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Mixing war profiteering and politics in the Oregon Senate.

Boquist and Atkinson
Boquist and Atkinson.
Inset photos show the beauty of Iran.

(SALEM, Ore.) - I don't know Brian Boquist; but it's common knowledge that he has a huge stake in war profits and that is an absolute, hard and cold fact.

A Senate Bill brought forward by Senator Brian Boquist and another Republican Senator named Jason Atkinson, ensures that Oregonians show hate toward Iran while flailing false and totally unfounded allegations about the country.

It comes as no surprise. Boquist makes big bucks off the war effort. Just look him up on Google. He's a Salem, Oregon-based war contractor when he isn't coming up with ridiculous laws that we will live to regret.

And now we see that he actually uses his political office and influence to stimulate his war profiteering. That should horrify Oregonians. It seems like a war with Iran would keep business moving, even though private security firms like Blackwater and others have largely been rejected by the American public. An Iraq vet who served in a command setting directing combat soldiers on missions as a military officer, Boquist was a staunch supporter of the war in Iraq, of course, and where has that gotten us? I state this because of his lengthy stint as a military officer serving there. It is fair to note that Boquist publicly opposed a ground war in Iraq from the start, according to records. He told the Salem Statesman-Journal in September 2002 that "chicken hawks" in Washington were starting a war with "no logical reason to it." (see: Could Western Propaganda About Iran Spark a Third World War? - Political Perspective by Tim King Salem-New.com)

After the attacks on the United States on September 11th, 2001, the second-largest candlelight vigil honoring the fallen Americans in the world, was held in Tehran, Iran.

Today Oregon's legislature reared its racist head in voting to support legislation that condemns Iran over lies generated by the spin doctors at FOX News.

This will be the interpretation to people all over the world when they learn the the Oregon Senate has officially condemned the nation of Iran, formerly known as Persia.

Most Iranians are peaceful and none have raised a hand toward us. Iran is a nation of people trying to get from one day to the next like we are. If Boquist got his wish and sparked a conflict in Iran though this bill that resembles, but is more than a nuisance, he would be opening the door to the last war that would be fought. It would be WWIII and nobody would win. Scaring and frightening and intimidating like this, historically leads to massive death.

But these Oregon legislators want you to believe that Iran is fueling the insurgency and threatens Oregon soldiers soon to deploy to Iraq. The biggest threat against them in reality, are the politicians who allowed the Iraq war to take place at all.

Just apply ample fearmongering and lies from Oregon Senators Brian Boquist and Jason Atkinson with that lame accusation, and you get SB 633.

When it comes to people in Iran, it is true that some are going to be connected to a war of occupation taking place in the country immediately adjacent to theirs. That doesn't take a degree in rocket science Senators, does it?

If they were able to stimulate a conflict with Iran with their paranoid and fictitious statements, then they would create new combat tours for out worn down veterans. That is no advocacy for America.

Remember that our ally Pakistan is infested with Taliban and that is actually where they originate from. Yet Boquist isn't trying to tear down the walls of that country, in spite of the vast number of jihadists that fight our misplaced forces in Iraq.

These politicians have done a real disservice to our nation and our state with their backward message of intolerance. I have been studying the history of Iran for a long time and I have written numerous articles in an effort to educate the public about how and why things are the way they are.

On July 3, 1988, the U.S.S. Vinceness blew an Iranian jet out of the skies, killing 290 innocent civilian from six nations including 66 children.

Then U.S. officials were caught in a lie about the Iranian pilots not following an order to turn.

As it turned out they were on a different radio frequency, the weren't violating anybody's air space, and a trigger happy American committed one of the single biggest acts of mass murder in history with the squeeze of a trigger.

The U.S. government tried a couple of different tactics, and then under increasing world pressure, they eventually came clean about lying. There was no reason to shoot that passenger liner with hundreds of souls down.

Israel on the other hand, attacked the U.S.S. Liberty during the Six Day War in 1967 killing numerous American sailors and injuring several dozen. The American flag flew clear that day as the Israeli planes and then ships kept attacking and attacking. (see: The Day Israel Attacked the United States - Tim King Salem-News.com and note the comments from the Liberty's actual survivors)

Then there is our former friend, Saddam Hussein, who had just as many bad qualities in 1980n as he did later in life. He was paid by the U.S. to invade Iran during the needless Iran/Iraq War and thousands upon thousands of Iraqi's and Iranians were killed.

