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Reports: Mcebisi Jonas named in police probe into alleged corruption at South African Air

The Hawks are investigating allegations that Jonas used his political influence to secure

US aircraft company AAR Corp contracts at the state airline.


Deputy Minister of Finance Mcebisi Jonas. Picture: www.gov.za






JOHANNESBURG – The Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas is being investigated by the Hawks elite police unit as part of a probe into allegations of corruption at state-owned South African Airways (SAA), the City Press newspaper reported on Sunday.

As part of the probe into SAA, the unit is investigating allegations that Jonas used his political influence to secure US aircraft company AAR Corp contracts to supply components and tyres to the state airline, the newspaper cited three unidentified Hawks sources and one SAA source as saying.

Treasury spokeswoman Yolisa Tyantsi declined to comment, while the spokespeople for Jonas and the SAA did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Hawks spokesman Hangwani Mulaudzi was quoted by City Press as saying there was an investigation into allegations of corruption at SAA but it was policy not reveal names of those being probed. Mulaudzi did not answer calls from Reuters.

AAR Corp could not be reached for comment. The firm was quoted by City Press as denying any wrongdoing.

"AAR conducts its business with the highest ethical and legal standards," a unidentified spokesman was quoted as saying.

Jonas has been an outspoken critic of government corruption and he opened divides within the ruling African National Congress last year when he said businessmen friends of President Jacob Zuma said they could secure him the finance ministry job.

Zuma and the Indian Gupta family deny any wrongdoing.

An investigation last year by the Hawks into Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, which was later dropped, shook South Africa's financial markets "





It's a Small World After All...Justice for All.

 Medford and Grants Pass Oregon - - -

 $31 million was used for purposes other than paying for the BBJ-2 once it landed in GIA’s coffers in Pat Huycke's office ).




"Listings for companies certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to sell aircraft included three that shared the same Medford address: 823 Alder Creek Drive. The companies, whose certifications expired in 2004 and 2005, were listed as GIA International, Ltd.; TIA International, Ltd.; and GIA Capital, LLC. Russell Meek was named in the bankruptcy documents as the chief executive officer of GIA International and listed the same Alder Creek Drive address."


Cameroon lawsuit is linked to defunct Medford company

It's not clear whether Yves Michel Fotso has ever even been to Eugene.

But that hasn't stopped the jailed citizen of Cameroon from filing a $10 million federal lawsuit here, accusing his government of false imprisonment and torture.

Fotso, the former general manager of Cameroon Airlines, is being tried in a Cameroon criminal court on embezzlement charges. The government alleges that he conspired with two other former Cameroon officials to embezzle $31 million that the African nation paid a defunct Medford aircraft brokerage firm in 2001 as a "trust deposit" for purchase or lease of three jets. Cameroon prosecutors allege that the money ended up in a Swiss bank account registered to Fotso. He has denied the allegations.

Eugene attorney Kelly Beckley, who filed the lawsuit on Fotso's behalf, declined to discuss it, saying he doesn't want to jeopardize his client's fate in the criminal matter.

But the Medford company's 2004 bankruptcy proceeding took place at the Eugene federal courthouse and underlies Fotso's false imprisonment claim.

His lawsuit says Cameroon was among the parties that received partial payment of their claims against the company, GIA International Ltd., in an August 2006 settlement of the bankruptcy case.

Listings for companies certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to sell aircraft included three that shared the same Medford address: 823 Alder Creek Drive. The companies, whose certifications expired in 2004 and 2005, were listed as GIA International, Ltd.; TIA International, Ltd.; and GIA Capital, LLC. Russell Meek was named in the bankruptcy documents as the chief executive officer of GIA International and listed the same Alder Creek Drive address.

In exchange for its $858,163 payment in the bankruptcy settlement, Cameroon signed a release of liability to other parties in the case — including Cameroon Airlines. That release prohibited the country, located south of Nigeria in west-central Africa, from making any claim or initiating any action "in any manner" against Cameroon Airlines or its agents and employees, including Fotso, his U.S. complaint alleges.

