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Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis


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Jackson County Oregon Corruption. Continued.

Posted on April 26, 2017 at 3:25 AM

Dear Hearts,


I heard. The responses to that moronic idiot. It almost seems like s/he is articulating this to you solely based on experience with that ridiculous IDIOT. You are a fighter and rightfully so. We don't take crap from BAD people nor do we cower down to evil.


At this point you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You need us, support team with a spine of steel to stand up to those inbred minions in OR. Screw them.....attack, attack, attack and that includes that CREEPY, greasy little perverted child molester. He cheated on the new one the first year!  Was proudly telling people !


( FYI when I was helping Ms. D., the bullies called the cops on us and there were about 10 cop cars lined up back to back across the street..but I did not get arrested HAHA)!


This is what cowards like the stooges  do when we get in their faces and they don't know how to handle pure unselfish determination. Good always takes longer than evil. I think that is just God's natural law. A very smart person once told me that it takes many many trades to build a beautiful building (architects, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, etc. and only ONE flipping moron with a match to burn that beautiful bldg. down. That stuck with me....and in the end, when caught or in their minds,  jail is hell on earth.....Look at that football player Hernandez that hung himself in jail at 28 years old.


That woman witch is an asinine little moron who tries to follow the herd. Be grateful that she is that flipping stupid. She probably rehearses her "little speech" to her 10 cats the night before she lectures. I'm guessing that she may do other "favors" for that blowhard. He is a mean, psychotic prick but he is NOT smart. If he were he would have been retired years ago......and OOOPS you're still here making his life miserable along with that vile little pervert. Imagine the fight and profound stress that both of them are experiencing. How delicious.


That mediator is a pure ahole and if you don't move to alert others, it is a mistake. Yes you may get another ahole l, but that will be more evidence of the unfair and fascist cartel up there. At this point they have done everything in their power to silence you to marginal avail and OOOOPS here you are still fighting and frustrating the hell out of them.


You and I are both warriors and we fight for what is right....don't let some poor woman that he yelled at while getting his jollies off for doing so dissuade you from doing what YOU KNOW is right. I am 100000% behind your decision. Report him....the system/cartel/ judicial register has to change! OR is not a democracy it is like living in a dictatorship and that is not what our ancestors fought for.


You are invincible, brilliant, cunning, and you will beat them . There is something in both of our DNA's that does not allow atrocities like this to go. Who in their right mind is going to give a child molesting pervert a pass?


Love you, hugs and amazing wishes for you.



Joe Kellerman and Stephanie Burke and Mike Winters

Posted on April 17, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Who wrote the affidavits, who decided on the 20-K, who knew or didn't know about the sexual molestation? Why did Kellerman call Sneak Preview, Rogue Community Press, Maggie Rose and BLW to try and, " intimidate them into silence ?"   Or destroying or removing their articles? Or threatening to sue them? Or trying to schmooze them? That is a lot of questionable actions by attorneys. And they wonder where the bad jokes come from?  

What did Lauren Keller, who sued Mike Winters, have to say about Winters'  attorney's and their firm, and, the way they were handling the case...  



Stephanie Burke of Hornecker-Cowling,  " called to intimdate the victim of sexual molestation / incest."

 The victim to going to testify against Burke's lawfirm's client.





Mike Winters was then-sheriff. When did he know about the sexual molestation? While the victim was still under 18? Did he cover-up for his BFF?


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Gary Eitel v. CIA and More Southern Oregon Corruption.

Posted on April 16, 2017 at 11:50 PM

" Southern Oregon is a rat's nest of corruption and snake pit... of ego & greed," the old cowboy said. 











ROY D. REAGAN, et al.,




CIVIL NO. 94-425-JO




I Gary R. Eitel, State as follows:


. I am the relator in this qui tam action on behalf of the plaintiff, United States of America, pursuant to the False Claims Act, 31 U. S.C. ~3730. I am a U.S. citizen over the age of 21 and am competent to make this declaration.


2. I am a former military combat pilot. I flew over 300 combat missions in Vietnam, totaling over 500 hours of flight time. For my service, I received a Presidential citation, the Air Medal with 12 Oak Leaf Clusters, and four Bronze Battle Stars.


3. I am currently a professional pilot with approximately 11,000 hours pilot time. I have the senior ratings of my profession, including airline transport pilot with jet ratings. I am also an FAA certified flight instructor, airframe and powerplant mechanic, and aircraft maintenance inspector.




In April-May 1989, while employed at Evergreen International Airlines, I was told that at some future time I could be asked to fly United States government C-130 aircraft for Evergreen. The aircraft were based at Evergreens Marana, Arizona base and operated under the guise of the Forest Service However, the planes were used by Evergreen for non-firefighting purposes, such as carrying cargo. I later learned that these aircraft (of which I gained knowledge in April-May 1989) were the same planes that were transferred to defendants, which were first delivered to Evergreen's Marana Airbase. See Paragraphs 31, 35


My knowledge that government C-130 aircraft were coming into Evergreen's Marana airbase under the guise of the Forest Service concerned me, because I might be required to fly the aircraft on questionable or illegal flights for non-firefighting purposes.

I reported this to a Department Of Defense agent I had known for a number of years, Tom Miller. I have attached the declaration of Tom Miller hereto, which confirms my report to him. Exh. 1. I have known Mr. Miller for over 20 years. He has been an agent of the Department of Defense, and then the Federal Aviation Administration, for as long as I have known him.


6. From 1970 until his death in late 1992, I maintained contact with an individual named Jack Chisum, I first met Jack Chisum in 1970 while flying for the U.S. Forest Service. Jack was my immediate aviation supervisor. Through the years, Jack and I kept in contact concerning our friendship and business acquaintance. In 1990, I provided information to Mr. Chisum that Evergreen had access to surplus military C-130 aircraft, which I later learned were the aircraft at issue in this suit. Mr. Chisum needed access to C-130 aircraft and had inquired of my knowledge.


7. In the fall of 1991, I was pursuing government aviation opportunities for myself and certain consulting clients. I came across an industry magazine, Conservation Aeronautics, that reported a just started Forest Service C-130 and P-3 air tanker program.




In Summer 1991, I read an article in the magazine that stated that C-130 and P-3 aircraft, former military planes, were being used by private contractors for firefighting for the US Forest Service. Through the fall of 1991, Mr. Wood and I maintained contact, and he gave me extensive information in our discussions which he asked I keep confidential. One piece of confidential information that he eventually gave me was that an individual by the name of Roy Reagan was involved in getting A-10s connected with the Forest Service.


8. Later in the fall of 1991, I communicated with Jack Chisum and learned he was having difficulties because he and others were operating C-130 aircraft in Kuwait and other surrounding countries,. Jack Chisum explained to me the following:


He and another man by the name of Woody Grantham had interests in a company called T&G Aviation a/k/a Douglas County Aviation. Jack indicated that he was a vice president in the company and that he had a financial interest in it as well. Jack went on to say that T&G's C130, aircraft were doing work for Southern Air and Evergreen in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. He said the paperwork was in place to show that the Bechtol Corp. and a company out of Alaska called Martech were using the C-130s for routine oil field work, when in fact, it was other kinds of work, including moving weapons.

