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Greg Walden End at the Beginning

Posted on December 9, 2017 at 12:30 AM

Hopefully Walden will listen. And if not, hopefully Oregonians in his district will remember.

" Walden failed to respond to numerous interview requests from Rogoway to discuss whether the changes could hurt Oregonians. House Speaker Paul Ryan announced early last week that Walden would serve on the committee tasked with resolving the differences between the varying reforms outlined in the House and Senate plans. But by Thursday, Walden was off the committee. It remains unclear why. Walden's not talking about that, either. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. He retains a potent position in House leadership and should be using his political sway to help Oregonians. Walden also declined an interview with The Oregonian/OregonLive's Editorial Board. However, he did issue a statement: "I've talked to the Governor, leaders of some of Oregon's largest employers, as well as value added agricultural interests and affordable housing advocates. I'm working with my colleagues to do all I can to improve the final legislation to bring federal tax relief and job growth to Oregon and America. Because of the ongoing discussions, I'm refraining from publicly discussing all of the specifics that are in play." Gov. Kate Brown said she asked Walden last Thursday to support keeping the local deductions. In a letter to him and the rest of the congressional delegation, she called eliminating the deduction a "double taxation." Her gubernatorial opponent, Rep. Knute Buehler, also has called for Congress to "protect the interests of Oregonians." - The Republicans' $1.5 trillion federal tax reform package calls for eliminating a benefit that will end up hitting Oregon and a handful of other states with high taxes particularly hard. So hard, in fact, 12 of the 13 Republicans who voted against the House version were from the high-tax states of California, New York and New Jersey. One Republican congressman from California recently blasted the bill, saying it would disenfranchise his constituents. U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Oregon Yet Rep. Greg Walden, Oregon's only Republican in Congress and a powerful figure in the House, hasn't said a word about the move to dump state and local tax deductions. The nine-term congressman voted for the House plan, which includes eliminating the deduction that's been around since the inception of the federal income tax. Without it, some 670,000 Oregonians could end up with higher tax bills. Walden won't publicly share what he thinks about eliminating the state and local deductions. Or, for that matter, plans to nix other tax benefits on which vulnerable Oregonians rely, such as the medical expense interest deduction, the veteran mortgage bonds and other affordable housing bonds. To be fair, the tax plan isn't all bad. The package calls for reducing the number of tax brackets for individuals' personal income and increasing the standard deduction. Those changes could provide Oregon residents with a few hundred dollars in savings on their federal taxes, according to a preliminary analysis by the state. - - - - Businesses could also benefit from proposals to lower corporate tax rates and potential changes for privately held companies. But as The Oregonian/OregonLive's Mike Rogoway has reported, a good number of Oregonians deduct their state and local taxes from their federal tax bill. That can soften the blow for residents in a state with one of the nation's highest income tax rates, which maxes out at 9.9 percent. State data shows about 40 percent of Oregonians claimed those deductions on their federal taxes in 2015. Without the benefit, those taxpayers could end up paying an average of $2,800 more per household, according to an analysis the Oregon Legislative Revenue Office conducted at the request of The Oregonian/OregonLive. The proposal could sting earners at both ends of the spectrum. Rogoway reported that without the deduction, the highest-paid Oregonians could be walloped with increases in the tens of thousands of dollars. But households making less than $75,000 who claim the deduction also could face increases of $1,200 on average. Tax experts also warn that while the tax hit might not be as hard for some families, repealing the deductions could make it more difficult for those states to collect the money needed to pay for schools, police and social services. - - "


Greg Walden, Interior Secretary Zyan Zinke, where is Dave???


All those who  murdered David Edwin Lewis and corrupted "Shangra-la"

should be held fully responsible.

The perfect storm of murder was permitted to brew. 



Meridian Group Fred Berg

Posted on December 8, 2017 at 3:45 AM
- SEATTLE ?? A Washington state man who bilked investors out of more than $100 million in a Ponzi scheme has escaped from a federal prison in central California, according to the U.S. Marshals Service. Prison officials said Frederick Darren Berg, 55, was discovered missing Wednesday from a minimum-security work camp next to a penitentiary in Atwater, California, The Seattle Times reported. Berg in 2012 was sentenced in federal court in Seattle to 18 years after pleading guilty to wire fraud, money laundering and bankruptcy fraud. Prosecutors said at the time that it was the largest fraud scheme they had prosecuted in Western Washington. Berg used investment funds from his company, Meridian Group, to buy two Lear jets, several yachts and million-dollar condos and homes in Washington state and California over the course of a decade, federal prosecutors have said. They said that between 2001 and 2009, Berg used more than $100 million in funds from over 800 investors for his own benefit and to keep his investment fraud scheme going. He used investor money to pay off the loans of earlier investors in order to continue his scheme to defraud, court records show. FBI agents said when he was sentenced that Berg took advantage of hopeful investors, many senior citizens, and that many suffered emotional and financial pain because of his fraud. His defense attorneys said in court papers that Berg wanted to resolve this case and take full responsibility for his actions. Berg was arrested in 2010 in Los Angeles.