The war wasn't to be Iraq's victory. That should have made us square over the bloodless 1979 hostage takeover in Tehran, but no, it keeps going. (see Crossed Swords of Baghdad, Iraq: a Window into History (VIDEO) - Tim King Salem-news.com)

Post WWII Years

In the most direct sense, Iran was totally and completely economically screwed over by the British in the post war years and then the Americans joined in once Truman was in office.

Truman also facilitated Israel, which has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands and an endless list of battles and wars. Any history student knows he also ignored every attempt from Vietnam to avoid war and instead decided to fund the French re-occupation in 1947, which ultimately led to our own war there and the deaths of over 58,000 Americans. Truman liked war and conflict it seems, and he also backed the British in their refusal to pay Iran fair or even legal prices for their oil.

Britain and U.S. agents took out the first Democratically elected President of Iran and kidnapped the Shah two years after the end of WWII. They kept the Shah in a CIA prison for nine months and then released him back to Iran to be a western puppet leader until the Revolution of 1979. (see: Warmongers, Chickenhawks, FOX News and Iran (VIDEO) - Tim King Salem-News.com)

We got cheap oil until '79, the Shah made sure of that, and our nation's response to that cheap oil was the gas guzzling luxury car.

In the mid to late 40's, the Iranian government tried to get the Brits to open up the books and to pay the agreed upon amount for Iranian oil, and the British Anglo Iranian Oil Company refused. The response was the killing of Iran's President who was U.S. educated by the way. His fatal mistake? He had threatened to nationalize his nation's oil like Hugo Chavez.

This all set the stage for how everything in the following years would go down. When WWII ended there was a chance for peace in the world.

Israel could have taken form but not by killing and stealing from the Palestinians. I do not believe that is how God wanted anything; the Bible has been abused by Israeli Zionists for a little over a hundred years now.

The west is 100% responsible for what has happened over there and the Oregon legislature has dared to speak for the people of Oregon in a sickening way.

They say Senate Bill 633 will stop the investment of state resources in the country of Iran, "one of the world's most tyrannical and feared nations."

Gee, do you think Oregon DHS will keep using India for their phone calls? Were they ever using Iran for anything? Oh wait, maybe this will affect Iranian students who go to school here. It certainly will add to the ridiculous Islamophobia that is taking place on campuses everywhere.

Western Terrorism?

Could this be possible? In reality, Iran has done nothing to deserve this serious onslaught of western media lies. President Ahmadinejad does not deny the Holocaust, his country is developing nuclear power, not nuclear weapons. (see: Iran Stresses Diplomatic Solution to Nuclear Standoff - Salem-News.com)

He also was denied permission to offer his respect at Ground Zero; in spite of the outpouring of support from Iran after 9/11.

I don't care what anybody says, that's being a rotten host and an ungracious nation. He could have at least been treated as well as George W. Bush treated the visiting Taliban in Texas when he was the state's governor.

Besides, people in Iran are in many cases, extremely westernized, and they are fond of Americans. Women often cover their heads but they generally don't wear Burqa's like the women in allied nations Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, where women are seriously oppressed.

You have the religious fanatics in Iran but that is not the average Iranian. The nation's president speaks and U.S. news agencies mistranslate his words, always coming up with more and more lies.

The truth is that thanks to a court decision regarding FOX News, TV news agencies in the U.S. can not be taken to task for lying, so they go and go in an apparent effort to stoke the fires of war. They are disgusting. (No Chance For Truth About Iran With Western Media - Political Perspective by Tim King Salem-News.com)

Iran is not supporting the action against the United States' occupation of Iraq. They aren't stupid. There are people in Iran who hate the occupation of an Arab country, of course. What person over there wouldn't?

Israeli Terrorist Activity

The U.S. isn't a religious nation. Contrary to what some may believe, Americans have a separation of Church and State. Israel is a Church state. There is no reason that the U.S. should look the other way over Israel's recent murderous attack on the people of Gaza. Yet this isn't a subject that I know of with Boquist.

The Israeli government and western media repeatedly and continually talk about "Hamas rocket attacks" and Israel's "right to defend itself".

Israel had blockaded the people of Gaza and refused to honor an agreement to take down the barriers at a particular border crossing to allow some amount of freedom. The rocket attacks were a feeble attempt to pressure Israel to keep its end of a deal it agreed to.