Jack said he had the proper paperwork in hand allowing T&G's operation of the C-130s in Kuwait and surrounding companies under the cover story, but that turf fighting between Evergreen and Southern Air had put a spotlight on T&G's operations. Jack went on to say that Southern Air and Evergreen were trying to eliminate T&G from doing the type of work that Southern Air and Evergreen had traditionally done, such as hauling guns and other contraband. In later conversations, Chisum told me the details of a related Forest Service exchange program cover story.


9. In October 1991, I contacted the US Forest Service concerning the aviation magazine article depicting a C-130 air tanker. The Forest Service officials responsible for the aircraft exchange were extremely uncooperative.:mad:

I was told many things by the Forest Service which turned out to be untrue. For example, the Forest Service told me the new program merely involved 3 C130 aircraft (when it involved more than 22 C-130s and more than 6 P-3sand as many as 100 A-10 fighter jets and that, for all practical purposes, it was closed to all newcomers. I was told by the Forest Service the program could




reopen if certain details could be worked out by the General Accounting Office concerning transfer of surplus military aircraft. Exhs. 2-6


10. I had been referred to the Forest Service Aviation office in Washington, D.C. by Tom Wood. I called this office and was told that Fred Fuchs was the Forest Service in charge of the air tanker program. I spoke with Mr. Fuchs briefly and followed up that same day with a letter by facsimile requesting information about the military aircraft exchange program. Exhs. 2-4 . In the ensuing month to two months, I repeatedly contacted Fuchs' office to gain information about the exchange program. Fuch's and his subordinates stonewalled, promising to but then not sending information about it. Exh 6


After originally communicating with the forest service in Oct. 1991, I contacted the General Services Administration about the new C-130 air tanker program and received an entirely different picture than what was told to me by the Forest Service. I was told by the General Counsels office of GSA that there were 22 C-130and 6 P-3A aircraft involved.


12. I was surprised at the coincidence between Chisum's disclosure about tags C-130s and Fuch's refusal to be more forthcoming about the Forest Service exchange program which involved C-130s. This reminded me of the use of C-130s by Evergreen for non-firefighting purposes under the guise of the Forest Service in 1989, and it turned out that I now was dealing with the same aircraft.


13. In Nov. 1991, in a phone conversation with Jack Chisum, we again discussed the subject of T&G's C-130 predicament. Chisum admitted at the time his own difficulties with flying C-130 aircraft in Kuwait was connected with the Forest Service program about which I had inquired to the government. Chisum expressed grave concerns for himself and his company and he stated he felt he was being set up by his competitors, with the help of certain people at the Forest Service.


4 I


n November 1991, Chisum informed me there were other people and companies that were doing illegal things in the Forest Service air tanker program. He disclosed to me that the contractors who had received military aircraft from the Forest Service knew in advance that they would use the planes for profit on non-firefighting uses. He said that other people other than T&G were also doing things with the forest Service military aircraft other than firefighting, and that it was unfair that those entities, other than just T&G --were not the subjects of investigations. He specifically identified two of the defendant contractors—Hawkins and Powers Aviation and Aero Union Corporation. (See Exh. 7, 10).

Furthermore, he identified specific illegal uses by Hawkins and Powers of the military aircraft, including leasing them for film production, using them in video commercials, and hauling fish in Alaska. He stated that the scheme to use the Forest Service aircraft for profit in non-firefighting purposes was organized out of Aero Unions’ offices in Chico, Calif. He also stated that the contractors had to use Reagan to get type certificate for the planes, and that Reagan was located at Aero Unions offices. I told Chisum that it did not make since that the contractors had to use Reagan for a type certificate, since if they were firefighting there was a “public use” exception to the FAA’s certificate requirements. Chisum acknowledged that the type certificate was needed to use the aircraft for purposes other than firefighting.


I related to Chisum that I believed that the Forest Service program was part of a scheme to direct surplus military aircraft to private companies for non-firefighting purposes. Chisum confirmed my conclusion. I told Chisum that I intended to file a formal complaint with the government against the Forest Service officials with whom I had recently communicated. I also told Chisum I was going after government records to expose the scandal, and, if I found documentation to vindicate him, I would pass it along.


Around this time, Tom Wood, the Conservation Aeronautics editor, referred me to Roy Reagan. He told me that Reagan was an Air Force engineer, and he gave me


5 Reagan’s phone number in Chico, California. Exh. 8,10 He stated to me that Reagan was working on a non-public project involving A-10 fighter jets to be used for the Forest Service. I found the idea that sophisticated, modern fighter jets were being considered by the Forest Service to be incredible, and this heightened my suspicion that a Forest Service military aircraft exchange program was going badly astray.


In late 1991, I contacted the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Office of Inspector General in Washington D.C., an agency “hotline”, which has jurisdiction over the Forest Service. I revealed my knowledge of the abuses of the Forest Service’s military aircraft exchange program (as described in paragraph 14 above) and the refusal of Fuchs to deal honestly and openly with the details of the program. I specifically reported my knowledge of the improper uses of C-130’s by T&G and others in the Persian Gulf and Hawkins And Powers in Alaska, the other improper uses for movie productions and video commercials, Aero Unions Central role in the illegal scheme, and Reagan’s affiliation with Aero Union and efforts to use A-10 fighter jets in some way under a questionable Forest Service program.


Soon after filing a complaint in late 1991 against Forest Service officials and the air tanker program with t he Agriculture’s Office of Inspector General’s hotline, I began to pursue documents from the Forest Service under the Freedom of Information Act. I began this effort in early January 1992. Exh.13 The Forest Service’s response to my request was not candid or truthful. Initially, the agency falsely asserted that the aircraft belonged to the recipients and the Forest Service retained no control over them. Exh.14 I gave this letter to Jack Chisum, and he told me that he used it to show the FAA and State Dept. that T&G’s use of the aircraft in the Persian Gulf was authorized. See exh.11


6 On Feb. 6, I submitted a follow-up to my January FOIA request, demanding “black and white documents, not merely summations created as an FOIA response.” Exh. 15


In late Feb. 1992, Woody Grantham helped me as an expression of his appreciation for my providing Chisum with the Forest Service letter. He knew that I was investigating the aircraft exchange program, and he sent me by facsimile a letter on Hawkins and Powers letterhead that revealed that Hawkins and Powers was using its Forest Service C-130s for non-firefighting purposes. In the letter, Gene Powers, the president of Hawkins and Powers, thanks the representative of a company named Multitrade International, a firm not involved in firefighting, for the “care and attention” given to Hawkins & Powers’ c-130s during its lease of them. Exh.12


On Feb18, the Forest Service responded to my follow-up FOIA request. Exh.16 With this letter, the Forest Service provided me the actual Exchange Agreements between defendants T.B.M. Hemet Valley Flying Service, Hawkins & Powers, and T&G Aviation. These documents revealed an express false certification by the contractors who received the planes, made to obtain the military aircraft, that they would use the planes exclusively for firefighting purposes.


The Forest Service had still not provided me with the specific contracting data that I had requested. Frustrated with the Forest Service responses to my FOIA requests, I spelled out—in an FOIA appeal dated March 5, 1992—what I believed to be illegal.17 activities concerning the Forest Service aircraft. Exh.17 By letter dated March 24, 1992, forest service officials acknowledged my complaints.


