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Michael Marr, Victor Marr, Criminals & Guilty

Posted on October 19, 2017 at 2:40 AM

Submitted: Mon, August 21, 2017 Updated: Wed, September 13, 2017

Reported By: Mary S — Fremont California USA




Community Realty and Community Realty Property Management Indicted and convicted criminal own this business Oakland and San Leandro CA California

" Michael Marr, who is the owner of Community Realty located at 1032 E.14th Street, San Leandro CA 94577 and Community Realty property management located at 3577 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland CA was indicted on 11/19/2014.

His indictment number is: 4:14-CR-00580-JD.

Marr was found guilty of several counts of wire fraud and bid-rigging. Marr is scheduled to be sentenced on 10/4/2017 in Judge Phyllis Hamilton's Federal Courtroom located at 1301 Clay Street, Oakland CA.


We were victims of Marr and his minions on a state level. We went through a three year court battle in order to save our home. Marr cooked and recorded several fraudulent and forged documents that included a cooked a deed of trust and assignment of rents, a whited-out Trustee's deed upon sale (in order to avoid the IRS), a cooked and forged straight note which he had his daughter Erica Marr record at the recorder's office behind our backs.


Marr also got his daughter Erica J. Marr to forge a fraudulent notary document. When we subpoenaed her notary book which would have contained the original signature, she claimed that she had "lost her notary book" with the signatures in it. Conveniently, Erica Marr failed to report the loss of her book (when it was allegdly lost) and only notified the State of Ca when we finally subpoenaed it.

Marr had no valid real estate broker's license from 7/31/2000 to 3/12/2014 ) # 01187287 when he was forced to apply for one since we sued him.


Furthermore, Marr was lending momey in excess of 6-8 properties without out a valid MNLO, or any type of regulated lending license(s). Even when we sued him and were in trial, Marr couldn't help himself and submitted cooked and photo-shopped RE licenses to our Superior Court Judge in Oakland.


The straight note that he forged actually had seven different due dates on it, that's how sloppy he is.

Marr has scammed so many families, taken their homes and then rented them back to the victims.


Currently, he is terrorizing Ms. Dorothy DeBose, a 77 year old senior citizen who has resided in her family home for decades. If you Google Dorothy DeBose/Michael Marr you will be able to read her story, it is all over the media.


Marr has ran so many scams that it would take me days to post it all. He has had many shell companies but currently is down to two addresses. These companies may have changing names, but the primary locations are 1032 E.14th Street, San Leandro, CA 94577 and 3577 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland.

If you are reading this, you may want to take a look at his two daughters that work at these locations: Erica J. Marr and jessica Marr. They both enjoy engaging in these felonious activities as well. If they claim otherwise, I can prove to the contrary.


Finally his last child Victor Marr was indicted right along with Marr and his trial is either coming up or has already occurred.


Please be warned, that until Marr is sentenced on 10/4/2017, he is still conducting business at 1032 E.14th St. San Leandro and 3577 Fruitvale, Oakland. Please do not get caught up in his scams.

For Marr it is business as usual until the prison bus takes him away to the penitentiary where he belongs."

The DOJ and FBI were AMAZING on this one. BIG. 

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