The complaint names the Republic of Cameroon, its 30-year president, Paul Biya, and several judicial and military officials, as defendants. It charges that Cameroon "breached its duty" under the release agreement when it initiated criminal actions against Fotso in December 2010. Cameroon has accused him and others of fraudulently diverting $31 million that the country paid GIA up front for the purchase of a new Boeing business jet for Biya, and the lease of a Boeing 747 and a Boeing 767. The Medford firm, which was not registered to do business in Oregon, became insolvent soon after.

According to a World Bank report, Cameroon may have used the Medford broker and paid cash up front to hide the aircraft purchases from the bank, which had restricted the country's spending of loaned funds under its Highly Indebted Poor Country Initiative.

Fotso's suit cites federal law asserting U.S. jurisdiction over foreign states in actions "based upon a commercial activity carried on in the United States by the foreign state or upon an act performed in the United States in connection with the commercial activity of the foreign state elsewhere."

The lawsuit alleges that Fotso was arrested and imprisoned at the Yaounde Central Prison-Kondengui, where he was held for more than 12 hours each day in a small windowless cell without access to natural or artificial light or fresh air. In May of this year, he was taken from that prison for transfer to another lockup in Cameroon's state department. En route, he was "beaten, kicked, shocked with electricity, and otherwise subjected to physical and emotional torture by hooded lockup soldiers," his lawsuit alleges.

It also charges that Fotso has been denied pen and paper or reading materials. It says he has only occasionally been allowed to see a lawyer, and those visits were monitored by the government.

Fotso's lawsuit says the United States has jurisdiction over those alleged human rights violations under the Alien Tort Claim Act, which proclaims the U.S. courts a forum for redress when state-sponsored actions anywhere violate human rights recognized under international law. The suit also cites a federal law giving U.S. courts jurisdiction over state-sponsored torture abroad.

Cameroon officials did not respond to a request for comment made through its government website.

Beckley said Fotso's civil claim was referred to him by a fellow attorney who practices in the District of Oregon federal bankruptcy court.

Beckley, who has been in private practice locally for 33 years, has some unique professional experience that explains why.

"I have some international law experience," said Beckley, referencing his five years of active duty and 25 years of reserve duty with the U.S. Air Force. "I retired in 2004 as a reserve colonel in the Air Force JAG (the service branch's military justice and military law corps). My last assignment was almost six years as the senior reserve judge advocate at the U.S. European Command Headquarters."

That work included some participation in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former country of Yugoslavia, investigating allegations of human rights abuses and torture in the region. "


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" If only we had listened, " Immaculee said ~


"Presidential Plane Affair For Dummies"

 The Presidential Plane(s) Affair for Dummies – A Cheat Sheet on the Key Players and the Main Issues