Also in early 1992, I made contact with the Department of Agriculture Office of Inspector General’s audit division, based in Atlanta. An OIG investigator informed me that my hotline complaint in late 1991 related to what was now a full-blown audit of the Forest Service air tanker program. I was asked to cooperate and I did so,




providing all the information and documentation that I possessed concerning T&G and the Kuwait incident, Southern Air and Evergreen involvement, and Roy Reagan and the A-10 program. I relayed the information that Chisum had told me about the true nature of the program to get former military aircraft into the hands of private contractors for non-firefighting purposes, including that Aero Union was headquarters for that program, that the contractors had to use Reagan to obtain type certificates, and that Reagan was located at Aero Union’s offices. I also forwarded to the OIG’s office that all of my FOIA requests and the Forest Service responses, including the C-130 exchange agreements. I spoke frequently with John Davis or two other auditors, agents Feester and Tyler. The auditors told me that they had not seen the Exchange Agreements before I had given the documents to them, nor did they know of Reagans involvement with A-10s. See Exh.20


Prior to the issuance of the OIG audit, I was asked by the investigators to explain what I knew about Del Rio Flying Service and Roy Reagan. I explained that Roy Reagan was involved with a highly improbable program to use A-10 fighter jets for the Forest Service. I had well-founded reasons to believe that the A-10 fighter jets were to be used for other purposes. I also revealed that Roy Reagan was connected with aircraft manufacturing operations near Ft. Worth, Texas and in Chico, Ca. I was told by an OIG investigator that portions of the audit report had been intentionally leaked to a news paper. In addition, one of the auditors told me during the audit of CIA footprints everywhere. In or about Oct. 1992, OIG auditors issued a formal audit report on the Forest Services aircraft exchange program. I obtained 3 copies of the report, one from the auditors personally, one from a member of congress, and one through a freedom of Information request.


In Late 1992, I contacted, Congressman Rose’s Office because I believed that certain Forest Service Officials were involved in a cover-up of wrongdoing in the Forest




Service airtanker program. In early 1993, Congressman Rose’s office informed me that a House Subcommittee investigation was underway concerning my 1992 complaints to congressman Rose’s office. I was asked to cooperate and testify, and I agreed. exhs. 21,22.


Also in late 1992, I learned that Mr. Chisum was killed in a hit and run car accident.


28. In early 1993, I made contact with Senior Special Agent in the criminal division of the Dept. Of Agriculture OIG office in Washington D.C. His name is Kim Widup. I then began a relationship with Agent Widup that has continued to this day. I provided Agent Widup with all the information I possessed, including the leaked Hawkins & Powers correspondence, the Exchange Agreements, and the information I had received from Chisum. Exh. 23 29. In early 1993, Congressman Rose’s office putoffice put me in contact with two media sources in the Portland, Oregon area, Jeff Manning and Eric Mason. Manning worked for the Portland Business Journal. With my assistance and documentation, Mr. Manning wrote an article on the Forest Service C-130 scandal. He provided me a courtesy copy of his story with a personal note attached thanking me for my assistance and pointing out the story could not have been written otherwise. Exh.27 I was contacted by numerous other journalists before they wrote stories on the aircraft exchange program. These included Jennifer Dixon in or around November 1992, Scott Sonner in or around July 1993, Dick Clever in or around Sept-Oct 1993, Doug Frantz in or around April-June 1993, the staff for Jack Anderson in or around July 1993, and several others.




Starting in or around April 1993, I cooperated with James Long, who worked for the Oregonian newspaper in Portland. I was put in contact with Mr. Long through a mutual acquaintance – a professor Leary from the University of Alabama.

With my help, Mr. Long prepared an extensive news article on the Forest service and C-130 air tanker program and his article is included with the August 5. 1993 congressional hearing chaired by Congressman Charlie Rose.


Just prior to my testimony before Congress that occurred on Aug. 5, 1993, I gained further information from industry contacts concerning the activity of all of the recipients of air tankers under the Forest Service Exchange Program that was the subject of my complaints to the OIG and to Congressman Rose. Later in 1993, from my confidential contacts, I learned that a company named Aerial Heavy Hauling headed up by an individual named Joe Kelso was going to create a fraudulent scheme to obtain owner ship of two C-130 aircraft previously in the Forest Service air tanke5r program. The Kelso operation would be a joint venture out of Bend, Oregon associated with a company named Butler Aviation. I learned from my confidential sources that Butler Aviation was an affiliate for T.B.M., a reci8pient of former military C-130 aircraft. Exh.32. I gave this information to Special Agent Widup, senator Sasser , Congressman Rose, and reporters with whom I worked previously.


One other source for information was a confidential contact I had initiated in Mena, Arkansas, Charles Hendricks. Exh.29, Mr. Hendricks’ son was involved with C-130 aircraft that originated from Roy Reagans efforts to skim surplus military aircraft for use in non-firefighting efforts. His son had died in a C-130 aircraft accident in Angola while operating to assist a military force in that country. Congressman Kurt Weldon stated on Aug. 5, 1993 in the record on the house floor after my testimony that the CIA was behind the flight and he wanted to have hearings to determine why, Mr. Hendricks referred me to a former T&G mechanic, who stated to me that Forest Service C-130’s had 10 been operating out of Mena, Ark. On non-firefighting activities. I also learned the names of individuals personally involved with Roy Reagan and Evergreen at a time in 1989 when I first learned that Evergreen was using the same surplus military C-130s belonging to the Forest Service for non-firefighting purposes. I provided all of this information to Agent Widup, Senator Sasser, Congressman Rose, and another representative Congressman Weldon.


From my Mena, Ark. Investigation and contacts, I made the acquaintance of Gene Wheaton who, like myself, had been asked by Congressman Rose to testify concerning his knowledge of non-firefighting uses of C-130 aircraft. My contact with Gene Wheaton occurred shortly after my Aug. 5, 1993 appearance before Congressman Rose’s committee.


I had a number of confidential phone conversations with Gene Wheaton and we exchanged documentation. We both discovered the early roots of the new 1991 Forest Service air tanker program. The program was not new whatsoever, but followed a lengthy history whereby questionable operators obtained surplus military C-130s that originated in the U.S. and later were used by the Royal Australian Air Force in the late 70s and early 80s. This predated the current Forest Service exchange program by a number of years. Many of these aircraft made their way back into the U.S. and into the hands of T&G and John Ford, and they were operated for profit doing the same type of work as T&G had done in Kuwait. See para. 38


In late summer or Fall 1993, I obtained a copy of a C-130 tracking catalog which records activity of all C-130 aircraft ever manufactured. I obtained this from Mr. Wheaton, who had given it to a reporter we both knew, Eric Mason, to share with me. It reflected that T.B.M. had transferred certain of its C-130s to an affiliate, Butler Aviation. 11. To my surprise, I also discovered multiple transfers of those aircraft involved in the Forest Service program individuals within and outside of the air tanker program. This revealed repeated switching of registration of the aircraft by defendants, a scheme known in the aviation industry to hide aircraft ownership while doing improper activities. See Exh. 31 All of this to include a copy of the catalog given to me by Special Agent Kim Widup of the criminal division, Dept. of Agriculture OIG in 1993.


Through my confidential sources and investigation efforts, I learned that when Jack Chisum’s 2 C-130s returned from Kuwait, they were flown to and parked at Evergreen’s Marana Airbase. A phoney finance scheme had been put into place so that the aircraft would appear to have been repossessed by a lending institution which would appear to be an “innocent” third party. This transaction was an illegal scheme to steal U.S. property, and I reported this to the OIG investigators, Senator Sasser, and Congressman Rose. Evergreen appeared as a sales agent putting the two C-130s on the market for $5.6 million each and retained operational control over the aircraft.


