Dave Lewis Ashland Oregon

Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis



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There is a $ 20,000.  REWARD in the Dave Lewis murder-arson case.

There is a $ 5,000. REWARD  for any pertinent tip or information.

Email:   [email protected]

              or call

Jackson County  Oregon Sheriff's Dept Desk:   541-774-6800 

or Detective Sergeant Eric Fox 541-774-6830

Shawna Carroll  541-531-7388

any law enforcement in any state or country can take information

 No one should  die the way David Edwin Lewis did. 

Justice for Dave ! What would you do if it was your family or loved one?

Keep the community safe. Report a crime. Don't lie for the other guy.

We seek justice because the victims can not.

 ~ Sincerest thanks to all who seek justice and good  ~


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Reply Mike Wilson
1:10 PM on December 7, 2017 
One thing for sure is that Jordan wanted Corey Falls outta there and set about making his life miserable with the help of some folks on the budget committee. Jordan, the commissioners, and the budget committee handed Winter's all the money he wanted to squander on Burl, surveillance gadgets, new Sheriff building, expanding the jail, that school lockup thing, and who knows what else. Falls came in and shut down SOMMER, got rid of the surveillance gadget, the school lockdown thing, seldom called Burl and wanted to use the resources for actual LE work. Why did Jordan behave like that ? I wonder why he was so set on getting rid of Falls.
Reply Alexa mayer
5:30 PM on May 26, 2017 
I stumbled upon this as i too have had an issue and exposed wahmashead now finding this I am freaking out help me please contact me
Reply Michael Owen
6:26 PM on May 16, 2017 

 I had to laugh when I heard that the breaks and transmisson both failed and caused that gravel truck to turn over. Reminded of a low budget bed time story. If ya know anything at all about trucks, ya have to wonder when the last time this truck had a D.O.T. inspection.

Reply ISee U in Ashland
3:09 PM on April 11, 2017 

"Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Brim! So glad you visited again today! Would you like to see the pictures I took in Portland with Brittany? She looks great...runs marathons and with the help of a therapist is putting her life back together. But, being sexlation at age 16 by her uncle and kept in a secret incestuous relationship for her teens and early twenties is difficult to overcome. See you tomorrow."

Reply Rogertix
3:18 AM on February 20, 2017 
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Reply Martin
2:10 AM on February 18, 2017 

You are not a criminal and you should never have pulled down the things that you could prove are true

If I can help in any way, I am willing to corroborate your story and send whatever documents I may have. Those a$ho&^s that run that city need to all be fired and incarcerated. I can't believe that year after year this felonious nonsense continues to occur.


Reply TonnyGog
5:15 PM on February 4, 2017 

We want to send kind words and encouraging and loving thoughts.



I am stuck at home today.



I was watching TV this morning and I noticed that on the Dr. Phil show there was a case on that was very similar to Dave Lewis. I know this approach may be a bit unorthodox but the outreach and support to this family today was amazing.



A few years ago, I actually met someone that had appeared on his show. This gal told me that it took her about 6 email attempts to finally be contacted by their producers.



After watching this show today, your situation would be a perfect way to profile Dave's murder and the egregious and vile corruption that occurs to this day in OR. Including how all of your civil rights are being stolen from you and you are basically being silenced to protect a criminal pedophile.



Why not reach out to the show (screw Brim, his minions and that ridiculous moron who won't face the truth about him).


At this point in the game, it doesn't hurt to try, Brim and his criminal minions have done everything possible to hurt you and silence you. Maybe somebody as powerful, wealthy and legally healthy would be willing to tell your story.



PS....we love, love, love President Trump What a strong, smart no-nonsense man.



Don't give up, maybe the next corner that we turn will be the one that incarcerates and exposes these criminals.



Take care and I hope that you give this some thought.

Reply TonnyGog
9:23 AM on February 2, 2017 
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Reply Smithg929
12:16 PM on December 4, 2016 

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Reply Smithg509
12:15 PM on December 4, 2016 

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Reply Concerned Neighbor
7:31 PM on November 9, 2015 

Our community has so many questions about this Jonathon Bilden who was fired from Eagle Point High School For texting a teen age girl that was on a sports team. He now was appointed a new position at the new Charter School in Eagle Point. Bilden has many close friends such as Dr. James Mannanbach who gave him the job at the new school. Which leaves the community with questions! They were roommates in college and high School friends. The New board wasnt voted on it was appointed and positions where givin to Bilden by Mannanbach. When asked about this Mannanbach became very defensive and wanted issue to go away. The Public and parents do not want this guy around their kids and I dont blame them. Forced by a life long friend deal to get the job rather than seek out new talent to give this school a great reputation. Seems like brining in this old problem is like a negative thing. I feel the public will come forward with more evidence andit will get really ugly and the kids once again will be on the losing end. The parents and community believe that Bilden needs to go away he is too attached to the districs Cynda Rickert and Dr. James Mannanbach that they just keep creating jobs for him.  Any suggestions? 

Reply Concerned Neighbor
7:11 PM on November 9, 2015 


Reply zardac
1:34 PM on October 25, 2014 

This ate up some time- which isn't a problem, but like the other commenters, I would have liked a synopsis that addressed who, what, when, where, and why, in a simple fashion.


It sounds like Dave Lewis was a good man, and it looks like there's some petty, selfish, and even nefarious, individuals living in Jackson County... but I would have liked more.

Reply Sharon
9:03 PM on September 8, 2014 

I feel like this site has lost touch with Daves murder and became a conspiracy site. Who are you targeting here? It doesnt make sense anymore it's just jumbled theories. When I look at the updates it's all about other local murders that have nothing to do with Dave. I recently wrote to Cold Justice in hopes they will take this case and find something solid. My father in law was Daves best friend and I would like the murderer(s) to be captured. Our prayers have been with Daves family.

Reply fishhookdavelewis
3:40 PM on August 28, 2014 

I have been to this page about five timeS when i have a few extra minutes. I can not understand from all the work and all the information and pages and pages and pages of all this stuff from here to China!!!!!!:

WHAT IS THE ALLEGATION: I got the part that David E. Lewis died in a fire at his house. SO WHO DO YOU ALLEGE THAT DID IT? STATE IT CLEALY! wHO DO YOU SAY MURDERED THIS MAN?