Dave Lewis Ashland Oregon

Hyatt Lake Oregon Murder of Dave Lewis



 " It has been 8 years since Dave Lewis and Troy Carney were found viciously murdered on the same day. A very long time for those seeking justice, a lot has happened. Some good and some very, very bad. Some call it evil. Huey Huson was also murdered. David Grubbs'  heinous case was never solved. Jessica Star Bethany perished sorrowfully and violently, as did the Criado mother and children. Their young deaths are beyond any human comprehension. Garren Beller's body has never been found. Kyron is grievously missing.There are too many to list and no victim is ever forgotten. Murder, arson, abduction, hate crimes; leave a wake of sorrow, anger,loss and dismay. It is hard to find any rationalization, because there isn't any. Soul sick killers, take the lives of others. Never comprehending the horror they do. It lasts for generations,they have blood of another on their hands. I would not wish that karmic-fate on anyone. Yet, there is hope, faith, love. For every act of evil, there are a million acts of goodness.Brave souls, justice seekers, those giving hugs turning tears to laughter, detectives and good cops, neighbors and strangers. Ultimately,people are good.Keep the faith."


In loving memory of David Edwin Lewis






 Who flicked the Bic? Who lit the match?



 " Not wish a killers fate on anyone. What goes around comes around in their karmic world."


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 Installed on the Pacific Crest Trail, in a flood plain, as " RV"