Through my confidential sources and investigation efforts, I also learned of an attorney in California named John Ford, who was involved with the Australian C-130s one of which he owned(mena n*****80, for those keeping a list)In fact, one of Ford’s C-130s was seized by U.S. Customs for hauling drugs. Ford appears in documentation possessed at one point as an officer of T&G, at other places as an attorney for both T&G and Roy Reagan. I also learned that Ford put together the financing scheme for kickbacks paid Reagan by T&G.


Through my investigative efforts that began in late 1991, I learned that Roy Reagan and key principals in Aero Union had been longstanding friends going back to high school at Medford, Oregon. I also discovered that Roy Reagans A-10 fighter program was going to be masqueraded as a Forest Service air tanker program that would be based in Medford, Oregon and associated with a company I had flown a CIA mission for in 1989. 12 The C-130, P-3, and A-10 scheme was developed at Aero Union by Reagan and his friends with the help of Evergreen. In early 1993, Special Agent Kim Widup halted the A-10 fighter plane conversion program, in part with information provided by me. I testified as to the A-10 program at Congressman Rose’s hearing in 1993. Initially, Forest Service officials denied or avoided the subject; but under pointed questioning by Congressman Rose, they admitted to the A-10 fighter jet air tanker program. This revelation was solely brought about by my investigation, which I had reported to the OIG auditors in 1992, Congressman Rose in 1993 and Agent Widup in early 1993. One of my concerns was that an A-10 fighter jet had no useful purpose as a Forest Service air tanker, especially equipped so that it could be quickly converted again into a jet aircraft “tank killer”. I additionally discovered through my investigations, that A-10 aircraft contained harmful radiation because of spent uranium munitions. I also uncovered evidence to shoe that he A-10 program was secretly further along than previously admitted by government officials. I obtained documentation showing at least 100 A-10 aircraft were involved in the program and more than 40 C-130s under a phoney air tanker program mastered by Roy Reagan and others. I provided all of this information to the OIG, Senator Sasser, and Congressman Rose.


in late 1993, I used the same documentation to show that Forest Service Chief Dale Robertson testified falsely before Congress in connection with his testimony regarding the A-10 program before Congressman Rose on Aug. 5 1993.

Forest Service Chief Robertson subsequently was fired for this and other reasons, Exh.33 13 Pursuant to 28 USC ~ 1746, I certify this 29th day of June, 1995, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States, that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. (signed) Gary R. Eitel Date and place of execution: 6\29\95, State of Washington





P.O. Box 58,

Tempe, Arizona 85280

(602) 966-3540

e-mail: [email protected]


(C) 1996 Intelligence Connection

Medford Oregon

Posted on April 16, 2017 at 11:40 PM

" Everything old is new again. They said, Everything old is new again. " 


Appeals court frees former Medford man



Posted Mar 14, 2000 at 2:00 AM

Updated Dec 17, 2010 at 3:41 AM


By CHRIS BRISTOL No date set for decision in military aircraft scam

" Former Medford man who was convicted of scamming surplus military aircraft from the federal government has been freed from prison early pending the outcome of his appeal.


Roy D. Reagan, an aviation broker whose ties to the CIA lent the case an air of political intrigue, had served 20 months of his 30-month sentence when a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last month ordered his immediate release.


Reagan’s attorney, appeals specialist Marcia Shein of Atlanta, described the ruling as unusual and promising.


They just flat out released him, she said Monday. The decision gives us an indication that they’re going to overturn the conviction.


Reagan and a high-ranking U.S. Forest Service official, now-retired assistant aviation director Fred Fuchs, were convicted by an federal jury in Arizona in 1997 of conspiring to steal 22 surplus Air Force C-130A transports and six Navy P-3A submarine attack planes.


The tangled tale dated back to 1989, when the Forest Service handed over the planes to five private firefighting contractors as part of a program that permitted the government to trade surplus military aircraft for historic planes that could be given to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.


A former Air Force tanker pilot, Reagan once worked for two of the contractors. He also worked briefly for Central Point-based Erickson Air-Crane, which disavowed any role in the case and was never accused of any wrongdoing.



Historically, the Air Force has provided used military aircraft to the Forest Service, which uses them to fight fires. To save costs, the Forest Service contracts out air support.


The exchange program came under scrutiny in 1991 when two of the planes turned up hauling cargo in Kuwait after the Gulf War. An audit concluded the aging C-119s the government got in trade were worthless junk "

 - - --- --

Federal prosecutors argued the exchange program was more than bad horse-trading. They said Reagan resold some of the planes and made more than $1 million on the deals.


Many of the planes were scavenged for parts or sold, and the government has been trying to retrieve some of them ever since.

One of the contractors leased aircraft to a Central American airline that federal prosecutors identified as a front for drug traffickers.


But the defendants claimed they were made scapegoats over a bureaucratic misunderstanding  :lol:. None of the contractors or their business partners were prosecuted.


Reagan, 60, now makes his home in Phoenix, Ariz.


In its 2-1 decision, issued Feb. 17, the appeals panel did not explain its reason for releasing Reagan. A dissent written by Justice Susan Graber of Portland indicated the decision hinged on Reagan’s claim of heart problems.



Shein said her client is not doing well physically and she argued that it was almost unprecedented for somebody convicted of a nonviolent crime to go to prison before the appeal could be heard. Except in ole Jackson.


There’s no reason for a person with a two-year sentence to sit in jail pending the outcome of an appeal, she said.


Fuchs was released from prison in November after serving a two-year sentence and has returned to his retirement home near Albuquerque, N.M. He is also appealing.


The appeals court has not indicated when it will issue a ruling.


Lead prosecutor Claire Mann, an assistant U.S. attorney in Tucson, had no comment. She referred inquiries to the Department of Justice appellate division in Washington, D.C. "




Posted on April 14, 2017 at 5:30 AM


" Oh my gosh!!!


That CRAZY judge has A.D.D. That  speaks volumes.

What a flipping asshole. This psycho needs to be taken off of the bench. He is crazy and can't allow anyone to even finish a sentence.


What is the song of the sirens  Judges don't normally speak in this childish manner. WOW!


I can clearly see though that ADD  is psychic...very impressive....what an asshole!


ADD  is also asking $$$  to make the judges decision for him. 666$ is a minion of perv and NOT a flipping judge.


This is communist Russia....all over again. They will sell their souls to drag anyone into "Deliverance County OR  Old Mississippi  OR Napa"

I am so proud of  the team for pissing them off.


Plus ADD  asks  a question then in the middle of  his answer that asshole tells him  "to stop talking" WTF?

He also threatens? They are definitely getting to those minions!!!!

I LOVE it  when  Gloria Alred said yes, I have been doing it. 


ADD  is so Pissed off!!!! YES!!!!


ADD  is so angry....I love it, great work!!!!! Bravo!!!


Games, really? Who is on trial?

So much material here of the truth!

"Deliverance County" and moved it into the Supreme Court . Away from those inbred morons.


I love how frustrated and pissed that psycho judge is!!!!! Poor little minion is not getting his way.

I want  him  screw him.....and maybe a doctor is working honestly because he could see how SCREWED they are being.


Once again, for the 3rd time that moron defers to $$$ gold digger  as to what he wants to do? WTF?"


Posted on April 14, 2017 at 5:25 AM


" Oh my God!!!!


Where does that idiot moron have the proof? Just because $$$@ says it's true doesn't mean it is.