Posted on December 4, 2017 at 6:55 AM




" Phoenix, Oregon's  City Attorney Ryan Kirchoff will continue in his position until Oct. 2, 2017 when he will begin serving a two-year suspension of his law license ordered by the Oregon State Bar for an incident arising in his private practice.

Oregon’s Supreme Court issued a ruling Aug. 3, 2017 upholding the findings of an Oregon State Bar trial that had been appealed by Kirchoff. The bar found that his conduct demonstrated a lack of understanding and appreciation of the profession’s ethical responsibilities and regulations.

The city has published a request for proposals to fill the city attorney spot, with a deadline of Sept. 11. 2017 Interim City Manager Dave Kanner said he hopes to have the position filled by Oct. 2. 2017 The city’s RFP calls for either a law firm or licensed lawyer.


When the appeal became public last summer, Kirchoff should have been dismissed by the City Council, said former councilor Mike Stitt, who was council president in the previous decade. Kirchoff was an at-will employee, he said.

“I have no bones to pick with Ryan. He’s very personable. But I thought the case was very strong,” said Stitt. “It’s pretty hard to be an effective public servant with that hanging over you.”


Kirchoff in late summer 2016 applied to fill the vacant city manager position while the bar ruling was under appeal. At one point in the hiring process, former Mayor Jeff Bellah said Kirchoff was the tentative choice for the position, but that the council was going to do a thorough background check.

The city in November 2016 hired Jamie McLeod to be city manager. She was fired from that post in March this year.

The Oregon Supreme Court ruling held that the bar established misconduct with clear and convincing evidence. The bar panel found that Kirchoff had knowingly falsified an email. The court also found that testimony about communication with another lawyer involved was not credible.

James Kirchoff (alias RYAN K.) 

Kirchoff was representing a husband in a divorce beginning in January 2014. Kirchoff filed a motion to vacate a judgment and declaration, but he did not attach a written notice of intent to appear as required by law. Later Kirchoff supplied what was said to be a copy of the notice. The lawyer for the wife claimed the email may have been fabricated.

The bar trial concluded there is “clear and convincing evidence ... that the accused printed this document and submitted it to the court, to counsel, the Oregon State Bar, and now the Trial Panel, when the accused knew . . . this document did not exist, digitally, on paper or in any form on the day he testified he sent it.”


In the court’s review, Kirchoff argued that the bar did not prove by clear and convincing evidence that it was “highly probable” he falsified the document. Kirchoff said the document was a hard copy of a draft he wrote but never sent.

Kirchoff did not return calls seeking comment. He has a law firm in Grants Pass and has represented the city for four years. He has been a licensed lawyer for 14 years and has represented other Oregon municipalities, including Cave Junction. " 

— Tony Boom is an Ashland freelance writer.


" conduct demonstrated a lack of understanding and appreciation of the profession’s ethical responsibilities and regulations. " 




County  Administrator Danny Jordan  too -  who hired Kirchoff -- way  bad - -- 

" All off that mountain the old cowboy said."  Watch and See.







Melisa Button of Hornecker Cowling. Disbar

Posted on December 2, 2017 at 10:45 AM










Case No. 15CN02970

Related Case No. 15CV09360

Judge Grensky






I, Melisa A. Button, hereby declare that the following is true and correct to the best of

my knowledge:

1. I am one of the attorneys for Plaintiffs in the above titled action, and make this

declaration in support of Plaintiffs’ opposition to Defendant’s motion to quash warrant.

2. Attached as Exhibit 1 are true and correct copies of social media postings that

picture Defendant in Los Angeles and Ashland, Oregon in Summer 2015.

I hereby declare that the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge

and belief, and that I understand they are made for use as evidence in court and are

subject to penalty for perjury.

DATED this 19

th day of September, 2016.

s/ Melisa A. Button


Hope disbarment is the result of the false arrest and actions   of  the court. 

 - - 


Posted on November 29, 2017 at 2:55 AM

The search is intensifying for a missing 17-year-old Florida girl and a 27-year-old soccer coach from her high school who authorities say are together and might be headed northeast, potentially to New York or Canada.


Caitlyn Frisina, 17 Rian Rodriguez, 27, (not even a teen & #50ish)

might be traveling north after the teen left her home on her own, leaving behind her phone, "which she fully erased," the Columbia County Sheriff's office said in a Facebook post on Sunday. Police said they found footprints outside of the teen's home, and she appears to have left through a window.