By Dibussi Tande

"  Cameroonian media and gossip circuits have been abuzz in recent weeks with speculation that dozens of high-level officials and prominent Cameroonians, including Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni, will be arrested for their role in what looks to become the biggest corruption scandal in Cameroon's history. The "Albatross Affair" centers around a series of embezzlement-laden shadowy deals that cost Cameroon's national airline, CAMAIR, upwards of $37 million to purchase an ageing Boeing 767 in 2004 to use as Paul Biya's presidential plane and through aircraft leases. Inoni insists he proved his innocence to Biya, but he is increasingly perceived as doomed to be dismissed in an imminent cabinet shuffle. This case may prove especially interesting to American law enforcement agencies as documents available to Post clearly show that American citizens and American companies were involved in the corrupt deal. End summary. There is More Than One Scandal ============================== ¶2. (SBU) Although public discussion focuses "the Albatross Affair," the Government of Cameroon (GRC) is investigating a series of suspicious deals that were motivated by President Biya's determination to upgrade former President Ahidjo's 1978 aircraft (nicknamed "the Pelican") to a newer presidential aircraft. The "Albatross" was the nickname given to an ageing Boeing 767 that Biya flew once in 2004 before mechanical failures on Biya's first trip caused him to abandon it. GRC officials are investigating the origin of the Albatross deal (which was portrayed by many as an attempt to assassinate Biya in a plane crash) as well as the disappearance of about $31 million paid to a U.S. company for the purchase of a new Boeing business jet and a series of dubious leasing deals entered into by CAMAIR executives. GIA International ================= ¶3. (C) As early as 1999, then-Secretary General at the Presidency (and current Minister of Territorial Administration, MINAT) Hamidou Yaya Marafa met with Boeing officials to discuss the purchase of a new 737 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) for President Biya and a 767 for CAMAIR. In that meeting, attended by Embassy officials (ref c), the Boeing official told Marafa that financing for the 737-BBJ would be difficult to obtain and that international financial institutions would not look kindly upon a specific GRC budget line for a presidential aircraft. Since Cameroon was supposed to be abiding by an IMF program for debt relief, the Presidency determined it would be unseemly to spend tens of millions of dollars outright for a presidential aircraft. Instead, according to press reports, Embassy contacts and documents obtained by Post in recent weeks, Biya approved the transfer of about $29 million from the accounts of the National Hydrocarbons Company (SNH) through the Ministry of Finance to CAMAIR (in transactions disguised as the GRC repaying debts to CAMAIR), which in August 2001 transferred the funds to the Bank of America accounts of Oregon-based GIA International. Documents provided by a GRC source in late May indicate that GIA International had acted as an intermediary with Boeing to obtain the 737-BBJ. An additional $2 million was transferred to the Commercial Bank of Cameroon (CBC), owned by the family of then-CAMAIR General Manager Yves Michel Fotso, reportedly to repay a $2 million advance that CBC had paid to GIA International. ¶4. (U) According to open source information, when Marafa was transferred to MINAT in August 2002 and replaced at the Presidency by Jean Marie Atangana Mebara, the latter convinced Biya to abandon the plan for a new plane and instead purchase a cheaper, second-hand aircraft (the "Albatross"). Post possesses no information indicating how much money was actually transferred from GIA to Boeing, but Cameroonian press reports indicate that Boeing returned whatever funds it had received to GIA, minus a penalty fee as specified in the contract. GIA was subsequently declared bankrupt after Indian Airlines sued them in New York court for fraud. In his sworn statement in that case (quoted in press reports, but not obtained by Post), GIA President Russell Meek testifies in some detail about the handling of the GRC's funds. Post has not yet been contacted by Boeing regarding this issue and is not aware of any allegations that Boeing engaged in any inappropriate behavior. The Albatross Affair ==================== ¶5. (C) Then-Secretary General Mebara continued ahead with his own plans to purchase a second-hand aircraft for Biya. Fotso was replaced at the CAMAIR helm by Thomas Dakayi Kamga, who sought to lease two Boeing aircraft. According to copies of GRC documents obtained by Post in recent weeks, SNH General Manager Adolphe Moudiki, in May 2003, transferred $5 million from SNH accounts at a French bank (the Societe Generale La Defense Enterprises) to Boeing's account with JP Morgan Chase (ATTN: Maria Chavez). Having been inspected and certified by Cameroonian officials, the aircraft was used to ferry Paul Biya and his family from Douala to Geneva in 2004. The plane reportedly experienced technical problems mid-flight, leaving the first family shaken, Biya enraged, and observers speculating that someone had wanted to murder Biya. Although Post is unaware of any substantiation of this conspiracy theory, Biya never flew in the Albatross again. CAMAIR's Contracts ================== ¶6. (C) We believe GRC officials are also investigating leases that CAMAIR undertook under the leadership of then-CAMAIR General Manager Yves Michel Fotso, Chairman of the Commercial Bank of Cameroon and son of Cameroonian billionaire Victor Fotso, and Thomas Dakayi