We are so blessed to not have to live in "Deliverance County" 


Funny, isn't it.... how flipping hard that blowhard $$$@ is fighting this?

Gee, I wonder what they are hiding???


I know this is tough but you are causing major damage (and exposure) to that scum up there and they can't take it. I wouldn't be surprised if other scumbags from that cartel are throwing money into this case to try and make it go away.


They started it and I know that you will finish it and win " 

Burned Out by the BoyfriendX

Posted on April 14, 2017 at 5:25 AM

 - -

 " where I live if you piss off a cop....they will shoot you and then say that the victim was the perpetrator. This is the third "shooting" by a cop just this year. This vile corruption is everywhere.


The first one that I actually witnessed was a guy that locked himself in a cabin, so they burned the house down...literally..with him in it.   Captain and I watched it burn and the fire dept did nothing to put it out. They only sprayed water on the two neighboring homes to keep them from catching fire, Sadly this kind of egregious behavior happens everyday. " 

Gus & Mary Weeding Out

Posted on April 14, 2017 at 5:15 AM


" You will win this, you can outlast that perv for years and you are safely tucked away which has to piss them off. How funny, they are able to keep the slow torturous burn going and Perv  is bleeding money and energy. On that level you are winning and your truth is protected. I know that people in that God awful area in OR are all making fun of that criminal perv and talking behind his back.


He is spending way too much time and energy to defend this.  666 and that ridiculous moron $$$ are

slowing draining that idiot perv out of his money and his energy. Remember @@@ is getting older by the minute and stuff like this really takes a toll. PLUS.....Bonus Perv can't touch you. That asshole is used to bullying, intimidating people and now with you he is completely powerless against what is happening. I'll bet that he is drugging heavily (probably prescription drugs) and drinking like a fish.


When you murder an innocent family man for no reason you will pay the price, especially if the retribution comes from his brilliant contractor. That perv NEVER expected us and now he can't back himself out of this. Sometimes we just need to step back and count our well earned victories. You've had some great ones!!! "

Weeding Mary's Garden Tom Roberts

Posted on April 14, 2017 at 5:05 AM


" How many years have we been in the trenches dealing with pure SCUM? I am so sorry that you are still dealing with this unlawful and insidious crap.


Our system is so flipping broken, it's outrageous.


You are so right about lawyers though, when the case gets challenging those minions quit. Hard cases like this interfere with their golf and other misc. activities. Lawyers need to cease to exist. You can't sue them because they all stick together so sadly the best you can do is threaten them with a ST. Bar action in order to get some fees waived  - -  if you even remotely think that a lawyer has done you wrong, turn him/her into the BAR. It will scare the crap out of them.


I really don't see the system changing much in our lifetimes.

My advice is always do it yourself! The case that I am helping on for that woman  was all drafted by me and her family. When you are In Pro Per the court allows a litigant a lot of leeway and holds the scummy lawyers to task.


If you can do a lot of the work yourself...especially with your outstanding gifts and capabilities and I.Q. you are ahead of the legal game.


Once we were In Pro Per we won our case. It was soooo much fun constantly forcing his / her attorneys to have to defend a new document by us. It cost that minion about $500,000 in legal fees to fight us. In essence, he spent $500,000 of his own stolen money for nothing. But sociopaths do that.


 - - - please hang in there I know that this child molesting pervert is crapping himself and has been for years. To be labeled a child perv (and I know you have the evidence to back it up) is a huge victory for you. Money comes and goes, but to labeled a perv like that is priceless. We are both old enough to know human nature and people love to gossip, I can only imagine what people are saying behind that pervs back. That included his employees.


Regarding @@@, there is something weird going on with him. I almost get the sense that a lot of that "druggie crowd" in OR may have ties to Perv group somehow. It is a profoundly tight knit community of scumbags and criminals up there. ### has $$ and those losers are all druggies so I can see them paying for info.


To be able to cause that perv  this much aggravation is a huge win and a bonus. If some body said something untrue about you or me, we would ignore it, so why are they all fighting so hard??? Because he is a flipping deranged, creepy and vile child molester that can't control his nature.

I'll be that if we had the money to pay somebody to follow him around for a week, we'd catch him at the local Jr. High. People like that don't change their nature, they can't and people like us just get more crafty and determined!!! You WILL beat him.


What I have learned in these wars is that you can't fight fair because they expect us to do that. Instead we have to get in the trenches and fight them on their levels. That scares them...and that may explain why that perv  is so manic over this. You will beat them!!! Plus I know that the stress involved is probably choking the life out of that perv.


I am half way through the documents, I am going to finish them this weekend.

Take care of yourself, you are amazing and FEARLESS!!! There aren't many people that could do what you have been able to accomplish. You have held those scumbags to task and in doing so you have kept your beloved brothers memory and case alive. That is an enormous victory, what happened to Dave is still relevant and you are reminding all of them that no matter what stunts they try, you are NOT going away.


Much love and prayers to you...You will beat all of them. " 


Posted on March 24, 2017 at 4:55 AM

15 to 40 Years in Jail.

Orange Jumpsuit & commisary TANG.

Visits from the piggy greedy Fishwives.  

" When there ain't nothing left but the crying,"  the old cowboy said. Justice always comes. Watch & See.



Feds say 64-year-old pilot transporting 237 pounds of pot was headed for S.A.-area airport

64-year-old man was arrested by federal authorities Monday after they say he transported 230 pounds of marijuana from Oregon to Texas in an airplane.

Wayne Douglas Brunet, 64, now faces between five and 40 years in federal prison if convicted of the federal drug charges. He remains in federal custody pending a detention hearing scheduled for Thursday in Austin, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Brunet is believed to originally departed from Medford, Oregon on Sunday, March 19, stopping once in Holbrook, Arizona, before making his way to Texas.

gents from the Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operation Center say Brunet was flying a suspicious flight pattern, so they began tracking him.

The agents followed his flight path to an airport in Bulverde, Texas, where Brunet was scheduled to land, but when he arrived and noticed the authorities waiting for him, he went airborne again.

 - -

- -

He flew next to the Lago Vista airport, near Lake Travis, but aborted his landing again, as authorities were waiting for him there as well.

Finally, Brunet landed at the Llano Municipal Airport just after midnight Monday and attempted to flee on foot. He was apprehended and 15 duffel bags filled with vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana and $6,000 were recovered from his plane.

The investigation is being conducted by Homeland Security Investigations, the Texas Department of Public Safety Air Unit and the Llano County Sheriff's Office "


Posted on February 26, 2017 at 10:25 PM


Reports: Mcebisi Jonas named in police probe into alleged corruption at South African Air

The Hawks are investigating allegations that Jonas used his political influence to secure

US aircraft company AAR Corp contracts at the state airline.

Don't believe everything that McMillin/ AAR CORP beans...



Reuters |  Wings-of-Justice

JOHANNESBURG – The Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas is being investigated by the Hawks elite police unit as part of a probe into allegations of corruption at state-owned South African Airways (SAA), the City Press newspaper reported on Sunday.

As part of the probe into SAA, the unit is investigating allegations that Jonas used his political influence to secure US aircraft company AAR Corp contracts to supply components and tyres to the state airline, the newspaper cited three unidentified Hawks sources and one SAA source as saying.

