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Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis

Southern Oregon China Connection


 Homeland Security Check it Out ! VISAS and the 50-k fine and the "politically donated" Money, after the paid for trip.



 Bob Cockell. The Chinese. Dennis Richardson organizer and Joseph Rice Oath Keeper & ARS




 " Parrish and Richardson do have a financial connection. Her political consulting firm was paid $330,000 by him to help get him elected. He continues to pay her business a retainer of about $1,000 a month, according to the Portland Tribune."



 Dennis Richardson & his Southern Oregon China Connections. With Jesus Dildo artist Irene Kai: " What Do You See." 


How many trips ? Who paid ? Who traveled ? Who benefited? Why was Saint Mary's involved?



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Don't forget the plastic cups & line dancing. Jesus dildo art & Irene Kai, what do you see?




All for Saint Mary's kids....



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Or Not...

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$ 5,000.00 Donation from Air Rescue Systems Bob Cockell...







Richardson Explain Bob Cockell and the Money

 Richardson may not have to explain about the nurses...but he should explain his 5,000. contribution from Air Rescue Systems' Bob Cockell; after Richardson introduced Cockell to " high level Chinese police / military officials," and " ARS received  multi million dollar contracts." Then had a massive falling-out with  Oath Keeper Joe Rice about the training and VISAS and FLIR and Joe was fined 50,000.00 but Mr. Rice emphatically  states  ARS lied:




 Air Rescue Systems training on Mike Winters illegally built helicopter tower




 Bob Cockell Air Rescue Systems and the Chinese and ARS Joseph Rice (also Oath Keepers ) 




 Dennis Richardson in the background, who arranged the event with Irene Kai. "Sex artiste"



 They were not the Oregon State Congress Delegation.

Richardson in the middle.

Air Rescue Systems Bob Cockell far left, next, Mary Cullinan who blogged about their meetings with the Chinese military and high level China police. "They treated us like 5 Star" 






" Secretary of State Dennis Richardson ran for the office with the opinion that the secretary of state should make decisions in a nonpartisan manner. When the secretary of state has to make an election decision or a decision regarding a ballot measure, it should be made without playing political favorites.

Voters elected him, in part, because of that position.

And now the Oregon Nurses Association has asked Richardson to recuse himself from any decisions regarding a potential ballot measure that would challenge new health care taxes. The ONA’s action is more stunt than substance.

The health care tax was an important part of how the Legislature fixed what was a $1.4 billion shortfall going into the past legislative session. It might raise about $650 million in the next biennium. That money keeps Oregon’s Medicaid program funded, helping the low-income get health care.

But Republicans in the Legislature challenged the taxes for good reason. It includes a 1.5 percent tax on commercial health insurance premiums and a 0.7 percent tax on hospitals.

That’s effectively a sales tax on health care, driving up the cost of care. Isn’t health care something that should not have a sales tax?

State Rep. Julie Parrish, R-West Linn, told Democrats she would challenge the taxes at the ballot box, and she has. So Democrats schemed to set up a committee controlled by Democrats to control the ballot language and set the date of the election. Richardson publicly stated it was inappropriate partisan interference in the election. It was.

Parrish and Richardson do have a financial connection. Her political consulting firm was paid $330,000 by him to help get him elected. He continues to pay her business a retainer of about $1,000 a month, according to the Portland Tribune.

But the real question is: What would Richardson’s recusal mean? He is the head of the Secretary of State’s Office. But he does not validate signatures on initiative petitions. He does not set the schedules for elections. Staff does that.

Richardson would be effectively recusing himself from nothing. There’s no reason to do that. " 


 Southern Oregon China Connection Jesus Dildo Artiste Irene Kai.


 TITLED: " What Do You See?"

But Richardson does have some things to  explain






Richardson Says SELL to his Buddies Buddy at Lone Rock

 There was only one bidder for the forest near Coos Bay whose price was set at $221 million: Lone Rock timber company


SALEM — Oregon's state Land Board voted 2-1 on Tuesday to sell the state's oldest public forest.

Gov. Kate Brown, the board chair, clashed with its sole Republican member as she attempted to keep the preserve in public hands and at least delayed the sale.

Brown voted against the proposal and Secretary of State Dennis Richardson and State Treasurer Tobias Read said yes to selling the 82,500-acre forest to a logging firm and a tribal partner. Brown then ordered the director of the Department of State Lands to consider a public ownership plan and to present it at the next state land board meeting in April.

"Point of order," Richardson, a Republican who holds the second-highest position in the state, told Brown. "I move to override the direction you just gave to the director because it's contrary to the motion the land board just passed."

"It is not contrary to the land board motion that just passed," Brown replied in a packed room.

Richardson insisted on making the motion to override Brown's order, but Read, a Democrat, stayed silent. With the motion having failed, Brown concluded the meeting with a bang of the gavel.

The proposed sale of Oregon's oldest state forest has been in the works for years and has galvanized environmentalists across the state. There was only one bidder for the forest near Coos Bay whose price was set at $221 million: Lone Rock timber company, which would own 87 percent with its tribal partner, the Cow Creek band of Umpqua, owning the remaining 13 percent.

Brown said when the proposal was initiated, more offers were expected. The forest's timber sales help fund Oregon schools, but the arrangement has been losing money in recent years,


 Image result for dennis richardson and burl brim






 We should not be bound to a single proposal," Brown said. "The importance of state-owned lands has increased as the future of federal public land has come into question."

She advocated the state or the tribes own the land, possibly in partnership.

Read said it was his fiduciary responsibility to approve the sale. He proposed three amendments: that the state be allowed to repurchase up to $25 million in acreage for recreational public access; that forest management principals be included in the agreement; and that any of the five federally recognized Western Oregon tribes be given the right of first refusal.

"I don't make this motion with any particular sense of celebration," said Read, who like Richardson is new in his job, having been elected in November. "But it's my best attempt to try to balance ... my obligation as a fiduciary and to live up to ... schoolkids in Oregon."

Richardson said it would be unethical to say no after the proposal was formulated and the bid made, at cost to the state government and to the bidder.

"You keep your promise, and it's up to the state to do that," Richardson said.

Brown wants a bond proposal developed to include up to $100 million in state bonding capacity to protect high-value habitat, including old-growth stands. Under her plan, a portion of the forest would be decoupled from the Common School Fund trust lands that fund Oregon schools. The harvesting of timber would be allowed while protecting endangered and threatened species"







Dennis Richardson Very Very China and His Family too


 Oregon China Sister State Relations Council 2017 Trade Mission to China Participants List


1. Dennis Richardson: Secretary of State, State of Oregon


2. Jin Lan (蓝进): President, Oregon China Sister State Relations Council


3. Robin Rogers: Treasure, Oregon China Sister State Relations Council


4. Charlotte Christensen: Board Member, Oregon China Sister State Relations Council


5. Dena Clark: Owner, Oregon Sunstone Jewels


6. Henry Lawrence: Project Manager, Henry Forest TM


7. Steve Baird: CEO, S-Ray


8. Zhang Xiaoxia (张效侠): China Legal Advisor, Oregon China Sister State Relations Council


9. Zhao Yue (赵跃): President, Times Marketing (Beijing Only)


10. Ting Lu: Principal Engineer, Clean Water Institute (Fujian and Tianjin Only)


11. Taylor Coffman: Grandson, Dennis Richardson

12. Jacob Richardson: Grandson, Dennis Richardson