Kamga, his replacement. According to GRC sources, including Minister of Finance Essimi Menye (who is now overseeing the liquidation of CAMAIR), CAMAIR's lease arrangements were highly unfavorable to CAMAIR, and media reports have speculated that Fotso surreptiously leased CAMAIR planes from companies that he owned. The French (and Swiss) Connection ================================= ¶7. (C) Swiss judicial authorities have reportedly been involved in questioning Fotso and other Cameroonians after filing a formal Letters Rogatory alleging that French national Francois de Seroux-Fouquet (residing in Little Rock, Arkansas) engaged in money laundering, criminal activity and other crimes while doing business with CAMAIR. Press reports indicate that Seroux-Fouquet conspired with Fotso to structure CAMAIR's airplane leases--at exorbitant prices--through companies the two controlled. From press and GRC contacts, Post understands that CAMAIR has, at various times, undertaken leases with companies including GIA International, Societe General Avipro Finance Ltd., Aircraft Portfolio Management, and Ansett Worldwide Air Services. Who Is Implicated ================= ¶8. (C) The following individuals feature prominently in the Albatross affair: -- Ephraim Inoni, then-Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency; currently Prime Minister. Inoni told the Ambassador that he has provided convincing evidence to Biya that he was not involved in the Albatross shenanigans. An Inoni family member told Poloff May 29 that GRC-insiders know Mebara hated Inoni (his deputy) and never would have included him in such a sensitive dossier. Despite sensational headlines suggesting that Inoni will be caught up in the Albatross investigation, Inoni seems confident he will emerge unscathed and Post is not aware of any credible information indicating Inoni's involvement. -- Adolphe Moudiki, General Manager of National Oil Company (SNH). Moudiki would have ordered the transfer of payments from SNH accounts. According to press reports and a GRC contact, the transfers reportedly attracted the attention of US financial authorities, who held up the transfers until Moudiki assured them they were legitimate. -- Michel Meva'a Eboutou, former Minister of Finance. Eboutou had authority over the SNH transfer to CAMAIR and other financial transfers. -- Yves Michel Fotso, former Director of CAMAIR. Fotso was engaged in negotiations for the 737-BBJ, the purchase of the Albatross, and the negotiations of CAMAIR's leases. -- Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o, then-Chief of Staff at the Presidency, currently the General Delegate for National Security (DGSN, or head of the National Police). Mebe Ngo'o would have been involved in overseeing the plans for the new aircraft and allegedly benefited from kickbacks obtained from over-billing the Presidency for use of CAMAIR assets. -- Jerome Mendouga, former Cameroonian Ambassador to the United States. As the GRC's contact with the American entities, Mendouga was the conduit for some payments within the US, according to information provided by USG sources. -- Marafa Hamidou Yaya, then-Secretary General at the Presidency and concurrently Chairman of the SNH Board, currently Minister of State for Territorial Administration. Marafa was personally engaged in initial discussions with Boeing starting in 1999 and would have overseen the transfer of funds from SNH. -- Russell Meek, AMCIT President of GIA International, registered in Grants Pass, Oregon; mentioned in media reports and in copies of GRC documents obtained by Post. -- Fernando Gomez Mazuera, AMCIT (COB: Colombia) Vice President of GIA International; mentioned in media reports and in copies of GRC documents obtained by Post. -- Kevin Walls, British citizen, Director of Aircraft Portfolio Management (APM), company registered in British Virgin Islands that is allegedly involved in some of CAMAIR's suspect leasing arrangements; mentioned in media reports. -- Jean-Marie Assene Nkou, President of National Airways of Cameroon, former Member of Parliament. Assene Nkou was the link between GIA and Fotso (through Ms. Gwett, now with Fotso's Cameroonian company Air Leasing); Assene Nkou allegedly received 500 million CFA. Comment ======= ¶9. (C) The GRC's zealous pursuit of these files is no doubt colored by politics. Many of those implicated are also believed to be part of the "Upstarts" who we believe seek to replace Biya on their own terms (ref a) and who the Biya regime wishes to weaken. The recent renewed press coverage of the Albatross story comes in the wake of a series of apparently unrelated corruption-related arrests, including the former Ministers of Finance and Health, the General E Manager of the Cameroon Shipyard, and others implicated in "Operation Sparrowhawk." As Albratoss plays out, it could lead to the arrest of a series of powerful Cameroonians, including Marafa, Moudiki, Fotso and others, and may also direct more attention to the American element of these corrupt deals. End comment. US Law Enforcement Interest =========================== ¶10. (C) Although we have not been officially contacted about Albatross, media reports suggest GRC investigators will begin researching the U.S. angle to this story in the coming weeks. U.S. law enforcement officials considering the American component of these scandals may be interested to obtain some of the detailed banking information (including account names and numbers, transfer amounts and dates) that Post has obtained from press and other sources. Points of contact are Deputy Pol-Econ Chief Clinton Brown (BrownCS@state.gov) and Assistant Regional Security Officer Miguel Eversley (EversleyMA@state.gov). GARVEY