Treasury spokeswoman Yolisa Tyantsi declined to comment, while the spokespeople for Jonas and the SAA did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Hawks spokesman Hangwani Mulaudzi was quoted by City Press as saying there was an investigation into allegations of corruption at SAA but it was policy not reveal names of those being probed. Mulaudzi did not answer calls from Reuters.

AAR Corp could not be reached for comment. The firm was quoted by City Press as denying any wrongdoing. "AAR conducts its business with the highest ethical and legal standards," a unidentified spokesman was quoted as saying. (except when they don't)

Jonas has been an outspoken critic of government corruption and he opened divides within the ruling African National Congress last year when he said businessmen friends of President Jacob Zuma said they could secure him the finance ministry job.

Zuma and the Indian Gupta family deny any wrongdoing.

An investigation last year by the Hawks into Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, which was later dropped, shook South Africa's financial markets. "


Bad In Bend Oregon Krist Mudrick Avoids Bars.

Posted on February 1, 2017 at 3:30 AM


Mistress of embezzling sheriff’s capt. is sentenced

" Krista Mudrick benefited from the $200K Beard took from Deschutes sheriff’s office

By Aubrey Wieber, The Bulletin

Published Jan 30, 2017 at 05:41PM / Updated Jan 30, 2017 at 06:28PM

Related articles:

[EUGENE — A former Deschutes County Sheriff’s captain convicted of embezzling funds to buy gifts for his mistress will serve five years in federal prison. Scott Beard pleaded guilty in May to four counts of stealing and laundering more than $200,000 in federal funds dedicated to Deschutes County and regional drug enforcement efforts and transferring those funds to Krista Mudrick, Beard’s mistress and a former sheriff’s office employee. Beard was taken into custody immediately following ]

Former DCSO captain sentenced, taken into custody


Former Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Scott Beard’s former mistress was sentenced Monday in federal court in Eugene to three years of probation for lying to federal agents investigating Beard’s embezzlement from the sheriff’s office.

Krista Mudrick, 36, pleaded guilty Sept. 15 to lying to FBI and IRS agents about knowing where the money supporting her and Beard’s lavish lifestyle came from. Beard stole $205,747 from the office in 2014 and 2015 and claimed to have spent most of the money on Mudrick. The two took “sex trips” to South Africa and Amsterdam, as well as trips to Seattle and Reno, Nevada, according to a sentencing memorandum filed in federal court Dec. 30.

Beard was sentenced Sept. 8 to five years in prison.

During the 2014 Amsterdam trip, the couple indulged in use of cocaine, marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms with stolen money, according to the sentencing memo.

Beard also used the money to pay Mudrick’s moving expenses and rent after she separated from her husband. Beard did this while married to another woman. In addition, he used the money to buy Mudrick a car, a motorcycle, rifles, voice lessons, cosmetic surgeries, concert tickets, a gym membership and tanning sessions, the memorandum states.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Frank R. Papagni sought a sentence of five years of probation and 400 hours of community service. U.S. District Judge Michael J. McShane opted for a three-year probation term and 200 hours of community service.

Throughout court proceedings, including during the sentencing, Mudrick maintained she did not know Beard was stealing from the sheriff’s office. McShane acknowledged he wasn’t sure what Mudrick did or didn’t know, Papagni said Monday.

However, in his memorandum, Papagni said there is “no question” that Mudrick was in the loop. Although Mudrick told agents that Beard didn’t pay for her Harley Davidson motorcycle or the international trips, Beard paid cash for the motorcycle and had it registered in Mudrick’s name as to not leave a paper trail, Papagni argued. In July and August of 2015, Beard deposited $14,650 into Mudrick’s bank account to pay for her cosmetic surgeries.

“In return, (Mudrick) provided him carnal and companion benefits,” Papagni wrote in the memorandum.

When questioned, Beard said all the money was spent on Mudrick, except for $10,000 donated to a South African orphanage, and $5,000 to $10,000 given to random homeless people as part of his “repentance,” the memorandum states. However, the memorandum claims the donation to the orphanage was actually found to be $90.03.

Papagni said it was troubling that Mudrick continued to lie about how much she knew, specifically since the criminal charge was for lying. However, in the memorandum, he states she has reunited with her husband and is working to finish college. She is at a low risk to reoffend, he states."

 - -

 - -

 - -

Did someone see a sentencing for a crime go by...

 - --

Bad in Bend Oregon. More Ways Than Won.

Posted on January 31, 2017 at 10:15 PM


No, This is Not Your Grandpa's Police Department

By Phil Busse and James Williams

Christian Heeb

No, this is not your grandpa's Police Department

In recent months, the Bend Police Department has been rocked by a mid-level scandal: In January 2016, The Bulletin reported that the Public Information Officer had been having sex with three female city employees over the past several years—sometimes in a squad car and reportedly in the police department's bathrooms and in vehicles on public streets, all while on duty.

A week after that news broke, Police Chief Jeff Sale, who had commanded the force since 2011, was politely and unceremoniously let go. (then Mike Winters hired him)

If that weren't distracting and disturbing enough, the department is chronically hamstrung by budget shortages, and Sale's brusk leadership style led to a crisis in confidence—by the time of his firing, department morale was at paltry levels that would shame even Congress' abysmal approval ratings.

But that is merely a snapshot, and only tells the most salacious chapter of the story, and one that the City of Bend and its police department are steadily working to put into their rear view mirrors. To do so, the Bend Police Department is adopting new data-crunching methods to make local policing more efficient while training officers to deal with mental health issues that should calm some of the most chronic offenders. Plus, new leadership theories are being tossed around—ones also less about old-school drill sergeant, my-way-or-the-highway, and more about collaboration and problem solving.

It was just after 5:30 p.m. on a drizzly and cold Valentine's Day evening when officer Lisa Nelson pulls out of the Bend Police Department's lower parking lot to start her 10- and-one-half-hour shift. No sooner had the 48-year-old officer and nearly 19-year police force veteran turned west onto Greenwood Avenue than she received her first call of the night. A driver operating with a suspended license had just been pulled over in front of Pilot Butte Drive-In. Nelson is the second officer on the scene.

The offender is a young woman in her early 20s. Friendly and cooperative, the college-aged co-ed melts into sobs when asked if she had been drinking. She had been in an argument with her boyfriend, she explains, and after too many cocktails stormed out in a huff. She refuses a field sobriety test and instead calls her beau from the backseat of Nelson's squad car.

"Hey babe, I love you," she says between tears. "He knows I've been drinking," she continued, referring to the other, male officer on the scene. "He's stupid...I mean he's not stupid." More sobs. "Oh babe, I'm sorry."

After she was cuffed and read her rights, the other officer whisks the young woman off to jail.

It seemed a little early in the evening to be so intoxicated, but Nelson assures me that substance abusers rarely wait until happy hour. Nelson explains how she had recently responded to an early morning call in which an SUV-driving, pill-popping mother had hit three cars en route to drop her kids off at school.

"When she got there she was driving on her rims," Nelson says, herself a mother of four.

Nelson's Ford Interceptor squad car is new though she doesn't like it as much as the older, bigger Crown Victorians (the traditional cop car, but which Ford discontinued in 2011). The car's interior is outfitted with plenty of knobs, buttons and speakers, all of which are illuminated by the glow of Nelson's mounted tablet computer, on which she can quickly access information about offenders, interface with city and county records and pull up images of suspects. One photo, that of a blonde female drug dealer who Nelson is tracking, remains on the left side of the screen for most of the early evening.

"It's very useful," Nelson says of the tablet, before making a joke about not needing to write notes on her hands anymore.