Frisina's parents told police they had "no indicators" of "any type of relationship between these two," Murray Smith, public information officer for the Columbia County Sheriffâ??s Office, told ABC News today. From interviews, authorities said they have learned of what Smith described as the "blossoming of a potential relationship"



between Frisina and Rodriguez. "Caitlyn has a current boyfriend who also is beside himself because everything was fine," Smith said. Rodriguez has been working as a boys' soccer coach at Fort White High School, but he has been suspended pending the investigation, according to a statement from Lex Carswell, superintendent of Columbia County Schools. - -



Police looking into 'potential relationship' between missing teen, soccer coach J.J. GALLAGHER, EMILY SHAPIRO and RACHEL KATZ and SUSAN SCHWARTZ Good Morning AmericaNovember 28, 2017 Police looking into 'potential relationship' between missing teen, soccer coach More The search is intensifying for a missing 17-year-old Florida girl and a 27-year-old soccer coach from her high school who authorities say are together and might be headed northeast, potentially to New York or Canada. Caitlyn Frisina, 17, and Rian Rodriguez, 27, might be traveling north after the teen left her home on her own, leaving behind her phone, "which she fully erased," the Columbia County Sheriff's office said in a Facebook post on Sunday. Police said they found footprints outside of the teen's home, and she appears to have left through a window. Frisina's parents told police they had "no indicators" of "any type of relationship between these two," Murray Smith, public information officer for the Columbia County Sheriffâ??s Office, told ABC News today. From interviews, authorities said they have learned of what Smith described as the "blossoming of a potential relationship" between Frisina and Rodriguez. "Caitlyn has a current boyfriend who also is beside himself because everything was fine," Smith said. Rodriguez has been working as a boys' soccer coach at Fort White High School, but he has been suspended pending the investigation, according to a statement from Lex Carswell, superintendent of Columbia County Schools. ** A missing teenage girl from Florida may be in the presence of 27-year-old Rian Rodriguez (pictured). (Courtesy Columbia County Sheriff's Office ) Frisina has played soccer at Fort White High School, according to an online roster published by Next College Student Athlete. Rodriguez and Frisina had been around each other "at sports events, but they've never been alone at all," Smith said. The sheriff's office said Frisina made a $200 ATM withdrawal Sunday in St. Marys, Georgia, which is about 100 miles northeast of Columbia County. That was the teen's last known location, Smith said. But authorities "believe strongly they're heading northeast," Smith said. He said Frisina has family in New York and Rodriguez has family in Canada and possibly Pennsylvania. Authorities are urging people along the I-95 corridor to keep a lookout, Smith said. They may be traveling north in a 2001 red Mercury Sable with Florida tag Z04CSC, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said. Caitlyn Frisina, 17, and Rian Rodriguez, 27, who are both missing. (Courtesy Columbia County Sheriff's Office) As of today, this isn't considered a kidnapping case as no criminal charges have been filed, Smith said. But Smith added: "For her to be on the road with this gentleman, I consider that to be a dangerous situation." "We are hoping for a great resolution," Smith said. "We dont want them to think they are in trouble. They've made some poor decisions but who hasnt?

Just want them to contact their families and come home." Frisina's parents both wrote messages on social media to their daughter urging her to come home. Her father, Ward Frisina, tweeted Monday night, "I do not care about anything except hearing your voice. There is absolutely nothing that you could have done or be involved in that stops my love for you. You are my only concern. I will come to you no matter the time or place! I love you!" Her mother, Scarlet Frisina, wrote on Facebook Monday afternoon, "I want you to know how very much we love you and miss you! We're not sure why you chose to go, but know that all we care about is knowing whether or not you're safe!! We can work out any issues. We're here with open arms praying for your safety! Please let us know that you're ok. Day or night, no matter what; no judgement , no anger...just know we're here and we love you more than you can imagine!"

Caitlyn Frisina is described as having brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds, the Florida

Department of Law Enforcement said. Rodriguez is described as having black hair and brown eyes. 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds, the agency said. The Columbia County Sheriff's Office has asked anyone with information on her whereabouts to call the authorities at (386) 719-2005.

The FBI is assisting the sheriff's office with the case.

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Dave Lewis Missing Eagles Win.Here Comes Birthday

Posted on November 19, 2017 at 11:40 PM


Number One NFL FAN. David Edwin Lewis. Here Comes 56th Birthday too !



Justice 4 Dave.  Jail ALL those Criminals who participate in evil.



All who participate in evil,wrong-doing, support crime & criminals. 




Gaming the system at Hyatt Lake. 


Posted on November 17, 2017 at 10:10 PM


" There's a special place in hell for people who prey on teenagers Ivanka Trump blasts embattled GOP candidate Roy Moore over underage sexual harassment claims

Ivanka Trump said there is 'no reason to doubt' account of  accuser"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5086971/Ivanka-Trump-says-child-tax-credit-not-pet-project.html#ixzz4ykX992qb




White House adviser Ivanka Trump has slammed embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore over allegations that he made inappropriate sexual advances toward women when they were teenagers.

The presidential daughter and adviser said she had 'no reason to doubt' the accounts of women who say they were pursued or assaulted by Moore.

She said: 'There's a special place in hell for people who prey on children. I've yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims' account. " 


                                THE TRUTH, FACTS, JUSTICE


The attorneys who manufactured the "liar" affidavit <<< disbar. 

Who attempted to cover-up the crime of sex with a teenager? 


Groomed. Lured. Seduced. TEENAGER victim to FIFTY+  YEAR old. Gag in Hell. 