- -- -

 The Presidential Plane(s) Affair for Dummies – A Cheat Sheet on the Key Players and the Main Issues



By Dibussi Tande



With the passage of time, the story has merged with fiction to become a complex, convoluted and confusing urban legend. However, at the heart of it all is a fairly straightforward story, albeit with numerous sub-plots, of how an attempt to buy an aircraft for the President of Cameroon via unorthodox channels resulted in a very tangled web of poor financial judgment, appalling managerial incompetence, a complete lack of oversight, financial impropriety, political intrigue, and to crown it all, a series teleguided judicial proceedings.

To help untangle this complex web, here is a cheat sheet that outlines the five main sub-plots of the “Albatross affair,” the albatross itself being just one of these sub-plots. Although these sub-plots are presented here as chronological or linear stand-alone events, there is significant overlap because most have the same set of actors, and are linked to the original $31 million disbursed in 2001 to purchase the presidential aircraft.

1. The GIA International Affair (or the BBJ-2 Affair)

Origins: Project to purchase a brand new a second generation Boeing Business Jet (BBJ-2) for the President of Cameroon. [This case – The Government of Cameroon vs. Marafa Hamidou Yaya, Fotso Michel Yves, Kounda Julienne, Sandjon Geneviève, Chapuis Jean-Louis, Assene Nkou – is currently being heard before the Mfoundi High Court in Yaounde. The verdict is expected  September 21, 2012].

Amount involved: About 31 million dollars

Dates: 2001 – 2003

 - -- -- -

 Offices of Patrick Huycke ( fudiciary who ripped off Mary's mother in law)

823 Alder Creek Drive

Medford Oregon 97501



  • Russell Meek (President of  GIA International, never charged; his deposition before a bankruptcy court in Eugene, Oregon, USA, on December 9, 2004, helped unravel the mystery of how the $31 million was used for purposes other than paying for the BBJ-2 once it landed in GIA’s coffers).
  • Fernando Gomez (Vice President of GIA International, never charged)
  • --------------------


    Sep 4, 2012 – But the Medford company's 2004 bankruptcy proceeding took place at the ... officer of GIA International and listed the same Alder Creek Drive address. ... any claim or initiating any action "in any manner" against Cameroon






    " It's all about the money, the old cowboy said;

    They are dummmer than dirt. All off that mountain "



    Cameroon lawsuit is linked to defunct Medford company...






    Mr. Mebara Since August 2008...

     GIA= Listed business from Pat Huycke's  Alder Creek Drive, Medford Oregon....


    Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara

    From:  the free encyclopedia

    Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara (born March 27, 1954) is a Cameroonian politician. He was Minister of Higher Education from December 1997 to August 2002, Minister of State and Secretary-General of the Presidency from August 2002 to September 2006, and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs from September 2006[1] until he was dismissed from the government in a cabinet reshuffle on September 7, 2007.[2][3]

    He was a member of the National Committee for the coordination of President Paul Biya's re-election campaign in the October 2004 presidential election.[4] His dismissal in September 2007 was said to have been linked to his reported desire to succeed Biya, in addition to Biya's disapproval of a communiqué issued as a retort to Western criticisms of the July 2007 parliamentary election.[5]

    Mr. Mebara has been detained since AUGUST 2008 at the central prison of Yaoundé.

     He is accused of an "attempt" to embezzle 31 million US dollars. The accusation is based on a reply to a letter he received from the General Manager of Aircraft Portfolio Management - an international aviation consulting firm. In that letter, Mr. Mebara accepted the offer made to him by the General Manager to try and protect government funds that GIA has misappropriated and were illegitimately holding in their accounts to provide a presidential aircraft to the president of Cameroon. GIA was a shady company hired by Mr. Mebara's predecessor and purposely set up and controlled by Yves Michel Fotso - the ex-General Manager of Cameroon Airlines (who had a clear conflict of interest) to lease aircraft into Cameroon Airlines. GIA went bankrupt in 2004.

    Contrary to public belief, Mr. Mebara was NOT involved in the purchase of a BBJ presidential aircraft which was consummated by his predecessor. The "Justice" in Cameroon is struggling to find any witnesses against him. Most people believe that he was arrested because he represented a potential threat to the re-election bid of the current Cameroon president. It is widely believed that President Biya is conducting a witch-hunt against all of his political opponents.

    Mr. Mebara has suffered immense physiological and mental trauma since being held captive in prison on trumped-up corruption charges. Mr. Mebara is a devout Christian and has the support of Cardinal Tumi an important person in the Cameroon Christian hierarchy.

    On Thursday May 3, 2012, he was acquitted by presiding judge Gilbert Schlick of the Mfoundi high court in Yaoundé of all charges of embezzling or attempting to misappropriate the BB jet funds.[6] On Monday 7 May 2012 the examining judge went to Kondengui prison and issued "new" charges against Mebara in order to keep him in prison. The persecution of Mebara continues because he is still perceived as a threat to the systemically corrupt regime of Paul Biya

    Cameroon Left Out Aldophe Moudiki ?



    60 Top Govt Officials to Be Investigated

    It looks like just another spat between the government and devious corrupt government officials. But it is becoming more complicated than that.

    In its war on corruption and embezzlement, which sent some important people to the gaol last year, the Vice Prime Minister in charge of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Amadou Ali, has short-listed some 60 top government officials for possible investigation, arrest, trial and eventual imprisonment, if found guilty of corruption or embezzlement of state funds...



    1. extortion, corruption and money laundering from the Government of Cameroon ... the list inadvertently left out some suspicious names like Adolphe Moudiki...


    Cameroon and National Hydrocarbons Corp.- SNH-B.S.

     Cameroon state oil chief sees 2013 crude production up 9 pct 
    Saturday, Feb 09, 2013 05:11 AM PST
    Oil tanks of Zawiya oil refinery are pictured in Zawiya 57km (35 miles) west of TripoliYAOUNDE (Reuters) - Cameroon's oil production is expected to rise 9 percent in 2013 as new wells came into production, the head of the central African nation's state oil company SNH said on Friday. The country's modest oil production rose 3.5 percent in 2012 to 22.37 million barrels last year as new wells came on-stream after slumping the previous years due to mature wells. "Oil production will continue to rise in 2013... we expect a production increase of about 9 percent," Adolphe Moudiki, chief executive of the state-run oil National Hydrocarbons Corporation (SNH), told Reuters. ...