Here's the score and this can be verified in any number of sources: More than 1,400 Gazans were killed by the Israeli attack that began in December and ended last January. The Israeli Defense Force used White Phosphorous and dropped it on the roofs of Gazan houses burning a great number of people to death. (The Real Images of Gaza (VIDEO) - Tim King Salem-News.com)

Counting the heavily discussed "Hamas rocket attack deaths", Israel lost a total of 14 people. That includes all soldiers lost in the attack on Gaza and four of the deaths were friendly fire; committed by Israel's own guns.

Israel has cost the world more than any other nation. It is a place based in racist policies that used Biblical references to overtake and steal the land they now occupy from the Palestinians. If you aren't Jewish, you probably aren't going to get very far there. If you are a Muslim whose family has lived there for hundreds of years, you live under tremendous oppression because of your faith.

And while all this takes place and the Oregon legislature could have drafted an honest bill condemning trade between Israel and the U.S. for their murderous crimes, it went for SB 633.

I'm sure Oregonians would have appreciated the ability to trade with any nation they choose to.

So much for freedom, eh? The Republicans who shoved this through are working off fear tactics as they label the crimes of Israel on Iran which is not complicit in any acts against the U.S.

The line they have been pushing is that "Iranian-supported insurgents" are a threat to American soldiers. Funny, that wasn't a subject of any kind when I was in Iraq and Afghanistan covering the wars. Iran is a long way away, and there are many differences between these countries and alot of bad blood and rivalry. Iran along with Pakistan, is one of the countries that Afghans fled to by the million after the Soviet invasion in 1979.

I personally wish I could take all of the people who still think invading Iraq was a good idea, put 'em on a plane and drop them off in Baghdad. Let them see what this horrible bloody conflict is really about, and not the view from a command post.

And Senator Boquist, on a different subject, why is it that you failed to return my calls when I was preparing to go to Iraq last summer? You remember, I was wondering if your military contractor outfit might have had body armor that I could borrow and take over there. Apparently it wasn't even interesting enough to you to have one of your staffers return the call.

No worries, an Army Master Sergeant in Kuwait signed his name and I got the full Army issue.

More on Iran

Here's the language from the bill, "Iran aids and abets the enemies of the United States, is guilty of numerous humanitarian violations and has been a recognized state sponsor of terror since 1984.

The bill passed 27 to 3, with Senators Metsger, Burdick and Carter voting against it. Remember those names, Rick Metsger, Ginny Burdick and Margaret Carter. These are the Oregonians who have their heads on straight and they know this is a tragic mistake.

Then Boquist's bill has the nerve to say "Iran sanctions the use of horrific methods of torture".

Wasn't it last week that Republicans thought torturing people was just fine?

They cite the number of Oregonians killed in Iraq, a war that absolutely should never have been waged, and then they tie it to Iran which has nothing to do with it.

“There are Oregonians today who have lost their father, their husband, their mother, their wife, their son, their daughter because of Iranian intervention in Iraq,” said Boquist. “We are sending thousands of Oregon’s bravest into harms way and both the substance and the symbol of state government investing in Iran is just wrong.”

Boquist lamented the dissenting votes, saying “It is disappointing that we didn’t pass this bill unanimously and send a message of strength and solidarity to our troops who are right now heading towards danger in Iraq,” said Boquist.

Gotta keep those wheels greased, keep those wars coming. Iraq is winding down, Boquist might become part of this economic struggle the rest of us who aren't war contractors seem to be experiencing.

Surely getting everyone worked up over lies about Iran is the logical course. 114 Oregonians have been killed in action in Iraq and more than 497 have been wounded. Not a single one of them should have been there in the first place, and Oregonians should be outraged over this behavior from Boquist.

Twelve other states have passed legislation banning investment of state funds in Iran. The bill now moves to the House for consideration. Please have sense Oregon legislators! You don't have to approve this, you don't have to be pressured by war contractors who double as lawmakers.

It's kind of funny that this fell into my hands today. The Republican politicians at the capitol for the most part, refuse to send us their press releases. That's possibly because the things they go after wreak of intolerance like this.

Of course I could visit their Websites and follow up on matters in any number of ways, but I am so busy just working through the political news releases that arrive in the Salem-News.com mailbox that I can't see straight half the time. Some day when our general news staff expands I will have the time to watch for this type of harmful legislation.

In summary, support of Israel is what this bill is. Israel expands its territory with a Zionist philosophy which places Jewish people ahead of all others over their religion. That is racism; especially in a country that many believe was illegally occupied Iran neither deserves not should expect to learn of such ridiculous legislation. "

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