" Disbarment is the removal of a lawyer from a bar association or the practice of law, thus revoking his or her law license or admission to practice law. Disbarment is usually a punishment for unethical or criminal conduct."



The President's daughter said:

" There's a special place in hell for people who prey on teenagers. I've yet to see a valid explanation " 


Posted on November 13, 2017 at 7:30 AM

Dennis Richardson's remarks on morality of being gay draw criticism from predecessor

Updated Sep 28; Posted Sep 28

" Jeanne Atkins, Richardson's predecessor, released a statement saying Richardson's stance on being gay "calls into question" his ability to perform his job"

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson answered "yes" when asked by an Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter Wednesday if being gay is immoral. Thursday, Jeanne Atkins, Richardson's predecessor, released a statement saying Richardson's stance on being gay "calls into question" his ability to perform his job.

Richardson, a Mormon, was a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage during his dozen years in the Oregon Legislature. In 2007, he gave a speech from the House of Representatives floor saying that gay men are more likely abuse children -- a widely debunked statistic. Two years earlier, he characterized same-sex marriage as being different than "normal" marriage during a speech at the City Club of Portland.


Richardson, the first Republican to be elected Oregon's secretary of state in three decades, told OPB Wednesday that, in his view, the choice of the government or voters to allow same-sex marriage doesn't "change the definition with God." In his view and the view of his church, sexual relations outside of a marriage covenant between a man, a woman and God is a sin.


Richardson attempted to blunt his statement, saying his stance on being gay "doesn't change the humanity or the acceptance I have for people to make their own choices about such important and so personal of a nature." He added, "You cannot find a gay or lesbian person that I have treated without respect."

 - -

Atkins, who is now the chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Oregon, said Richardson's statements are "appalling" and may be harmful for LGBT youth.

"That the highest ranking Republican official in Oregon would call these populations 'immoral' is upsetting and harmful," Atkins said. Most Oregonians, she said, believe that a person's sexual orientation does not make them immoral.

Richardson has not released a response to Atkins.

Her criticism of him comes a day after Richardson announced an unusual 12-day trade mission to China that will be funded in part by that country's local and national governments.

Economic development officials said that arrangement is unusual, and a professor who studies government ethics said the financing of Richardson's trip presents an ethical problem. " 


- - As posted by David Wick:

- - -traveler and cohort to China with Richardson and Saint Mary's School of Medford Orgon.

But Dennis Richardson traveled with Southern Oregon China Connection and Irene Kai (who did Jesus Dildo Art and What Do You See Art) and David Wick who posted porn.

 - -


" Jeanne Atkins, Richardson's predecessor, released a statement saying Richardson's stance on being gay "calls into question" his ability to perform his job. "

Michael Marr, Gregory Casorso, Javier Sanchez GUILTY

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 2:35 PM

 - -


" Under the law, victims of Federal crimes such as antitrust violations are entitled to certain rights. These rights include the right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any public court proceeding involving the crime; the right not to be excluded from any such public court proceeding unless the court determines that testimony by the victim would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at the proceeding; and the right to be reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, plea, sentencing, or any parole proceeding.

This page lists named defendants (and products or industries involved) in pending cases prosecuted by the Antitrust Division for which public court proceedings are scheduled and for which the court has approved victim notification through this webpage.


Note: Hearing dates and times are subject to last-minute change. Although every effort has been made to provide current information, before attending a hearing you may wish to phone the court directly to confirm."


Hearings by Product or Service


Putting off the inevitable:

" Do not try and talk your way out of, what your actions got you in to. " 

U.S. v. Michael Marr, et al.


Product or service: Real estate foreclosure auctions

Defendants: Michael Marr, Javier Sanchez, Gregory Casorso, Victor Marr



Date and Time


Sentencing hearing [Defendant: Gregory Casorso]

November 15, 2017

2:30 p.m. Pacific Oakland Federal Courthouse

Courtroom 3, 3rd Floor

Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton

1301 Clay St.

Oakland, CA

(510) 637-1296

Sentencing hearing [Defendant: Michael Marr]

December 6, 2017

2:30 p.m. Pacific Oakland Federal Courthouse

Courtroom 3, 3rd Floor

Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton

1301 Clay St.

Oakland, CA

(510) 637-1296

Motion hearing to continue sentencing [Defendant: Javier Sanchez]


November 8, 2017

2:30 p.m. Pacific Oakland Federal Courthouse

Courtroom 3, 3rd Floor

Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton

1301 Clay St.

Oakland, CA

(510) 637-1296

 - -

EGO  GREED  EGO   and then Bullies and Real estate  Cowards. 
 - -


TIME FOR SENTENCING BOYS. Dream team of lawyers didn't work. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

A trail of tears they left behind them, and never once cared. TIME for reflection =  Jail. 

They are all a bag of chips and more...until the time comes for TRUTH & JUSTICE !


And everybody was wrong in their past ? Ummmm NO.


- SKY SKY and Now these rip-off Joes...