    Roger Jean-Claude Mbede


     No Justice in Medford Oregon or Cameroon



    Gay 'prisoner of conscience' dies in




    YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP) — A gay man in Cameroon who was jailed for sending a text message to another man saying "I'm very much in love with you," and who was later declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, has died, according to a lawyer who worked on his case.

    Roger Jean-Claude Mbede, 34, died Friday roughly one month after his family removed him from the hospital where he had been seeking treatment for a hernia, lawyer Alice Nkom said.

    "His family said he was a curse for them and that we should let him die," she said.

    Mbede was arrested in March 2011 in connection with the text message and convicted the following month under a Cameroonian law that imposes up to five years in prison for homosexual acts. He received a three-year sentence.

    Cameroon brings more cases against suspected gays than any other African country, according to Human Rights Watch. The rights group said in a March 2013 report that at least 28 people had been charged under the law in the past three years.

    Mbede developed the hernia while in prison. In July 2012, he was granted provisional release on medical grounds, according to Human Rights Watch, and went into hiding. An appeals court upheld his conviction in December 2012.

    "I accuse the state," said Nkom, the most prominent of a small group of lawyers in Cameroon willing to defend suspects charged with violating Cameroon's anti-gay law. "If there had not been criminalization of homosexuality, he would not have gone to prison and his life would not be over. His life was finished as soon as he went to prison."

    Cameroonian officials have been unapologetic about their enforcement of the anti-gay law, and have rejected recommendations from the U.N. Human Rights Council to protect sexual minorities from violence. Appearing before the council in September 2013, Anatole Nkou, Cameroon's ambassador to Geneva, testified that a prominent gay rights activist found tortured and killed last year died because of his "personal life," prompting outcry from international rights groups.

    Lambert Lamba, a Cameroonian activist who works on behalf of sexual minorities, said Mbede had been out of the hospital for about one month prior to his death and had received no medical care during that time.

    "His family said they were going to remove the homosexuality which is in him," Lamba said. "I went to see him in his village. He could not stand up, he couldn't speak."

    Neela Ghoshal, senior LGBT rights researcher for Human Rights Watch, called on Cameroonian police to investigate Mbede's death in light of reports that he may have been barred from receiving medical treatment.

    "Roger was a courageous man who became an accidental activist after he was arrested simply for expressing his love for another man," Ghoshal said.

    Alexandre Marcel, president of the French committee for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, condemned the family's actions in a statement, saying they were a reminder that sexual minorities must fight prejudice at both the family and state levels in anti-gay countries around the world.

    Also on Friday, six men in neighboring Gabon were released after being accused of taking part in a same-sex marriage ceremony last month. Officials who held them for one night decided not to bring charges against them after determining that no marriage had occurred, said prosecutor Sidonie Flore Ouwe.

    Gabon is one of 11 countries in sub-Saharan Africa that have not criminalized homosexual acts, according to Amnesty International. However, Ouwe said that a gay marriage ceremony would constitute obscenity and an affront to public order punishable by law.




     Tragedy upon Tragedy. For the love of God, let people live.






     Pat Huycke's Medford  Office was base camp for 

    Russell Meek and 31 Million...


    and they ripped off the little people too... and PatHuycke ran the bank into the ground...then disobeyed gov orders not to be involved in the banking industry.



  • Russell Meek (President of  GIA International, never charged; his deposition before a bankruptcy court in Eugene, Oregon, USA, on December 9, 2004, helped unravel the mystery of how the $31 million was used for purposes other than paying for the BBJ-2 once it landed in GIA’s coffers).



    Sep 4, 2012 – But the Medford company's 2004 bankruptcy proceeding took place at the ... officer of GIA International and listed the same Alder Creek Drive address. ... any claim or initiating any action "in any manner" against Cameroon



  • Fernando Gomez (Vice President of GIA International, never charged)