08
Bob Peirce ·
sounds like hes going the same route as our famous sheriff bill arnado from the 80's who lied about stuff and was found to be on disability from injuries while surviving on a california sheriffs dept.
Patricia Bowers
Bill Arnado clearly stated he was on disability from LA County,their requirements and certifications and standards were and are higher than Jo cty What is a disability there in LA, IS not the standard n Oregon. Facts people, not bs
Like · Reply · 31 October 2014 06:33
Bob Peirce ·
If that is true why was he kicked off the sheriffs dept and told he could come back if he went to california and got released from their disability ? According to all the news, the fact that he was on didability in california never came out until he was caught.
Like · Reply · 31 October 2014 08:04
John P. Brough ·
Will someone please mail this butthole a bag of Bull $hit.








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And Richardson still didn't win...

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