Dave Lewis Ashland Oregon

Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis


Jackson County Oregon Corruption. Continued.

Posted on April 26, 2017 at 3:25 AM

Dear Hearts,


I heard. The responses to that moronic idiot. It almost seems like s/he is articulating this to you solely based on experience with that ridiculous IDIOT. You are a fighter and rightfully so. We don't take crap from BAD people nor do we cower down to evil.


At this point you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You need us, support team with a spine of steel to stand up to those inbred minions in OR. Screw them.....attack, attack, attack and that includes that CREEPY, greasy little perverted child molester. He cheated on the new one the first year!  Was proudly telling people !


( FYI when I was helping Ms. D., the bullies called the cops on us and there were about 10 cop cars lined up back to back across the street..but I did not get arrested HAHA)!


This is what cowards like the stooges  do when we get in their faces and they don't know how to handle pure unselfish determination. Good always takes longer than evil. I think that is just God's natural law. A very smart person once told me that it takes many many trades to build a beautiful building (architects, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, etc. and only ONE flipping moron with a match to burn that beautiful bldg. down. That stuck with me....and in the end, when caught or in their minds,  jail is hell on earth.....Look at that football player Hernandez that hung himself in jail at 28 years old.


That woman witch is an asinine little moron who tries to follow the herd. Be grateful that she is that flipping stupid. She probably rehearses her "little speech" to her 10 cats the night before she lectures. I'm guessing that she may do other "favors" for that blowhard. He is a mean, psychotic prick but he is NOT smart. If he were he would have been retired years ago......and OOOPS you're still here making his life miserable along with that vile little pervert. Imagine the fight and profound stress that both of them are experiencing. How delicious.


That mediator is a pure ahole and if you don't move to alert others, it is a mistake. Yes you may get another ahole l, but that will be more evidence of the unfair and fascist cartel up there. At this point they have done everything in their power to silence you to marginal avail and OOOOPS here you are still fighting and frustrating the hell out of them.


You and I are both warriors and we fight for what is right....don't let some poor woman that he yelled at while getting his jollies off for doing so dissuade you from doing what YOU KNOW is right. I am 100000% behind your decision. Report him....the system/cartel/ judicial register has to change! OR is not a democracy it is like living in a dictatorship and that is not what our ancestors fought for.


You are invincible, brilliant, cunning, and you will beat them . There is something in both of our DNA's that does not allow atrocities like this to go. Who in their right mind is going to give a child molesting pervert a pass?


Love you, hugs and amazing wishes for you.



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