At 7:15 p.m., Nelson receives another dispatch—a male reporting domestic abuse. Nelson is nearby and silently races north on Third Street; no lights or siren, but traveling close to 50 mph.

She explains that we are responding to a mental health call. The night before, the woman in question had purposefully cut herself with broken glass. Now, feeling threatened, the woman's husband has left the house, sealing himself and the couple's kids inside his car out front, awaiting the cops.

Nelson parks a few houses away, quickly exits the squad car and trots out of sight toward the couple's house. After nearly 20 minutes, Nelson returns with a middle-aged woman in sweatpants who wears a blank stare across her creaseless face. She will be taken to St. Charles for a mental health evaluation. There, she will hopefully receive the treatment she needs.

Such calls are increasingly common, Nelson says. So common, in fact, that many of the officers recognize perpetrators by their first names.

"We're really community service oriented," Nelson says, a nod to the department's long-running commitment to high response. And, more recently, the addition of positions like a mental health coordinator and a crimes analyst are better calibrating the police force to the community's needs.

Tucked on the second floor of the Bend Police Department at the foot of Pilot Butte, in a windowless office, sits Nancy Watson, a young and relatively recent addition to the department. Two knit scarfs are pinned by her door—one for the Galaxy, Los Angeles' professional soccer team, and a second for Portland's Timbers. She doesn't walk any beat, but Watson is integral to solving crime in Bend.

"I love my job," she chirps. "It's awesome."

Watson is from southern California. She interned at the Riverside Sheriff's Department, and then worked with the police department at UCLA as a criminologist. She is young, and has long straight black hair and an easy smile. She sits facing two large computer screens. Taped to her file cabinets are maps of Bend showing clusters of dots. She pulls one down, points to a neighborhood on Bend's near west side, adjacent to the river, and explains that this is a hot spot for recent car thefts, and the times each was reported—and, moreover, that such information helps officers better predict when the thieves will hit next.

She says simply, "I calculate change and stats."

Criminology is nothing new, gaining traction in the United States in the 1920s as sociologists at the University of Chicago cross-referenced information between geographic and criminally behavioral patterns. But while the concept may be a century old, the tools—and the ability to translate raw data of reported crimes—has vastly evolved over the past decade, as has the relevance of crime mapping, as evidenced by the Bend Police Department hiring a full-time crimes analyst.

"I do know more departments are hiring analysts," she explains. "Often, they can't hire more officers, so they hire analysts to use what they have. The idea is to help the officers work more efficiently."

If Watson is the frontal lobe for the police department, processing raw data and helping officers replace instinct with information, then Eileen Flory, one of the department's newest hires and who sits a floor below, is helping bring more heart to policing efforts in the region. Flory, the mental health coordinator, officially started in December, but for two years prior already had been working in her current capacity, setting up training sessions for regional law enforcement.

In the past two years, she has trained dozens of law enforcement agents, from sheriffs to security at Central Oregon Community College, in a process known as the "Memphis Model." When we meet, she briefly steps out from a 40-hour training session, including four more Bend officers.

The so-called Memphis Model, which is more bureaucratically known as Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), started in the late 1980s after public outcry over the police shooting of a mentally ill man in Tennessee who was cutting himself with a knife. After the past several years, an increasing number of police departments have adopted such trainings for their officers, to better manage 9-1-1 calls involving perpetrators with mental health issues—calls that are some of the most dangerous and inefficient, the ones most likely to end up in tense standoffs, and the persons most likely to re-offend and to become chronic issues for police departments. Eight years ago in Portland, two officers responded to a public disturbance call, where they found a bearded man, James Chasse, acting erratically. After tasering him multiple times and forcefully restraining him, Chasse was handcuffed and tossed into the back of a squad car, where he died during the crosstown drive. In response to a resounding public outcry, then Mayor Tom Potter, the city's former police chief, instituted CIT training for officers, the first such mandate for Oregon cities.

Knowing how to best navigate a perpetrator's specific issues, explains Flory, and how to guide that person not into prison but toward hospitals or proper medicines, is safer for officers entering potential volatile confrontations, and it holds hope for longer-term solutions for the perpetrators, and reduces crime rates in the process. Currently, an estimated one-third of the jail population in Deschutes County has serious mental illness. Moreover, offenders with mental health problems suffer recidivism rates greater than 70 percent, meaning two out of three will re-offend.

Only six weeks in her current position, Flory is confident and well-spoken about how law enforcement officers can best respond to what she calls "client" psychological issues. She has 15 years experience as a parole officer, often managing mental health issues with her clients.

She simplifies the training she provides to current, active officers. "Sad, Mad, Bad," she says, ticking off a quick mental checklist she encourages officers to assess when arriving at a call.

"Look and determine if (the perpetrators) are sad or depressed," explains Flory. "Next, 'mad'—are they off their medications? Not acting in their right mind?," she says. "Finally," she concludes, "are they someone who is determined to commit a crime?"

Flory goes on to tell the story about a repeat offender who was on the police's watch list. When he committed a minor crime—throwing a beer can into the Deschutes River—at first, he was given a warning that the offense may actually be prosecuted with the potential for jail time. Flory explains that the man was already anxious and mentally unstable; the pending court case disturbed him so much so that he went into a rage at his apartment.

But what happened next is what CIT training aims to do: The officer responding to the call was properly trained. He calmed the man down, put him into the squad car and took him to the hospital instead of jail, and helped the man pick up the correct medications.

Flory says that the man's girlfriend followed up with the police department to report how grateful she was. "She was amazed," Flory recalls. "It was the first interaction (her boyfriend) had with a police officer that was positive."

When the recent round of CIT training completed last Friday, a total of 22 Bend police officers—nearly one-quarter of the on-duty force—were trained and ready to respond better to calls dealing with mental health issues.

After an employee survey in November, the results for the police department were damning.

"Morale was the lowest of any department in the city," summarizes City Manager Eric King. Using the Baldrige Survey, employees within city departments considered their opinions about the current leadership, and especially their own connection and buy-in.

"When you averaged all those up," offers King, "I think it was 39 percent (at the police department), which is pretty low." In comparison, the fire department leadership was held at 70 percent in terms of positive view.

In January, a long-time department member and captain, Jim Porter, stepped in as the interim police chief.

"In the past, a leader could be more aloof," says King. "Not today."

He adds, "Bend is a small town and traditionally a chief would run the department with a type of command-and-control type of leadership—whatever I say, you do."

"But it's just not that way anymore. What I see all over the organization is that we've got bright people that have just entered the work force and they have really good ideas that we need to hear—there needs to be a system in place where they feel empowered to get those ideas on the table."

Expanding that attitude outside the police department, King adds, "It's not about an ego or that I know best; it's just that I am here as a partner to help make this community a safe place."

And, it is that attitude that interim Police Chief Porter is hoping to saturate throughout the department. Sitting alongside King at a conference table in City Hall, Porter explains new theories about leadership and teamwork. Where the previous chief had been acutely criticized for his aloof style, Porter is immediately approachable.

"You have to motivate the folks that work in the bureau from the inside out," he says. Porter sits ramrod straight in his pressed uniform, but he also carries a grandfather's soft pleasantness. "You can't force it down their throats," he adds.

A Prineville native, Porter has been in police enforcement for three decades, starting with a stint in the Air Force and clocking 16 years on Central Oregon's SWAT team.