Next... Up... on deck... and in the hole. Guaranteed. 

Michael Marr, Victor Marr, Criminals & Guilty

Posted on October 19, 2017 at 2:40 AM

Submitted: Mon, August 21, 2017 Updated: Wed, September 13, 2017

Reported By: Mary S — Fremont California USA




Community Realty and Community Realty Property Management Indicted and convicted criminal own this business Oakland and San Leandro CA California

" Michael Marr, who is the owner of Community Realty located at 1032 E.14th Street, San Leandro CA 94577 and Community Realty property management located at 3577 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland CA was indicted on 11/19/2014.

His indictment number is: 4:14-CR-00580-JD.

Marr was found guilty of several counts of wire fraud and bid-rigging. Marr is scheduled to be sentenced on 10/4/2017 in Judge Phyllis Hamilton's Federal Courtroom located at 1301 Clay Street, Oakland CA.


We were victims of Marr and his minions on a state level. We went through a three year court battle in order to save our home. Marr cooked and recorded several fraudulent and forged documents that included a cooked a deed of trust and assignment of rents, a whited-out Trustee's deed upon sale (in order to avoid the IRS), a cooked and forged straight note which he had his daughter Erica Marr record at the recorder's office behind our backs.


Marr also got his daughter Erica J. Marr to forge a fraudulent notary document. When we subpoenaed her notary book which would have contained the original signature, she claimed that she had "lost her notary book" with the signatures in it. Conveniently, Erica Marr failed to report the loss of her book (when it was allegdly lost) and only notified the State of Ca when we finally subpoenaed it.

Marr had no valid real estate broker's license from 7/31/2000 to 3/12/2014 ) # 01187287 when he was forced to apply for one since we sued him.


Furthermore, Marr was lending momey in excess of 6-8 properties without out a valid MNLO, or any type of regulated lending license(s). Even when we sued him and were in trial, Marr couldn't help himself and submitted cooked and photo-shopped RE licenses to our Superior Court Judge in Oakland.


The straight note that he forged actually had seven different due dates on it, that's how sloppy he is.

Marr has scammed so many families, taken their homes and then rented them back to the victims.


Currently, he is terrorizing Ms. Dorothy DeBose, a 77 year old senior citizen who has resided in her family home for decades. If you Google Dorothy DeBose/Michael Marr you will be able to read her story, it is all over the media.


Marr has ran so many scams that it would take me days to post it all. He has had many shell companies but currently is down to two addresses. These companies may have changing names, but the primary locations are 1032 E.14th Street, San Leandro, CA 94577 and 3577 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland.

If you are reading this, you may want to take a look at his two daughters that work at these locations: Erica J. Marr and jessica Marr. They both enjoy engaging in these felonious activities as well. If they claim otherwise, I can prove to the contrary.


Finally his last child Victor Marr was indicted right along with Marr and his trial is either coming up or has already occurred.


Please be warned, that until Marr is sentenced on 10/4/2017, he is still conducting business at 1032 E.14th St. San Leandro and 3577 Fruitvale, Oakland. Please do not get caught up in his scams.

For Marr it is business as usual until the prison bus takes him away to the penitentiary where he belongs."

The DOJ and FBI were AMAZING on this one. BIG. 


Posted on September 25, 2017 at 1:10 AM

 - -



and LEWIS.


Josh Moulin, Medford Oregon Police and All That Jazzzzzz

Posted on September 24, 2017 at 6:25 AM

Ummmmm maybe an outside investigation, from say Portland, would be a good idea?

" Jackson County District Attorney Beth Heckert has confirmed Medford police detectives attended a party with Bourne Huddleston months before he killed his wife in 2012, but she ruled the department doesn’t have to release details of its internal investigation, which found no wrongdoing.

The Mail Tribune filed a records request in July seeking information about claims made in Josh Moulin’s $2 million lawsuit against the city of Central Point that said Medford Det. Brandon Bloomfield found pictures on Huddleston’s computer of Huddleston partying with other Medford detectives.

Medford police Chief Randy Sparacino said an internal investigation on the claims yielded “no improprieties,” but he declined to comment further.

After reviewing details of the internal Medford police investigation, Heckert sided last week with Medford police.

“The MPD employees were not on duty and were attending a party where numerous people were present,” Heckert said, adding, “the fact that one person present committed a murder five months after the party does not make the material have a public interest.”

Moulin, who formerly led the multi-agency Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force from Central Point’s headquarters, was accused of computer crimes, but the charges were later dropped and deemed unfounded.

Moulin is now suing the city of Central Point alleging malicious prosecution. Though Medford police is not a party to the lawsuit, the claim that Moulin and Bloomfield saw “friends and close personal associates of Bloomfield’s” socializing with Huddleston while investigating his computer April 30, 2012, spurred a closer look by Medford police officials.

Sparacino said the agency performed an internal investigation in October 2015, after a tort letter sent by Moulin’s lawyers said it intended to mention the agency in the lawsuit, which was filed in May 2017.

“We found all of our officers involved acted appropriately,” Sparacino said. “No items were determined to be policy violations.”

In June, Moulin’s lawyer Kris Winemiller declined to comment in detail about the claim that involved Medford police, other than that it appeared that Huddleston had “personal friends who were Medford detectives, including one who was very close to Brandon Bloomfield.”

The lawsuit claims that Bloomfield alerted one of the detectives pictured, and within days Bloomfield and former Medford police chief Tim George separately questioned Moulin’s effectiveness in an ongoing Ashland murder investigation, the brutal decapitation slaying of David Grubbs.

According to the lawsuit, Bloomfield approached Central Point police Chief Kris Allison May 2, 2012, and claimed that Moulin was being “dishonest” when he told Ashland police a laptop related to the Grubbs investigation would have a 2-month turnaround time, the lawsuit says.

The same day, Medford “suddenly” called for a meeting with Moulin, according to the lawsuit, in which George questioned Moulin whether he “had done everything possible to help APD in the Grubbs investigation.”

Winemiller said the May 2, 2012, meeting was meant to ensure that the task force had done everything it could to satisfy Ashland police, which weeks prior had withdrawn from the multi-agency task force.

Sparacino said the claims that mention Medford in Moulin’s lawsuit were determined to be “unfounded.”

Winemiller said Medford wasn’t named in the suit because it didn’t push to prosecute Moulin on the computer crime charges, which Circuit Court Judge Kelly Ravassipour dismissed “with prejudice” in 2015.

“The Medford officials didn’t push for this prosecution to go forward. In fact, many in Medford were bothered by it,” Winemiller said. “Brandon Bloomfield was a close call but, in the end, he’s not the major culprit.”

The core of Moulin’s lawsuit is that Allison “orchestrated a groundless criminal investigation against Moulin.”

Details of the charges against Moulin have since been sealed in court records. Steve Kraemer, a lawyer representing Central Point, said the city can’t comment on Moulin’s allegations in the lawsuit beyond a denial."

 - - -

Rodney Nygren Likes the Word: SUGAR

Posted on August 28, 2017 at 7:40 PM



It's all good until it's not. Then its not sugar...



Jessica Nygren taught by Daddy dearest. Sugar. 

Sheriff Mike Winters & the Litany Goes On...

Posted on August 23, 2017 at 6:40 AM


Originally Posted on April 23, 2014 at 6:40 PM

Click on any links below for facts & truth:


  1. Extremist Oregon Sheriff Appeals Handgun Decision To The ...


    Jul 27, 2011 · Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday in his latest bid to block the issuance of a concealed handgun license …

  1. ACLU Foundation of Oregon Wins Public Records Case …


    After first meeting with Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters, the ACLU began a comprehensive investigation of conditions in the Jackson County Jail in 2009.

Winters pays same helicopter outfit over a Million:

Childress County helicopter crash kills 1, injures 1 | Amarillo ...

amarillo.com › NewsLocal News
Amarillo Globe‑News
Nov 27, 2012 - A Brim Aviation helicopter piloted by Keith Hard, 42, of Butte County, Calif., was hovering ... Childress County helicopter crash kills 1, injures 1.

DPS: 1 dead after Childress County helicopter crash ...

Lubbock Avalanche‑Journal
Nov 27, 2012 - DPS: 1 dead after Childress County helicopter crash ... A Brim Aviation helicopter piloted by Keith Hard, 42, was hovering about 150 feet above ...

HEC - Without Class - PPRuNe Forums - Professional Pilots Rumour ...

www.pprune.org › ... › Rotorheads
Professional Pilots Rumour Network
Nov 28, 2012 - 20 posts - ‎11 authors
A Brim Aviation helicopter piloted by Keith Hard, 42, of Butte County, ... Hard was taken to Childress Regional Medical Center for back injuries, the DPS said. ... “They are in charge of investigating all fatal aircraft accidents.”

3 times: Mercy Flights makes emergency landing | MailTribune.com

Mail Tribune
Oct 26, 2005 - Mercy Flights makes emergency landing ... A Mercy Flights helicopter carrying a patient had to make an emergency ... Eagle Point, Oregon.

Burl Brim, " chief pilot "  to Winters

  1. Personal pronoun costs Mercy Flights $30000 - Mail Tribune

    Mail Tribune
    Aug 26, 2010 - According to the Transportation Department consent order signed by Deputy General Counsel Rosalind "Lindy" Knapp, Mercy Flights broke ...
  2. Feds fine Ore. Mercy Flights  ...BTS- Burl Brim

    The Boston Globe
    Aug 27, 2010 - But according to the Transportation Department consent order signed by Deputy General Counsel Rosalind "Lindy" Knapp, Mercy Flights broke ...
  3. Feds fine Mercy Flights; Burl Brim

    The Bulletin
    Mar 15, 2014 - But according to the Transportation Department consent order signed by Deputy General Counsel Rosalind “LindyKnapp, Mercy Flights broke ...