Yet, in spite of his hometown roots, Porter believes in recruiting both locally and nationwide. Like a college basketball coach scouting across the nation for the best talent, Porter is proud of the department's recruitment efforts—recently pulling in a hotshot from the Oregon coast and a detective from Las Vegas. He adds, sounding like a clever CEO, that folding in such talent, with a few years of experience already, also saves the department in training costs.

Returning to the theme of leadership, Porter relays how his past is informing his current responsibilities.

"The Air Force taught a really good brand of leadership," he says, "but it was military leadership, not civilian leadership." Out of the Air Force in the late '70s, Porter was hired by the Crook County Sheriff's Office, a time he fondly remembers. "Customer service is their number one priority," he smiles.

He continues, "Leadership through fear doesn't work."

Porter goes on to detail one of his historical heroes, General Dwight Eisenhower, who, Porter explains, had to balance different personality types and egos to effectively wage battles in the Pacific.

"Wars are won and lost on the morale of your army," he concludes.

And rebuilding that morale seems to be Porter's number one priority. "


 - --


"Jeff Sale's brusk leadership style led to a crisis in confidence—by the time of his firing, department morale was at paltry levels that would shame even Congress' abysmal approval ratings."

 - --


AAR Corp. What About ???

Posted on December 16, 2016 at 6:40 AM

Wings-of-Justice asks:  Vett Much ???


AAR to Highlight Expanded Presence in the Middle East at Dubai Airshow

November 5, 2015

Aerospace, defense contractor to showcase diverse Aviation and Expeditionary Services

JEBEL ALI, Dubai, November 5, 2015 – AAR, an industry-leading provider of aviation services to commercial airlines, OEMs and governments, will highlight at the Dubai Air Show its expanded global presence in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and its broad portfolio of aviation services, including commercial aircraft MRO; supply chain; inventory management and component repair for commercial and government customers; and fixed- and rotor-wing Airlift support for government and defense customers.

Media are invited to stop by Booth #1416, where they will find a deep bench of experts from AAR’s operations worldwide able to discuss global trends in aircraft MRO; translating best commercial practices into cost savings for government and military customers (see AMMROC below); spare parts supply and component repair and management (see Airinmar); expeditionary airlift support and more.

Increased Presence in the Middle East

Over the past year, AAR has expanded its supply chain, Airlift and award-winning MRO offerings in regions where both military and commercial fleets are growing. The Company recently relocated its Middle East office to the World Trade Center in Abu Dhabi. Whether a customer needs MRO advisory services, component management or mission operations and equipment, AAR has the experience and know-how to get the job done having been in business for more than 60 years.

"AAR’s diverse portfolio of capabilities and broad experience in commercial and defense allows us to customize solutions for customers that add value, reduce costs and give them a competitive edge," said Rahul Shah, Senior Vice President, Strategic Growth and Business Development, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa. "We’re proud of our reputation as an industry leader and are excited to expand our relationships in the Middle East."

AAR Serving as Technical MRO Advisor to AMMROC

Late last year, AAR announced it had been selected by AMMROC (Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center) LLC, the Abu Dhabi–based joint venture between Mubadala Development Company, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin, to support the design, outfitting and integration of key areas of AMMROC’s state-of-the-art facility in Al Ain, UAE. AMMROC awarded AAR a $38.6 million contract to design support areas including hangars, work areas, and machine and special processes shops for this military maintenance center. "We chose AAR to support us as we develop this world-class facility because of their experience and expertise in this area," said Fahed Al Shamesi, CEO of AMMROC. Shah and Bob Sopp, Senior Vice President, Aircraft Component Services, can speak to reporters about AAR’s expansion in the Middle East and the AMMROC award, specifically.

Airlift Services: AAR Airlift Looks to Expand in the Region

AAR’s Airlift Group conducts missions for the United States and its allies. Airlift has contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense in Afghanistan, Africa and Iraq, and recently won extension of a contract with Military Sealift Command to perform vertical replenishment (VERTREP) services for the U.S. Navy’s 5th and 7th Fleets in the Mediterranean Sea, Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean. In the past year, Airlift has expanded its capabilities by winning a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence to apply its experience in search and rescue operations in the Falkland Islands. The $275 million, 10-year contract demonstrates the trend to commercialize previously direct military operations to increase efficiency and decrease costs. Randy Martinez, AAR’s Corporate Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, is available to speak to reporters about AAR’s Airlift division and recent awards and trends.

AAR Defense Systems & Logistics Active in the Region

AAR’s Defense Systems & Logistics (DSL) division provides comprehensive supply chain management solutions to the U.S. government and its allies for fleets including the U.S. Air Force KC-10, the UK’s BAe 146 and 125; and Japanese MoD Hawkeye E-2C. AAR contracts in the region include National Guard Training Helicopter Fleet Sustainment for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and U.S. Army Medical Logistics in Qatar. In July, AAR was awarded a five-year, $72 million Complete Logistics Support (CLS) Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract to sustain a fleet of C-130H aircraft on behalf of the Afghan Air Force. Under the contract with the U.S. Air Force, AAR will provide all operational, maintenance, logistics and technical functions needed to support and sustain fleet readiness requirements within Afghanistan. Jay Pereira, Vice President, Defense Systems & Logistics, can speak to recent business activities related to DSL.

AAR Supply Chain, Component Repair & Parts Supply

AAR provides supply chain management including AOG and 24-hour power-by-the-hour support for Middle Eastern customers serviced from its warehouse in Brussels. It also provides component repair from a facility in Amsterdam and component repair management via Airinmar, an AAR subsidiary based in Berkshire, England. AAR’s global warehouse network also includes hubs in Chicago, Singapore, Amsterdam and Germany. The Company serves customers in more than 100 countries from sales and service locations in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia and Abu Dhabi. Paul Richardson, Vice President of Aviation Supply Chain, Europe, and Carl Glover, Vice President, Engine Parts Supply, each are experts in engine and parts supply and can speak with reporters.

World’s Third Largest Independent MRO

AAR’s 1MRO network, including airframe maintenance, technical and engineering capabilities, is the largest independent MRO in the Americas and the third-largest worldwide. AAR recently won the ATE&M award for Best Airframe MRO Provider Worldwide for the third time in the last four years. Company leaders John Holmes, Chief Operating Officer of Aviation Services, and Chris Jessup, Chief Commercial Officer, will be in attendance and able to speak to AAR’s commercial best practices and industry trends.


About AAR


AAR is a global aftermarket solutions company that employs more than 4,500 people in over 20 countries. Based in Wood Dale, Illinois, AAR supports commercial aviation and government customers through two operating segments: Aviation Services and Expeditionary Services. AAR’s Aviation Services include inventory management; parts supply; OEM parts distribution; aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul; and component repair. AAR’s Expeditionary Services include airlift operations; mobility systems; and command and control centers in support of military and humanitarian missions.

This press release contains certain statements relating to future results, which are forward-looking statements as that term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are based on beliefs of Company management, as well as assumptions and estimates based on information currently available to the Company, and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from historical results or those anticipated, including those factors discussed under Item 1A, entitled “Risk Factors”, included in the Company’s Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended May 31, 2014. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize adversely, or should underlying assumptions or estimates prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those described. These events and uncertainties are difficult or impossible to predict accurately and many are beyond the Company’s control. The Company assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of such statements or to reflect the occurrence of anticipated or unanticipated events. For additional information, see the comments included in AAR’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. "






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