  1. Mike Winters Should Resign - Southern Oregon Post


    Mike Winters Should Resign. All of us here in Jackson County know that Sheriff Mike Winters has no problem violating civil rights in his crusade against medical ...

  1. Jacob Franklin arrests Ron Oachs, Jackson County …

    • By Bill Meyer ·
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    • Added Nov 01, 2011

    Former Jackson County Sheriffs Deputy Jacob Franklin pulls over retired deputy Ron Oachs in March, 2009. Oachs refused Franklin's order to stay in the car ...

  2. Contested arrest video released | MailTribune.com


    Nov 09, 2011 · Franklin said he was fired because he arrested Ron Oachs, a former sheriff's deputy and friend of his superior officers, and took his case to court.

  1. Video showing former sheriff deputy's controversial ...


    Nov 08, 2011 · The approximately 30-minute video shows Franklin pulling Oachs over as he leaves Interstate 5 at Exit 43 near Gold Hill. As the larger and older Oachs ...

  1. Arbitrator Rules In County's Favor | KDRV


    Mar 08, 2013 · ... and would be forced to lay off 66 employees across the board. Those employees received their pink slips from Sheriff Mike Winters in early February.

  2. Jackson County Sheriff's Department Hands Out 66 Pink Slips


    Sheriff Mike Winters confirmed the layoff notices were sent out on a seniority ... Those 66 pink slips will give employees just 28 days notice that their jobs ...

  3. Jackson Co. Sheriff Announces Layoffs | KDRV


    Feb 20, 2013 · ... have received their pink slips. The sheriff says those 66 employees will ... to prevent laying off ... jackson county sheriff mike winters, ...

  1. Sheriff's Office Poised To Cut 66 Employees » News » OPB


    The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department handed out pink slips Tuesday to 66 ... Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters confirmed the layoff notices were sent out ...

  2. Sheriff's office poised to cut 66 employees | MailTribune.com


    Feb 20, 2013 · The Jackson County Sheriff's Department handed out pink slips Tuesday to 66 ... Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters confirmed the layoff notices ...

  3. Obama Layoffs: Jackson County Sheriff Department to Layoff 66


    Feb 20, 2013 · The Jackson County Sheriff's Department handed out pink slips Tuesday to 66 ... Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters confirmed the layoff notices …

  1. Bradley Monical | KDRV - Medford News, Medford Weather …


    Nov 14, 2013 · MEDFORD, Ore. — Two days after an escaped inmate is arrested, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters is finally speaking out to the media. On …

  2. Area manhunt continues for escaped bank robber ...


    Nov 22, 2012 · Winters also reminded the public not to leave keys in cars and to lock their doors in order to keep Monical from attaining the means to flee the area.

  3. Escaped Inmate Arrested by U.S. Marshals | KDRV


    Nov 13, 2013 · OREGON CITY, Ore. – U.S. Marshals arrested an escaped inmate a year after Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters vowed to put the …

  4. 'Mistakes were made' | MailTribune.com


    Nov 21, 2012 · An embarassed and determined Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters held a press conference after Bradley Monical who was scheduled for court …

  5. KTVL CBS Channel 10 :: News - Top Stories - Winters ...


    Nov 20, 2012 · Jackson Count Sheriff Mike Winters said Bradley William Monical escaped from the top of the Jackson

  6. Reward for help in finding Oregon jail escapee climbs to $ ...


    Nov 28, 2012 · Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters held a news conference last week after Bradley Monical, who was scheduled for court, escaped from the Jackson …

  1. Sheriff's candidate faces DOJ investigation | DailyTidings.com


    Apr 04, 2014 · Jackson County sheriff's candidate Bob Sergi is being investigated for an alleged elections law violation in his bid to unseat his boss, Sheriff Mike Winters.

  1. Civil rights suit filed against police, sheriff ...


    Jun 26, 2013 · Civil rights suit filed against police, sheriff. Text ... He is seeking $750,000 for alleged violations of his 4th ... Sheriff Mike Winters did not ...

  1. Women inmates claim improper strip search


    ... said the search violated federal laws protecting ... Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters ... Male officers are not allowed to pat down female inmates ...

Inmates at Jackson County jail claim improper strip search ...

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Several women who were inmates at the Jackson County jail say they were ... Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters said he ordered the strip ...

ACLU of Oregon Challenges Unconstitutional Mail Policy in ...

Jun 21, 2012 - Even inmates who have not been convicted of any crime are subject to ... Jackson County Sheriff Michael Winters amended the jail policy's ...

  1. Quarry drowning victim ID'd | MailTribune.com

    Mail Tribune
    Aug 19, 2008 - ... released the name of the swimmer who drowned in a rock quarry in ... flooded gravel pit off Keno Access Road near Dead Indian Memorial ...
  2. Man, 32, drowns in rock quarry | MailTribune.com

    Mail Tribune
    Aug 18, 2008 - A 32-year-old man drowned Sunday while swimming in a rock quarry ... before 5:30 p.m. in the quarry located off the Keno Access Road and ...

Elect a New Sheriff Jackson County Oregon 2014 - The ...

Jan 1, 2014 - Sheriff Winters allowed Keno Quarry nude-lude swimming hole to go on, ... men were masturbating publically and gun brandishing happened.

Keno Road Rock Quarry - Skinny Dipping - CommunityWalk

Keno Road Rock Quarry - Skinny Dipping - C/O Hiking & Soaking in the ... The CO beach is at the northeast end. Bring an air mattress. Community. USA. Oregon. Jackson. Ashland. Keno Road Rock Quarry. Image from Mooncrow The lake ...

It is wrong that this has been permitted. There is absolutely no logical explanation; that this has been permitted year in and year out, since before and after Dave's murder. As the innocent-one said, " right under the Sheriff''s nose."




Deputies are en route to the 3100 block of Keno Access Road to investigate allegations that the 53-year old suspect, identified only as "Larry," fired multiple gunshots at a group of three men and three women at around 1 p.m. while engaged in "an indecent exposure incident," Carlson said.

Initial reports state that after shooting at the group, the suspect left in a gray and blue pick-up truck. Deputies are looking for him.




  1. Weed Country: Another “Non-Reality” Reality Show On ...

    Feb 22, 2013 - They filmed a “staged” assault by the Jackson County Oregon's SWAT team on an ... In the scene, Sheriff Winters even implied “people” are using MS13 gang .... Show the resources @ tax payers expense wasted by law
  2. Jackson County Sheriff Spends Thousands in Losing Battle ...

    Sep 20, 2011 - In addition to the permit questions Oregon law requires, Winters decided to ask about ... They billed the taxpayers for 80 hours of work at $175 an hour. .... ✭College's rising cost steering students to private, smaller institutions
  3. Mike Winters Won't Take No For An Answer...Again - Google ...

    Sep 20, 2011 - Southern Oregon News Source for Community-Focused News, ... Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters has decided to spend more taxpayer money on .... ✭College's rising cost steering students to private, smaller institutions

Airport Commission Regular Meeting Minutes 5-4-201

May 4, 2010 - Visitors: Burl Brim, Brittany Wise, Michelle Scarlata, Jeff Neilson ... B. Brim Aviation: Brim informs Commission that the training tower will not be ...

Brittany Wise and Burl Brim 10/23/10. "This was wonderful!"

               " On the arm of Dad "





 " The girls wore their best dresses, the boys their best — suits and ties as music played in the background, the room decorated with — balloons and streamers, a disco ball rotating from above — a perfect setting — for a high school formal.

 But the event at the Historic Ashland Armory was a bit — different - instead of boys taking girls on a date, the girls' fathers — had the honor of escorting them to the formal.

 The brainchild of two Ashland High School seniors, the — father-daughter formal on Saturday gave girls and their dads a chance — to spend a memorable evening together. More than 50 people attended the — event. While the formal was designed for the entire community, the majority — of those who attended were from the high school.

The formal was a senior high school project put together by Brittany Wise

Burl Brim of Ashland, Brittany's uncle, was her escort  to the formal. He was proud of what she and Kari accomplished.

"It was a big task and she saw it through," he said. "I  think it's a neat thing. It's common in the south, but you never hear of it out here. It's a good thing to do."

Sheriff Mike Winters needs to be out of office. Vote 2014.

Burl Brim then had a sexual affair with his teen- niece (while he was married) which lasted the next seven years. Wherein she ran his businesses and contracted with the Sheriff. 


Two elections in a row.

No vote of confidence from his own employees.

Time for Mike Winters & his cronies & corruption to hit the road.

Justice for Dave.

Ryan Zinke. Dave Lewis. Monuments. Tres Chic

Posted on August 18, 2017 at 11:15 PM


Originally published by E&E News

As Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke approaches the 24 August deadline for his recommendations to President Donald Trump on whether to alter dozens of national monuments, conservation proponents say it remains all but impossible to predict which sites the administration could target for reductions or even wholesale elimination.

In recent months, Zinke has traveled from coast to coast as he conducted the review, which included 27 national monuments created since 1996, the majority of which are larger than 100,000 acres.

 - --

 - -

Ryan Zinke :  True Military. True Service.

No matter what he decides. True.


Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Oregon and California

When Clinton set aside the then-53,000-acre site in 2000, it marked the first time a monument had been created with the sole intention of protecting biodiversity.

In his final weeks in office, Obama expanded the monument to its current 100,000 acres, asserting that the additional land would "increase habitat connectively, watershed protection and landscape-scale resilience for the area's unique biological values" (Greenwire, Jan. 12).

But Oregon's congressional delegation has split over the monument along party lines, with Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden advocating for the site and GOP Rep. Greg Walden vowing to help roll back the "midnight expansion." Republicans have argued that the land should be open to timber harvesting.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) urged Zinke to retain the monument during his visit to the state last month but said he gave no indication about his plans" (Greenwire, July 17)




Justice For Dave. Hyatt Lake. Siskiyou Cascade Monument (or not)

Justice For Dave.